Tuesday, April 20, 2021   

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New York: 12-year-old charged with attack on Muslim schoolgirl

New York: 12-year-old charged with attack on Muslim schoolgirl

A Staten Island schoolkid has been charged with felony assault as a hate crime after he tried to rip the religious headscarf off a fellow female classmate, The Post has learned.

Osman Daramy, 12, allegedly attacked the victim today around noon inside the Dreyfus Intermediate School on Warren Street in Stapleton. He and a 13-year-old accomplice beat the girl up, punching and kicking her, before she fell to the ground, authorities said.

“Are you Muslim?” Daramy allegedly barked before grabbing at the hijab wrapped around the victim’s head. He was apparently unsuccessful in removing the covering.

Daramy, who has previously attacked the victim four times over a two-month period, was arrested, authorities added. He is also charged with aggravated harassment.

Cops were still seeking his alleged accomplice. Disciplinary against Daramy is pending, said a Department of Education spokeswoman.

New York Post, 30 March 2011

Update here

In a characteristically thoughtful contribution, Pamela Geller claims that Osman Daramy has been “charged with blasphemy”, because “‘hate crime’ is enforcement of islamic law (sharia)”


  1. What’s even more sad about the comments on Pam Gaffler’s blog is the way that she ignores the facts mentioned by the article from the Post and she invents her own “facts for this story. Her minions, not wanting Pam to create lies all by herself, join in (as only they are allowed to comment on her blog) and they, too, begin to create their own “facts” to this story.

    Typical Islamaphobic wingnuts.

  2. Who IS this woman and why is she not taking her medication? Seriously though, this is another in an increasing trend of people who have become addicted to celebraty.

  3. This kids are learning from their role model whoever it is and it’s so sad .Being hateful @ this age is bad ….Where are the adults in school or authority ….And Geller you are a bad apple you are following a trend like fashion in order to get attention…

  4. “The Staten Island terror charged with viciously bashing a young female middle-school classmate while demanding to know “Are you a Muslim?” is himself the son of a Muslim woman, his dad revealed today.”

    “Being hateful @ this age is bad ….Where are the adults in school or authority ….And Geller you are a bad apple you are following a trend like fashion in order to get attention…”

    Where does he get this hatred? Hmmmmm
    Hate crimes are ridiculous. I think every violent crime involves hate. Here is a perfect example.

    “How could a Muslim have another hate crime against a Muslim?”

  5. Hi, I’m 13 and may you think I’m too young… But, I just wanna say, that’s terrible what they do with this girl! I live in Europe, and they aren’t looking much at the religion & the skin color (just where you come from).
    And I think you Americans are really great! It should be more people like you in this world and not like this Brigitte Gabriel, her character remembers me like a neo-nazi (excuse me, but i had to write that, im really thinking like that !)

  6. This is very sad for all involved, especially the girl, obviously. She is simply exercising her religious rights which are protected under the American Constitution, and she is openly attacked not once, but several times by the same person. Why was this not dealt with appropriately the FIRST time it occurred? Why was it allowed to escalate? This poor girl needs protection now!

  7. It’s just terrible what they have done with this little poor girl!
    We don’t want People/Kids like that in the U.S.A !
    And we don’t want people like Bryan Fischer, Brigitte Gabriel, Donald Trump and other people like that !
    U.S.A is a free country, so let the people be!
    It isn’t important wich religion, skin color or religion you have , the character is the important thing!

  8. What a hate! now i see that not only adults nuture this hate of a thing, so even the kids ain’t lelt out of it. It is very sad for a kid of such age to even know to hate a fellow human. It is very important for that school management and the state government to watch over this poor girl, i don’t think she’s save from these hate mongers. Real Americans doesn’t noture hate!

  9. I do not think this kid committed a hate crime as I do not believe in hate crimes and have never figured out why we have them. By his past actions we can see this boy is a bully and one that will hurt or demean others irregardless of their religion. He needs to be charged and placed in the court system. He then needs to go to an alternative school with counseling, if he cannot go there without bothering people then he should go to kiddy jail with counseling,if his ways have not changed at 17 or 18 then he can be placed in an adult jail. The boy is young he has a good chance to mature and mend his ways, possibly working his way out of the alternative school setting allowing him to go back to a regular school.
    We have a responsibility to work with this kid and also to forgive him as we do most kids in this cycle; Set up rules: redirect the child, discipline the child, forgive the child, adjust rules and consequences as needed,rinse and repeat till child is adult.

  10. What we have is a rotten little brat, who needs parental guidance. He has been a problem, in the past, and the school didn’t do anything. It’s not about a hate crime. He’s just a little juvenile delinquent.
    The idea of “hate crime” is absurd. Have you ever heard of a “love crime”? Bad behavior should be punished, based on the bad act, not on the reason for the bad behavior.

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