Saturday, July 24, 2021   

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Stephen Colbert: The Koran’s Best Day Ever

A new Muslim!

Stephen Colbert wants to heal the division between Christianity and Islam by showing the Koran the best day ever. (03:25)

Colbert believes he can resolve the tension between Christianity and Islam by giving u Catholicism for lent and becoming a Muslim.

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The Koran’s Best Day Ever
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  1. See?

    We can laugh at ourselves….!

  2. It is a funny clip but why was that Muslim burning a cross during the demonstration? Do they not realize that burning crosses is very offensive to Christians and that to burn one on National Television like that will make a lot of people upset. Personally I think we need to find that man and arrest him for Hate Speech. We may have to go further as :

    None has the right to attack others’ religious belief. I think he should be given a capital punishment for his heinous activities.

    2 April 2011 at 8:5

    So perhaps this Muslim needs to be sought out and chastised for his sacrilegious activities. To protest the burning of the Koran is one thing but to burn a cross and mock/attack Christianity is quite another, I equate it to yelling fire in a crowded theatre it just cannot be allowed no matter what country they are from.

    Christianity is a religion of peace and love but we cannot allow atrocities of this sort to occur, blood should flow and retribution should be our watchword: Death to Afghanistan and Death to Mullah Qyamudin Kashaf. (please repeat above sentence in chant form)

  3. What is up with this use of the term “mullah”?! For most Muslims, and for the majority of the Arabic speaking world the usual term is “sheikh” or “imam”. “Mullah” is a predominantly Shia/Persian designation. I have NEVER heard a Muslim (and I am one) use the word “mullah”.
    And, for what it’s worth, I’ve never been in the company of ANY Muslim ANYWHERE who wished death to America, hated on Christians or burned anything- except dinner, hehe.

  4. This is why I love Stephen Colbert. <3

  5. What a useful idiot!

  6. I got the word Mullah directly from the article naming a person from Afghanistan who wants the alleged Florida preacher arrested. I have no idea of the diffrences between a Mullah and a Imam. Just in case someone read this but has not read my other posts, I was not serious about any actions called for in this post, I was simply relating them to other stories to make a point. I wish the best for the people of Afghanistan and hope this insane war is over soon.

  7. Great idea, but I suggest that Mr. Colbert take the Qu’ran to a Cyclones game instead of riding the Coney Island Cyclone. Such a ride would be a violation of the Geneva accords against torture. I know, I’ve ridden on the thing. Twice. (I had a free ticket for a second ride. What? I’m Jewish!)

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