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Mosque bombing suspect shot dead in confrontation with FBI in Oklahoma

Mosque bombing suspect shot dead in confrontation with FBI in Oklahoma

It will be interesting to see how much attention this case receives on, say, Fox News. Considerably less than if it had been a Muslim suspected of carrying out a bombing who had been shot by the FBI, I’ll bet.

WJXT Jacksonville, 4 May 2011

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A St. Johns County man wanted in the bombing of a Jacksonville mosque was shot and killed Wednesday when he pulled a weapon as agents tried to serve an arrest warrant in northwest Oklahoma, FBI officials said.

Sandlin Matthew Smith, 46, was suspected of setting off a pipe bomb at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida nearly one year ago.

Investigators said Smith had been on the run for the last few days after acquaintances of Smith, both in northeast Florida and out of the area, tipped them off that he was involved in the mosque bombing and was in Oklahoma.

FBI Special Agent Jeff Wescott said agents learned late Tuesday that Smith was staying in a tent in a park in the rugged foothills of the Glass Mountains, near Fairview, in northwest Oklahoma.

“During the overnight hours, the Oklahoma City FBI SWAT team, along with the assistance of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, set up a perimeter around the area,” Wescott said.

Agents said that Smith refused to surrender and pulled out a firearm. Agents opened fire and killed Smith, FBI officials said. The agents involved weren’t injured.

Wescott said Smith was carrying an AK-47 when he was killed. Authorities found remnants of a crude pipe bomb at the scene, and shrapnel from the blast was found a hundred yards away.

Smith was facing several federal charges, including damage to religious property and possession of a destructive device, in connection with the May 10, 2010, bombing.


  1. Well, at least they caught and killed the guy that did it, which shows that someone thought it was important. I hate to see sarcasm used when, in this case, Muslims got what they want. The fact that Islamic causes are not popular is not the fault of the average American, it is the fault of the ones who bomb, maim, and kill in the name of Islam. Those actions put people off and they are not as sympathetic as they would be if the actions were not taking place on a regular basis.

  2. There are radicals in every religion, but that does not mean that everyone in that religion believes or acts the same way. There are radical Christians, too, who kill people, because in their sick minds, they think that’s what Jesus would want them to do. Unless we can stop the unreasonable fears of anyone different that the Republican Party promotes, we are in serious trouble. This is not my America. The America I love does not hate and judge anyone who is different. I don’t recognize what America has become, and I want my country back from all this hatred and all these unreasonable fears that so many promote!!!!!!

  3. Terrorists promote fear, not Rebublicans or Democrats. The truth is More people in the name of Islam carry out terrorists acts against their own people and others than any other religon, period. It’s time to stop the blame game and blame the terrorists who are responsible for bringing ill repute upon their people.

  4. Great ending to this cowards life. He is currently rotting in hell. This is a lesson that every Islam hater should take seriously. You will be caught one day or another. Hopefully the next terrorist that trys to kill Muslims doesn’t die like this coward did. They deserve to die a painful suffering death.

  5. Yazeed, how would you feel about this if several christian websites called this man a Christian martyr and stated he had earned a place in heaven for doing God’s will. After which they put together a fund in order to keep his family comfortable for the rest of their lives in respect for his sacrifice.

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