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Richard Dawkins: “Islam” is an “Unmitigated Evil”

12 May 2011 16 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Richard Dawkins: “Islam” is an “Unmitigated Evil”

Richard Dawkins, well known biologist and pop-atheist-guru (add goofball) recently brought up the question of whether or not atheists should support Christian missions in Africa. (hat tip: Rob)

He believes the answer is “still no,” (he doesn’t say why) but since Islam according to him is an “unmitigated evil” and atheism is not going to be making any inroads into Africa anytime soon it is a question worth “raising.”

His logic is based on a crudely partitioned breakdown of religious affiliation in Africa designed by a Christian site:

(Isn’t Dawkins supposed to question these sorts of things?)

Dawkins also believes ‘supporting missions’ may be justified on the basis that ‘the enemy of our enemy is our friend.’ That’s the extent of profundity provided by Dawkins! Such crass and cynical sentiments expose the bankruptcy of ideas and strategy in the leadership of the so-called New Atheists.

The statement is similar to “exposed as a fraud” Ayaan H. Ali’s call for Christian missionaries to evangelize Muslims. Such a call is really just a variation on the well worn Crusader-esque theme best expressed by the likes of Anne Coulter, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” (Or the recent statement by Christian Evangelical Bryan Fischer, “Muslims can either convert, or die”).

Don’t you love how some of these loony-out-for-a-buck-and-some-notoriety atheists are so quick to compromise their principles and sit at the table with the most hardcore Bible Thumpers out there? Does anyone think George Carlin would stand for that? Or Tariq Ali? Or As’ad Abu Khalil? Or Cenk Uygur? It just goes to show you that where you are born, your culture and history do have an impact on the decisions and positions you take, no matter how much you claim to be “objective” and motivated by “reason,” and the “scientific method.”

As for his comments that it is a “given” that Islam is “an unmitigated evil in the world today”…wow. First of all, what does that mean about the practitioners of Islam? Does it mean that they are all or mostly or significantly practitioners of “evil?” Because that is the import of Dawkins’ statement, I mean who else puts into reality what Islam is other then the followers of Islam?

Secondly, is anyone else taken aback by the quasi metaphysical language used here by Dawkins? “Unmitigated evil,” is the type of phrase one would expect in the sermon of a Puritan minister or perhaps as one commenter on Dawkins site asks,

Is the Professor now auditioning for a guest shot on Pamela Geller’s website for the barking mad and openly hostile? Very few things in this world are ‘unmitigated evils’: of all the things that might be unmitigated evils, I can absolutely guarantee that a major world religion practiced in a thousand different ways in a thousand different social and cultural contexts is not one of them. The chances of no good at all coming out of such a diverse multiplicity of contexts and forms of practice (that is, of any ‘evil’ not being mitigated) are almost zero. — CallumM

Thirdly, piggy-backing off of the “multiplicity” mentioned by the commenter, is Dawkins totally oblivious to the Arab Spring for instance? You know that thing sweeping the Middle East for the past 5 1/2 months, that many, including Dawkins’ friend Christopher Hitchens thought would fail or sizzle out?

Is it “unmitigated evil” when protesters in Tahrir Square mobilized in the hundreds of thousands, inspired by and chanting the Quranic verse, “God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves?” Was it “unmitigated evil” when they withstood the worst kinds of state violence and barbarity in prayer together, shoulder to shoulder? Was it “unmitigated evil” when Christians and Muslims united to protect each other?

Dawkins is out of touch with current events, and lets just say he won’t be playing in any Philosophy World Cups any time soon. The man’s field is Biology, he doesn’t know much about anthropology, sociology, history, comparative religions, or philosophy, that is why he and his buddy Sam Harris get their arse handed to them by real intellectuals such as Scott Atran and Robert Pape.

Maybe it is time for Dawkins to spend a little more time humbly learning about Islam and Muslims, engaging with critical intellectuals instead of rabid Islamophobes and probably dissecting a frog or two in the lab he’s been neglecting while pontificating on matters he has no grasp over.


  1. He is certainly entitled to his own opinion; but not to his own set of facts.

  2. Thanks for your atheismphobia. That was awesome.

    I’m an atheist and I support religious freedom. I regularly read this page and I actively support human rights organizations. It’s great to be grouped in with islamaphobes just because I’m not religious.

  3. Oh, Dawkins! There goes your credibility! To call an entire religion “evil” is just a bit over the top, don’t you think? I mean, if it was some kind of cult of devil-worshipping baby killers, okay; but this is NOT the way of Islam! This is an ancient religion of peace-loving people (forget the radicals just the same as you forget the radical Christians, such as the KKK) who simply want to be left alone to practice their beliefs and teach their children to do the same. Do your homework and stop reacting to sound-bites; you will sound much more intelligent when you speak from a position of knowledge rather than simply reacting from a position of fear.

  4. What isn’t said here is that Richard Dawkins also believes that Christianity is an unmitigated evil. I am an atheist- does that mean that I am islamophobic? You guys are way too biased. I mean, Richard Dawkins is smarter than any of you guys that run this site. And I know that this comment will not get through the moderator nazis who only want comments that promote this website. I’m telling you once and for all that this is the most biased article that I’ve seen on islamophobiatoday. I am never going back to this site again.

  5. Hey now Kathryn, we pretty much have the KKK and others of thier kind under control. When they commit a crime we put them in jail, we tell where they are at, we teach our children they are wrong, we do not call them brothers in christ. Their size and support have shrunk to the level that they have no political influence at all. I have asked several times to for people to show me groups of Christians who are out there committing terrorist acts. So far no one has been able to type in the name of one group. The only restriction I put in was various groups in Africa as people there would kill in the name of a tomato if it gained them anything. I am betting that about the best they will be able to find is a abortion clinic bomber or 2 or maybe a killer of an abortion doctor with all each of them acting alone and not part of a group. Of course you can go back in history and find all the examples you want but what I want is modern examples.

  6. Dear Criley,

    You fail to see the point. The fact that there HAVE BEEN extremists such as the KKK or radical christians that blow up clincs in the name of christianity draws legitimate parallel to muslim extremists….can you not see that?

    Does the fact that these groups/individuals exist (whether in the past or in the present)not bring up the question that there must be something in christianity as these people use their religious scripture to justify their actions?

    Why do you disregard these people as not being worthy of terrorists? Terrorism is terrorism whatever the form…you cannot deny that. And why disregard people from a whole continent? Your comments about Africa are extremely derogatory and you should be ashamed!!

    Oh and by the way, here are a couple of examples of chritian terrorits in India:

    National Liberation Front of Tripura
    Manmasi National Christian Army

    I think these groups meet your “stipulations” for what you think constitutes a christian terrorist organisation:
    Presently active, NOT just one or two individuals, NOT AFRICAN (lmao)

    Criley, I challenge you to find muslim terrorists who are NOT from “islamic countries”, in a group of 5 people or more and who LOVE chocolate spread on toast….i didn’t think so

  7. I will look these up Amit I have been looking for some of these groups but was hard pressed to find them. As to Africa, there is some group over there using child soldiers and raping women as they meet them while claiming to be a Christian movement. Most of those people would not even recognize their own name when presented to them in writing. Just because someone wants to call themselves Christian does not make them so including so called Christians that kill in the name of God. Amit I have already admitted to radical Christians even those that kill off abortion doctors. The difference is the Christian community does not recognize their actions as Christians, do not see them as brothers and sisters in Christ, and do not consider such people Martyrs. We turn such people into Jail if we know of illegal activities. We strongly preach against such actions and erode their base of support to the extent they have to work alone or in a very small group. Muslims acknowledge Islamic terrorists as Islamic, they refer to the dead as Martyrs, and to some extent attempt to justify the reasons for the actions if not the actions themselves. Such as the bomber killed 50 people and we do not support that action but if the United States would just change its stance on (fill in the blank )then perhaps these attacks would stop. As to finding Muslim terrorists, terrorist wannabes or terrorist supporters they are all over the Internet though why they would spread chocolate on toast escapes me.

    Both Christianity and Islam have been very violent in the past. When people however look at Muslim violence but want to put forward the statement that Christians are just as violent I disagree as I am not interested in a comparison of several hundred years of history, I am interested in now and within the last 20 years. Amit, I have no problem with Islam, no problem having temples being built within my community, having Muslims as neighbors or anything else, I just think they need to work harder at marginalizing the terrorist groups by building better religious schools and aggressive missionary work which stress the Islamic religion as a religion of peace. That suicide bomber needs to understand he or she is not going to heaven because killing the 30 people in the market is not gods will and it is in fact murder.

  8. “I mean who else puts into reality what Islam is other then the followers of Islam?”

    …truer words were never spoken…which is why Western Civilization no longer buys into the apologist rhetoric. We see Palestinians celebrate 9/11, we see them teach their children to hate Jews, we see mass protests after killing OBL, we see incident after incident of Islamic Terrorism. These are muslims, supposedly misguided. Why not spend your energy on a remedy for those societal ills rather than labeling anyone who points out these facts as “Islamophobic?”

  9. Did anyone see Dawkins totally losing his temper Dublin’s first ever atheist convention last night, after being asked a perfectly civil question by a Muslim guest?

    Temper, temper now, Professor Dawkins…once you lose it you kinda lose the argument.

    And apparently, following this embarassing incident, the atheists went and booed the Muslim guests. And to think, atheists consider themselves rational and the rest of us as ‘deluded’!

  10. Jack is right when he says this page is biased. It’s one thing to disagree with Dawkins antireligious arguments. It’s quite another to personally attack him. Calling him a goofball, saying he knows nothing about philosophy, sociology, history, or comparative religion ( you don’t know what he knows, and he doesn’t need to know these things to see the evil inherent to religion) saying he and sam harris got their arses handed to them by scott atran and robert pape who are “real intellectuals”
    (they’re nothing but religious accomadationists who won’t except the unpleasant reality of faith), saying he gets his arguments from antimuslim bigots like pam geller and not from talking to everyday muslims and “critical intellecuals”( you don’t know who he’s talked to; he doesn’t need to talk to anyone to see that religious texts like the koran are inherently violent, as well as unscientific and irrational), and that he forgot to dissect a frog and can’t grasp religion are childish and outrageous. It’s clear to me now that this site is not interested in preventing antimuslim bigotry, but in promoting bigotry against critics of religion. I’m never coming back to this site again.

  11. Islam is unmitigated evil. Read the Quran, study the Sunnah and consult the Sirahs of Ishaq, Tabari and Kathir. Can anyone name one of the 57 Organisation of Islamic Cooperation nations where non-Muslims are NOT discriminated against or persecuted.

    Onr thing is for sure Richard Dawkins is a better prophet than Muhammed.
    Muhammad murdered all who spoke out against him. He also, with the support of his deluded followers, to whom he promised much booty and many captive females to rape, lied, plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to power.

  12. Doesn’t Islamophobia Today realise the neologism ISLAMOPHOBIA is a Muslim Brotherhood invented word specifically designed with evil intent to ridicule and thereby nullify all legitimate criticism of Islam.

    And by the way, the Arab Spring is turning into a Winter of discontent, the the Muslim Brotherhood and other Sharia mad Islamists are taking over.

  13. Yep, Dawkins certainly is way smareter than you guys who run this site. He runs rings around you.
    You are in denial about the vile nature of Islam itself. Stop yapping his ankles and start listening to him

  14. //Becky

    What on Earth are you claiming? Dawkins was momentarily annoyed and rightly so because the Muslim accused him of dishonesty. Furthermore, he (muslim) insisted on 3 occasions that Dawkins accepted a ‘designed’ universe, whereas Dawkins actual words were ‘the illusion of design’.
    Islam is generally dismissive of evolution.

    Becky, if your thought process is fundamentally impaired perhaps you should keep quiet.

  15. Islam is undeniably evil- except, it seems to its proponents who refuse to see what is clearly and unambiguously written in the koran. Unless, of course Muslims consider murder, torture, slavery, child abuse, pedophilia, genocide, Jew hatred, Infidel hatred, supremacy and rule by the sword as praiseworthy.

    Many reputable publications have now decided to reject the word “Islamophobia” as dishonest. This site is exactly as amos paxton, Stuart Parsons, Bailey Simmons and others have noted- Islamist thru and thru

  16. //Kathryn Hill

    Another one! What is it with you mentally deficient women?

    “Islam! This is an ancient religion of peace-loving people”… just how do you account for the recent violence in the ME, N. Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.? I suppose you don’t know the Beslan atrocity was an Islamic operation? Or Bali? London 7/7? WTC/Pentagon? Madrid trains? Kenyan embassies?… to mention just a few? Honor killings- 91% Muslim…

    You apologists make me sick; not until the blade of Islamic Jihad is slicing through your stupid throats will you realise “Oh, it seems I was wrong…”

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