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Geller celebrates judge’s ruling on Detroit bus ads, claims she is inspired by feelings of love

4 April 2011 General 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

A national group that wants to advertise its anti-Muslim messages on Metro Detroit buses has won the right to display their ads on the sides of local buses.

The ads, which will soon be ready to go on the side of some local public buses, read “Fatwa on your head? Leaving Islam? Refuge from Got questions? Get answers!” The controversial ads from the New York City-based American Freedom Defense Initiative group are aimed at people who want to leave the Islamic faith.

Metro Detroit has one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in the nation.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Denise Hood granted a preliminary injunction against the Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority’s rejection of the ads, ruling SMART violated the group’s First and 14th Amendment rights. Both sides are due back in court April 11.

“This is a huge win, not just for us, but for the First Amendment,” Pamela Geller wrote on the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s website. “This is a direct refutation to all those who claim I am a hater or that my lawyers are ‘haters’ for representing me,” added Geller. “I love, not hate.”

Local Muslim activist Dawud Walid sees it differently. “The organization … is simply fomenting Islamophobia,” said Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Michigan). “(Geller) is simply engaging in fear mongering.”

Victor Begg, also a Muslim advocate, said the case is “is another example of a hate group taking advantage of our First Amendment.”

Original post: Geller celebrates judge’s ruling on Detroit bus ads, claims she is inspired by feelings of love


  1. Is the sign really a message of hate? Sure they have used some inflammatory words the whole Fataw in your Head? and the like! But how many times have we seen signs or bumper stickers saying almost the same thing about Christianity!

    If anything I see a group that is trying to show that their are other Beliefs/Faiths for those who no longer wish to follow Islam. I am just wondering where is the Islamphobia in this?

  2. I have yet to see a billboard, a bus, or other form of public advertising saying anything against Christianity.

    A bumper sticker on a car is NOT the same a paid for advertisement. People put stickers on their cars by choice.

    Perhaps we should put up billboard saying

    Afraid of pedophiles molesting your kids at retreats or in the rectory?
    Tired of being brainwashed into behaving correctly?
    Tired of not being able to truly think for yourself?

    Ready to make the move from outdated Christianity to a more modern form of thinking?

    Got questions?
    We have answers!
    Call now, counselors standing by to free you from your paranoid delusions. 1-800-555-5555

    This bus advertisement is disgusting!

  3. I have to agree with Michael. This may be a veiled disguise for some hate group but there is nothing hateful in the ad itself that I can see. Had it been an ad for those “tired of their Mormon faith” in Salt Lake City, would there be the same kind of anti-Mormon thought?

    The removal of ignorance is always welcome and allowing people to chooe their own beliefs/faiths is the American way. It is a cornerstone of this nation’s foundation.

  4. I wonder how supporters of this ad campaign would feel if another organization, say the Freedom From Religion Foundation, ran a similar campaign attacking religion in general and Christianity in particular?

    Oh, that’s right, the FFRF did, and as I recall people like Ms. Geller failed to “feel the love”!

  5. Phillip,

    Your link didn’t work! I want to sign up!

    You are quite correct though, sir. A message like this encouraging and offering assistance in leaving Christianity would be met with anger, disgust, and most likely, violence.

    The First Amandment does not allow for dual standards, so be careful what you fight for, Geller and those who “love” the way you do. It may come back to haunt you.

    In sha Allah!

  6. There you go again Mike! If you don’t SEE and UNDERSTAND the message in the ads on these buses and say there is nothing with it. Then YOU are the PROBLEM not the solution of this HATE, you and the members of your HATE organization are spewing. May God have his Grace on Thee !!!

  7. Pamela Geller claims that she doesn’t hate but rather love, love who, the muslims or what? Alright cool, but why did she think that this bill board of a thing is necessary for her campaign if not because she wants to create more HATE? Islam is the choosen religion by Allah, it will prevail Insha Allah, no matter what you do. “Fatawah on your head.” How many americans do you think even know what the word FATAWAH really mean? Does someone honestly ever seing any muslim association e.g. CAIR, e.t.c preaching this kinda shit against CHRISTIANITY or any faith in the name of ISLAM? Pam! Think about this; “when the truth is hurled at falsehood, it knocks out the brain of falsehood.” (qur’an 21:18). Pam! All you’ve been preaching is false and we have all got it now.

  8. I’m afraid as repugnant as this advertisement is as well as the endorsement from Pamela Geller, this is protected speech under the First Amendment, according to the Supreme Court. I still believe the United States has fallen behind other Western democratic nations in terms of criminalizing hate speech. However, an advertisement that is providing assistance to those people who wish to be protected from retribution for leaving the religion would not qualify as an expression of hatred, now would it? I don’t think so. Now, while I understand it is considered to be an apostasy to leave the religion in many Muslim nations, if that does not apply to the United States, I think it may be hard to justify this as being a case of simple Islamophobia.

  9. The courts have permitted the KKK to participate in the various ‘adopt a highway’ programs despite unquestionably being a hate-group. Sometimes you have to put up with the crazies so we can continue to enjoy our *own* freedom of expression.

  10. So let them put these Islamophobic signs up and call it “free speech” even if it’s hate speech. How about a counter-campaign and have signs on buses in Geller’s neighborhood with slogans such as, “Know Allah — know Peace; no Allah — no Peace,” or “Allah gives and forgives; man gets and forgets”? I mean, let’s try and be creative, shall we?

  11. How about a sign on the side of a bus that reads “praise allah for the deaths in Itamar”? That is creative isn’t it?

  12. Pamela,

    How about this sign for buses in Michigan?

    “Why is it that Arabs outside of Israel envy Arab citizens of Israel, labeling them “Arab al-Zibda,” or “whipped cream Arabs.”

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