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Muslamic Ray Guns Being Used in Stealth Jihad

1 April 2011 Loonwatch.com 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Well it is green you know?

Muslamic Ray Guns Being Used in Stealth Jihad

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller’s heroes, the EDL at it again, lets watch this genius:

Obviously the bloke is a little drunk…at least I hope he is. At the end of the day this group is a nativist, racist organization that doesn’t want to see any non-Whites or Muslims around.

Of course you know that it had to be autotuned:


  1. Mooslamic ray guns! And could “sharia” be the word he’s fumbling for?
    Thank you for making me laugh on a rather grim news day.

  2. Not a bad idea, actually, this Muslamic Ray-Gun. Let’s make it a hand-held weapon that can be pointed at boorish slobs spouting bigotry … one hit and the targeted individual morphs into a tolerant, intelligent, globally conscious member of the human race! YEAH!

  3. so it’s not just in the US that they find the dumbest, drunk bastard to give a quote.

  4. Obviously, this idiot hasn’t realized that there are plenty of
    Muslims, like myself, who are whiter than he is! Muslim is not a race or ethnicity, it is a religious identity.

  5. I dunno, Halima, that dude is pretty damn white. Take it from me, Whitey “Snowflake” McWhiterson. 😛

  6. Ladies and gentleman, meet the BNP’s next leader and future Prime Minister of the UK. (Surrounded by his brain trust…)

  7. man this cat is crazier than Michelle Bachman (and i’m reasonably sure that these rumors going around that Michelle Bachman EATS CHILDREN are totally spurious)

  8. How drunk and stupid do you have to be to pronounce “regime” as “ray-gum”?

  9. Ignorance is rampant throughout the globe. How to fix?

  10. I am no racist or supporter of the BNP or the EDL. I have however seriously studied the Quran, Sunnah and Sharia. I have also read the Muhammad biographies of Ishaq, Tabari and Kathir. I have read numerous pro and anti Islam books and visited countless pro and anti Islam Websites.

    I now know that Muhammad murdered or mutilated all who spoke out against him and with the help of his deluded and booty and sex motivated followers, he lied, plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to total political and religious control.

    Islam’s mythical Allah demands that his followers, using all means, including deceit and Holy War, make Islam the only political and religious power throughout the whole world…… it is all revealed for you in Islam’s own source material.

  11. Stuart, although you made it sound fancy and are apparently literate, that does not change that you effectively started your post with “I’m not racist, BUT…”, and as usual, what followed was incredibly racist. You may not support BNP or EDL, but that does not mean you’re not NF or C18, nor does it mean you’re not SDL or WDL. Whatever you are or are not, you’re a lying fuckin’ bigot. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  12. “I now know that Muhammad murdered or mutilated all who spoke out against him and with the help of his deluded and booty and sex motivated followers, he lied, plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to total political and religious control.”

    Stuart, If you really had read the Qur’an and all of those biographies, you wouldn’t make such bigoted comments. You have no proof, just crap that you got off anti-islamic websites. You sound as bad as the idiot in the video.

  13. Oh my God i can’t belive what i just watched that was an absolute wicked cool video i have never seen anything so funny from these racist people i have watched it so many times the autotuned version is the best how come this hasen’t been a viral hit on you tube can’t wait to show the rest of my family Great thing.

  14. He’s actually saying “Muslamic Rape Gangs” which probably ties in with incidents of groups of asian cafe owners and taxi drivers who were convicted of a criminal conspiracies of corrupt under age girls. Very few (if any)religiously observant Moslem men took part in this and Mosque people heavily condemned it, however it is undeniable that all the perpetrators were asian and most victims european (which is mainly to do with most late night taxi man and cafe workers being asian which is when the girls were about absconding from childrens homes). However, Press did not always report this responsibly.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/03/13/edl-far-right-islamaphobia-racism-anders-brevik-_n_2866605.htmlnews/article-1344218/Asian-sex-gangs-Culturhttp://www.asianimage.co.uk/news/10310937.Grooming__Merely_a_Pakistani_issue_/e-silence-allows-grooming-white-girls-fear-racist.html

    Instead of mocking an inarticulate and ignorant, but doubtless sincere and angry young man you might be better challenging a former Home Secretary who should know better and was happy to use Moslem votes when it suited him

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