Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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Brooklyn man imprisoned woman, chained and whipped her under ”Sex slave rules’: prosecutors

John Hopkins pleads not guilty to keeping a woman as a sex slave in his Brooklyn… (Ward for News)

It wasn’t Islam that made him do this. It wasn’t the Arab culture that made him do this, as many Islamophobes and bigots will argue. Wait, I should have said this early: He wasn’t Muslim.  (Hat tip: Saladin)

Brooklyn man imprisoned woman, chained and whipped her under ”Sex slave rules’: prosecutors



A Brooklyn man accused of raping a woman he kept as a sex slave had a chilling list of penalties for her – including flogging and chaining her to a radiator – if she disobeyed his rules, prosecutors said Friday.

John Hopkins, 45, pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn court to a litany of charges after prosecutors detailed the graphic “master” and “slave” relationship he had with a 27-year-old Midwestern woman who came to live with him last month.

Hopkins “set up slave rules,” prosecutor Christopher Laline said. “He punished her if she disobeyed.”

Original post: Brooklyn man imprisoned woman, chained and whipped her under ”Sex slave rules’: prosecutors


  1. I would be willing to bet the man does not have a religion he is faithful to or from which he seeks moral guidance. If he were Islamic I do not think anyone would tie these crimes to his religion. However, If he was Islamic and a local/national/international Mosque or Islamic group came out in support of this man then people would say negative things about Islam. Sort of like when a few dozen people are killed in a suicide bomb attack and the attacker is then called a Martyr by various Islamic groups negative comments about Islam crank right on up. The trouble with this is that along with the negative comments also come negative or lowering opinions of Islam. I guess this and most of the what if articles that appear in this paper come down to not just the action covered by the article but other people’s/group’s reaction to said action. As a result I have a what if question for you.
    A suicide bomber or a group of Muslims, attack a site, kill several people, and get killed in the process: What if no one called them martyrs, no one praised their actions, everyone condemned their actions and simply called them murderers. Do you think the Muslim community would suffer the same negative reactions they currently deal with after such events? Do you think that as the fear of Muslims lessened discrimination against Muslims would decrease?

  2. So we must all be apologists in regards to any group we may belong to, be it by chance or design

  3. Apologist? No, how can anyone be sorry for something they have not done and would not do? All I am saying is to be non supportive. Be vocal in stating that these people are not Martyrs. State publically that these people are not true Muslims. Be loud and critical to the point that these people lose their base of support due to the large numbers of Muslims that publically and loudly disagree with them. Make that Suicide bomber wonder if he really will go to heaven if he commits his final act of murder. Engage those who support these acts in a war of words and win their minds through proper education.

    People talk about Non Muslims misreading the Koran. Think of this. Take a young boy and just teach him to read the Koran and memorize it. Do not go to deeply into some of its meanings just raw words and some manipulation of the boys understanding. You can have him in a suicide vest in no time. In the same way you can take a young boy or girl and just have them read or memorize the bible manipulate their understanding with no real education and they will be killing abortion doctors and blowing up clinics because it is god’s will and they are saving innocent lives by protecting them from evil.

    With a proper Islamic education and placing aggressive educated Islamic missionaries into the areas where these fundamentalist elements live and get support you can start to put an end to this problem.

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