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Jihad Watch Reader Wants to Annihilate Muslim Holy Places

29 April 2011 Spencer Watch 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Jihad Watch Reader Wants to Annihilate Muslim Holy Places

In an article from April 18, 2011, titled Iran’s Thug in Chief blames West for Middle East Unrest, another one of Robert Spencer‘s outspoken Zombie-like followers calls for the West to destroy Muslim holy sites:

Melouis wrote:

All this underscores the need for the West to apply the lessons of WW2 to the Islamisist threat. The lesson was that when we destroyed the false gods of the Japanese Imperial fascists, and when we destroyed the false gods of the Germans and discredited their ideology, then and only then were millions of Japanese and millions of Germans capable of adopting a new world view. As a result, they are today, our allies and friends,(for the most part, we are not talking Utopia here)whereas before they were committed to our destruction.

We can achieve the same results by using overwhelming force to destroy the three holiest sites of Islam,(the Mosque in Mecca, Medina, and the Dome of the Rock), in one night with satellite guided missiles and then pose the question to the Moslems, “If Mohamed and Allah could not prevent the destruction of the three holiest sites of Islam, perhaps you should reconsider your world view. The five pillars of Islam would vanish and so would Jihad. (emphasis mine)

It is quite a fetish for anti-Muslims to dream of destroying Mecca, Medina and the Dome of the Rock. We’ve had looniest blogger Pamela Geller, Krazy Joe KaufmanMichael “Weiner” Savage, someone named Bob BeersTom Trancredo, etc call for nuking or destroying Muslim countries and holy sites in the past. Robert Spencer himself says he is opposed to nuking Mecca, not out of any sort of principled stand (this is the guy who supports the Genocide of Turks after all) but because it wouldn’t be a good ‘tactical move’ –which makes you wonder if he is really against the idea?

The Nuclear Card option forwarded by the Spencerite is the wet-dream of all wacko Islamophobes, and is probably the reason that Robert Spencer didn’t moderate it and similar comments.


  1. Attacking Makkah and Madinah with any sort of weapons, especially nuclear ones, would only serve to galvanize the entire Muslim world against the West and even to spur Muslims in the West to turn against their own countries. And the Dome of the Rock is part of Jerusalem. Surely the writer can understand that attacking part of Jerusalem would be suicidal as all of Jerusalem, including the Eastern part since 1967, is occupied by Israel …

  2. A clear sign that someone is thinking with their hate. Not with their mind. Even if I agreed with ‘destroying Islam’ I wouldn’t be so @#$%ing stupid as to nuke their holy sites. That’ll only encourage the radicals and turn many normal Muslims into radicals.

    Consider how Catholics would react upon, say, a nuclear terrorist attack upon the Vatican.

  3. So far, seems to me that even civil-minded non-Muslims agree that such destruction would be pointless & foolish.

    These sites that they claim to threaten to destroy don’t “make us Muslims“. It’s our submission of our will to do the will of God/Allah that makes us Muslims.

    And there is no level of brainwashing technique that they could deploy to cause real Muslims to forsake Allah and his messenger.

    They conjure serious crack-pipe dreams!

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