Monday, March 27, 2017   

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Article Archive for May 2011

Pamela Geller Watch: Serbian War Criminal Mladic Caught – Pamela Geller Inconsolable
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War criminal Ratko Mladic was arrested yesterday in Serbia, where he was hiding from justice under an assumed name. Time’s Mark Benjamin has this excerpt from Mladic’s indictment, with horrifying details of his massacre of thousands of Muslim prisoners.


Detroit Reps. Conyers, Clarke call on federal government to counter anti-Muslim sentiment
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The resolution comes in the wake of complaints from several Metro Detroit Muslim Americans who say they were harassed, searched, groped or jailed without reason when crossing into Michigan from Canada.

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory
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His network has relentlessly hyped phantom menaces like the planned “terror mosque” near Ground Zero, inspiring Florida pastor Terry Jones to torch the Koran. Privately, Murdoch is as impressed by Ailes’ business savvy as he is dismissive of his extremist politics.

Aussie bishop calls for withdrawal of ‘offensive’ Islamic billboards
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A Catholic bishop has slammed controversial Islamic billboards for being “provocative and offensive” and he’s calling for them to be removed from prominent locations across Sydney.

Dutch Catholic Priest Pedophilia Endorsement Shocks Church
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The order’s top official in the Netherlands, Delegate Herman Spronck, confirmed in a statement that the priest – identified by RTL Nieuws as 73-year-old “Father Van B.” – served on the board of “Martijn,” a group that campaigns to end the Dutch ban on adult-child sex.

Awfully dark before the dawn
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Granted, this would be considered self-evident by most of us, but it has been a matter of great controversy in the Tennessee town of Murfreesboro, where 17 people went to court last year to prevent a group of Muslims from building a mosque. On their own land.

Embrace Muslim neighbors; they are not the enemy
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He was excited when he arrived in the United States, having observed the country from afar through television and movies. But his excitement faded. He had been studying here for three years, and during all that time had hoped to befriend a typical American family.

Another protest of ‘radical Islam’ planned Saturday in Dearborn
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The Order of the Dragon, a pro-Israeli group, is planning the 3 p.m. demonstration to call attention to the “implementation of Sharia” or Islamic law in some court rulings, said Frank Fiorello, the head of the group’s Michigan chapter.

Mosque fire started by arsonist
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STOCKTON – The fire that destroyed a north Stockton mosque in April was caused by an arsonist, investigators announced Wednesday. With the announcement, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also released a short video clip recorded by a surveillance camera about one hour before the fire is believed to have started, around 4 a.m. April 23.

Jewish And Muslim Students Unite To Debunk Horowitz’s Claims
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The relationship between the Jewish and Muslim communities is often portrayed as one of enmity and opposition. In reality, this is just not true. Both Jews and Muslims are adherents of monotheist, Abrahamic religions that have a great deal in common.