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Osama Bin Laden Killed

2 May 2011 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Osama Bin Laden Killed

The USA got Osama!

Today people are celebrating but there will be a tomorrow to think about. Are we going to scale back our wars, drone attacks and support for occupations; issues which breed hundreds of Osama’s or will we continue to ignore them?

Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan


US president Barack Obama said bin Laden, the most-wanted fugitive on the US list, has been killed on Sunday in a US operation in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, about 150km north of Islamabad.

“Tonight, I can report to the people of the United States and the world, the United States had carried an operation that has killed Osama Bin Laden, a terrorist responsible for killing thousands of innocent people,” Obama said in a statement.

“Today, at my direction, the United States carried out that operation… they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.

“The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date against al-Qaeda.

“We must also reaffirm that United states is not and will never be at war against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader, in fact, he slaughtered many Muslims,” Obama said.

US celebrations

“]As the news of bin Laden’s death spread, crowds gathered outside the White House in Washington DC to celebrate.

Former US president George Bush called his death a “momentous achievement”.

“The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done,” Bush said in a statement.

According to Al Jazeeera’s Rosalind Jordan in Washington, the operation had been in the making for the last nine or 10 months.

“The fact that it happened inside Pakistan, there have been suggestions that Pakistani intelligence may have been protecting them,” she said.

Patty Culhane, another Al Jazeera correspondent, said the US authorities got intelligence last September and were able to track bin Laden down through his couriers. They followed them to his compound which is reported to be worth over a million dollars.

Reporting from Pakistan, Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder said the development had caught a lot of people by surprise .

“He was considered by many as a hero, but not to the extent that people would come out on the streets. The reaction so far not likely to be strong on the streets, perhaps a protest here or there by the religious parties,” he said.

‘Symbolic victory’

Qais Azimy, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Kabul, said Afghan officials described bin Laden’s killing as a “symbolic victory”, since he was no longer directly connected to the group’s field operations.

“This organisation (Al Qaeda) is more than Bin Laden, it may be symbolised by Bin Laden, but it definitely is more than Bin Laden”

Mark Kimmit, US military analyst

Mark Kimmit, a US military analyst, said bin Laden’s death “was not the end of terrorism, but an end of a chapter.”

“Capturing or killing bin Laden has more iconic value. It will have symbolic value, because it has been a number of years since bin Laden has exercised day to day control over operations. We still have an al-Qaeda threat out there and that will be there for a number of years.

“This organisation (al-Qaeda) is more than bin Laden, it may be symbolised by bin Laden, but it definitely is more than bin Laden,” he said.

It is, however, a major accomplishment for Obama and his national security team. Obama’s predecessor, George Bush, had repeatedly vowed to bring to justice the mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, but never did before leaving office in early 2009.

He had been the subject of a search since he eluded US soldiers and Afghan militia forces in a large-scale assault on the Tora Bora mountains in 2001. The trail quickly went cold after he disappeared and many intelligence officials believed he had been hiding in Pakistan.

While in hiding, bin Laden had taunted the West and advocated his views in videotapes spirited from his hideaway.

Besides September 11, Washington has also linked bin Laden to a string of attacks – including the 1998 bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the 2000 bombing of the warship USS Cole in Yemen.

Having the body may help convince any doubters that bin Laden is really dead.


  1. Allah Yerhama. May Allah have mercy on his soul and all the other Muslim brothers and sisters that died.. OBL didn’t represent the true meaning of Islam at all but I wish his words that were directed to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters didn’t go on such deaf ears. Israel was behind the 9/11 attack, and the zionists will do everything to make sure that Al-Aqsa will not be in the hands of Muslims. Their occupiation will continue even longer now

  2. This is a great day for America, the West and for Muslim Americans.

  3. Yazeed, Bin Laden admitted being the mastermind behind the attacks and took credit for it, so I guess he was working with the Isaeli’s?

    As far as his soul goes, it’s up to God to show mercy, but my vote is for burning in hell for all eternity.

  4. Yazeed, your father really should have stayed away from his niece.

  5. Yazeed was the killing of 3000 people supposed to wake us up to what is going on in Palestine? It did wake us up but it did not put us in sympathy with anyone in Palestine. People are divided on the issue as they have been for years, all Bin Laden accomplished was the need for this publication and others in an attempt to stem the wrath he caused against Muslims over many parts of the world. How many thousands of Muslims have died because of 9-11 and the US reaction to it? How many hearts have been hardened against Islam because of acts committed under its name?
    I sit here and read every day about dog faced bigots and others that do not like Muslims or their ideas and I put Osama and his ILK right there among them. They are not Holy warriors but simple dog faced bigots who are willing to kill those they do not like and use religion as an excuse to do so. Muslim brother my ARSE he represents the worst of what Islam is and is the source of the hatred and bigotry directed against Muslims in the United States and various parts of the world.
    Once again these comments display the gulf between our religions: A Christian that killed 3000+ people would be considered outside the faith regardless of the killers personal views. A Muslim that kills 3000+ people is still a brother. Do you not see a problem with this?
    {As a Christian show me a Christian killing abortion doctors and I will call the police and have him arrested. As a Muslim show me a man killing in the name of Islam and I will send him money and call him brother} I know the first part of this statement is true but really Yazeed is the 2nd part true?

  6. finally…..our intelligence and military planners should be ashamed that it took this long. given our military budget i expect better. really poor excecution in tora bora. but we kept our nose to the grindstone, redoubled our efforts when some where saying it was impossible. good job seals, this along with snipping the somalia pirates shows you to be worth every penny. what said during the first barbary coast war? a million for defense, not a penny for ransom.

  7. Please take time to check out the Dove Charter Schools & others founded by Muslims. School administrators are largely Muslim and readily hire just immgrated teachers that barely speak english. They are tax payer funded and should have more oversite. These school leaders put their Muslim “religion” up front which leads to questions about teacher employment policies. Do they hire gay teachers, or hindus, or atheists, or others AND why do they pay muslims higher salaries. These nefarious Muslims need more supervision by the state school regulators. Contact your state legislators for their help.

  8. aoa to all,

    usama bin laden is known as a terrorist or american agent but the reality is, he wasnt. if u talk abt the 9/11, it was not done by alqaeda even.

    a report reveals that wtc was collapsed coz a bombardment was done in its basement. the reason was that wtc’s tenure reached the maturity time period and two missiles were fired at the top floors of the building. if hijacked planes would have collapsed, they would only harm the upper nmost two to three floors only. but how did a 110 storey collapse within seconds???? isnt it a point to ponder???? for me it is and for every1 who needs a logical approach to understand everything, it is.

    the missiles had hit the floors and then bombardment, and then a 110 storey building on the ground within few seconds.

    another report says that every1 was granted holidays except the muslims working there, and majority of the people who were killed were the muslims.

    another report says that george w. bush had a habit to wake up at 12pm daily, but on that day he went to inaugerate a school at 8 o clock. doesnt that seem to be strange????

    lets suppose, if i say everything was done by usama n his people, then y many innocent muslims were arrested in the usa, sent to guwantanamubi jail, and treated just as they are the wild dogs???? why muslims and sikhs were caught and sent to jails just coz they had beards????

    y america cudnt find usama when they attacked afghanistan, iraq and attacked pakistan via drone attacks???

    people says jihad is terrorism, now tell, when israeelian ppl r killing innocent muslims, dont u think we being their muslim bros n sisters have a right to fight for them and protect them???? we have surely.

    jihad means fighting in the name of Allah and it has three types:
    1. jihad bis saif –> jihad with sword
    2. jihad bil lisani –> jihad with the tongue
    3. jihad bil qalam –> jihad with a pen(knowledge)

    Islam always uses the option 2 and 3. but when people attack its dignity, existance etc, then islam orders its people to use the option 1.

  9. Very ignorant comment Yazeed.

  10. saadia.m

    Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

    Thomas Jefferson

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