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Osama bin Laden Dead: Debbie Schlussel Calls for Killing 1.8 Billion Muslims; Let the Crackpot Raving Begin!

3 May 2011 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

By Stephen Lemons

In the wake of President Barack Obama’s announcement that terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has been killed by American forces during a firefight in Pakistan, I have a few predictions.

The first is a given: traitorous right-wing nutjobs will not grant the Obama administration any credit for the kill.

They also will argue that bin Laden is irrelevant, that former President George W. Bush should get all the credit, and they will question the credibility of the report itself, helping to spawn insane conspiracy theories on both the left and the right.

After all, if the Tea Party types can’t be convinced — even with the release of Obama’s long form birth certificate — that he is an American citizen by birth, do you really believe they can be convinced that bin Laden is kaput? Hell, like a crazed mass of doubting Thomases, they’ll want to put their fingers in the bloody bullet holes themselves.

Even then they wouldn’t buy it.

For instance, “Chuck” over at SeeingRedAZ is already barking at the moon with this comment,

“Now Obama is confirming bin Laden’s death. That makes me have some doubts about the veracity of the report.”

Yeah, if I were Chucky, I wouldn’t stick my last name up there, either, lest it become a byword for IDIOT.

What about GOP self-loathing immigrant-hater Michelle Malkin? How does she react to Obama’s historic announcement? By quoting the President and mocking him:

“We must remain vigilant at home and abroad.”

Make it more than lip service.

But it’s wingnut loon Debbie Schlussel who garners the prize for full on “woo,” as my friend Pat Curley over at the Screw Loose Change blog, would say. Never to be outdone, Schlussel first argues that it’s no big deal, then calls for the mass murder of 1.8 billion Muslims.

Um, like, wow. It’s not often that someone of the Jewish faith calls for pogroms or a different sort of Holocaust altogether. Sounds like Schlussel is ready to fire up the ovens herself.

Indeed, Schlussel’s bio states that she’s the grandkid of Shoah survivors. Bet they’re proud, or rolling over somewhere.

I know that not all Republicans think this way. However, even the mainstream GOP has been catering to a hatred of Obama on the right that seems to know no bounds. These conservative wackjobs regard Obama as illegitimate, a traitor, a Marxist, a fascist, similar to Hitler, similar to Stalin, a liar, and so forth.

Hell, if they could blame the guy for the 9/11 attacks, the tsunami in Japan, or the tornado rampage in the South, they would.

Watch-out for the lefty loonies as well. Though the so-called 9/11 “truthers” have been ground into complete obscurity with their “9/11 was an inside job” bull, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them revivified by the report of bin Laden’s death, while asserting that it’s all a hoax.

Original post: Osama bin Laden Dead: Debbie Schlussel Calls for Killing 1.8 Billion Muslims; Let the Crackpot Raving Begin!


  1. Hmmmmmm….1.8 dead muslims?…..trying to think of a down side…ya gotta ask yourself…do you feel lucky?

  2. Interesting, but I wish you would keep your writing a little more professional. Using such euphemisms as “wingnut” “loon” nutjob” ect, makes this piece seem Juvenal, as if written by a well versed high school-er. I know its difficult to not say words like that when people are doing such ridiculous things, but it is important to do so, to be taken seriously by more people.

  3. I used to be a “leftie loony” with quite a list of conspiracies. Then I grew up.

  4. Debbie schlussel u most be the stupid human being I have ever see on earth ALLAH will punish u and your entire family u will never be useful for the rest of your life u will die miserably. And let me inform you if don’t know islamic and muslims are be young your expectation go back and make your research in islamic religion since be fore your generation the been planned to eradicate islamic but they always failed likewise you and your so call member will fail and die in hardship and ALLAH will punish you and place you in hell fire

  5. Well, Ms. Schlussel apparently wants to kill about 300 million more Muslims than the global Muslim population…LOL!!!

  6. Debbie is a dirty dog. She worships satan. Her only mission on earth is to degrade Muslims and try to smear the name of Islam.. She’s all in it for the money. Debbie HATES Pamela Geller, because Pamela is gettin attention while Debbie ISN’T.. She’s a worthless jew and deserves to be deported back to Germany. Debbie preaches for people whom are anti-Islam to kill Muslim men, women and children. not to only kill the ones overseas but mainly in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Wallah she said that plenty of times, thats why im not suprised at her saying 1 down 1.8 billion to go. She needs to be arrested and charged for hate crimes.

    If you’d like to get in contact with Debbie here is her office info:
    Deborah K. Schlussel (the K stands for KIKE)
    29477 Laurel Woods Dr
    Southfield, MI 48034
    Phone: (248) 354-1409

    Another Islam hater is Debbie’s friend Jonathon Grant, whom is also a lawyer. He is a patent lawyer in Maryland. Obviously they both SUCK as lawyers. Because if they were any good they’d be representing clients of theirs in courts between the hours of 8am and 5pm, instead of camping out on debbie’s site preaching hatred towards islam 24/7.. They are both zionists low lives. Inshallah Allah will rid the earth of people like debbie really soon. Here is Jonathon Grant’s info. He and debbie work as a team. He helped her make that fake page to mock the one has to steal contributions, which CAIR- COUNSIL ON AMERICAN ISLAMIC RELATIONS, sued her and won. Her fraud page she stole domains was she also has This just goes to show what a worthless low life transvestite Debbie, jonathon grant, and the 30 friends she has are.

    Jonathon Grant

    2107 Hounds Run Place
    Silver Spring, MD 20906
    Office Tel: (301) 603-9071
    mobile: (301) 346-8714

  7. – Never ceases to amaze me how those political pundits
    who do none of the fighting always seem to be the ones
    who call for more killing.

  8. I am sorry, but I find the hate in some of these comments shocking, how could anyone wish a group of people destroyed because of their beliefs, and not think themselves evil. Why cannot people see the bigger picture and see how the powers that be manipulate and abuse their position…a lie can get halfway round the world before the truth has chance to get it’s pants on…

  9. @Ray, “Interesting, but I wish you would keep your writing a little more professional. Using such euphemisms as “wingnut” “loon” nutjob” ect, makes this piece seem Juvenal,”

    I think you meant “juvenile” and not “Juvenal.”

  10. What a ridiculous article. Your crowing points are almost good; save when you dismiss the people who want answers (many of those people lost loved ones in 911) to the glaring inconsistencies and ironic details surrounding the event. How are you any better than the republicans when you systematically presume everything your side says is true? That is what they do… stand by their man, despite obvious reasons to question him or his policies.

    Aside from your very basic command of journalistic style; your article is as ridiculous as anything pouring from Glenn Beck and friends. Why not some intellectual integrity; and just say it clear “support Obama no matter what”? And YOU PEOPLE who want to support a man who at best will serve our country as president for 8 years maximum, above supporting our Constitution, is absurd. Again, how are you different from the GOP?

  11. no that’s funny…on both sides (if there are sides) so this website decided to fight crazy with crazy?

  12. Killing them is a bit strong but getting rid of their rotten religion and vile way of life would be advantageous .
    Glad I live in hong kong not many rag heads

  13. @ Biza mon du: your nothing but a p*ssy.. I bet any “rag head” can and will beat ur down if u dare say that to their face.. You zionist coward. Suck a c_ck you flammer..

  14. yazeed, ur awesome dude….lol calling someone a p*ssy over the internet, that’s priceless.

  15. Mike, trust me, I am pretty AWESOME. And unlike you im not an “internet warrior”. I actually physically injure people whom pose a threat to me or my people.. So get off this site and hop back on debbie schmuck’s page. Your kind isn’t wanted here. I can track down your IP address and prove to you who the real p*ssy is.

  16. yazeed,

    i don’t even know who debbie schmuck is. but who crack me up.

  17. […] Um, like, wow. It’s not often that someone of the Jewish faith calls for pogroms or a different sort of Holocaust altogether. Sounds like Schlussel is ready to fire up the ovens herself. Kilde […]

  18. Most Americans think Muslims/Islam are dangerous, deadly, violent and support terrorism. Prove them wrong.

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