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When Did Islam Trademark Terrorism

14 May 2011 General 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Mustafa Umar March 15, 2011

The False Perception

First, the accusation was: “All Muslims are terrorists.” When the bigots who made this statement realized that no one in their right mind would believe that all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world could be terrorists, they reversed their statement to sound more objective and fair: “All Muslims may not be terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims.” Really?

Someone sympathetic to Islam might respond with an example or two about Timothy McVeigh and the KKK. Yet, the average American watches the mainstream media day in and day out and sees the pictures of Muslim terrorists flashed across the screen or spoken about for hours on the radio. Here are some hard facts to make it clear that you that perception is not reality.

The Facts

According to the FBI database, there have been 318 terrorist incidents in the US from 1980-2005. That includes 209 bombings and 43 arsons. Out of those incidents, 42% were committed by Latino groups, 24% by Extreme Left Wing groups, 7% by Jewish Extremists, 6% by Muslim Extremists, and 5% by Communists.

A RAND Corporation [funded by the U.S. government] report titled “Would-be Warriors” reveals some very interesting facts:

  1. Not a single U.S. civilian has been killed by Muslim extremists since Sept 11, 2001
  2. Only 3 out of 83 acts of terrorism between 9/11 and 2009 were done by Muslim extremists. Most were by animal rights and environmental activists.
  3. There was more terrorism in the 1970’s than the 21st century. There were over 60 terrorist incidents per year on US soil, most of them being bombings. That’s 15-20 times more terrorism than post 9/11.

Europol’s report titled “EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report” showed that 0.4% of terrorist attacks from 2006-2008 were by Muslim extremists. That means 99.6% of terrorist attacks were by non-Muslims, most of which were separatists and leftists.

U.S. Terrorist Organizations

If you were asked to name five major terrorist organizations in the US, how many could you name besides al-Qaeda? Most people couldn’t name more than one. So here are some to help you balance the distorted view that the media feeds you with:

Animal Liberation Front: Known for sabotaging animal testing facilities, etc. The FBI said that ALF is the “leading domestic terrorist threat”.

Alpha 66 and Omega 7: Cuban exiles opposed to anyone who takes a moderate approach to Castro. Responsible for many bombings.

Army of God: Anti-abortion and anti-gay. Known for bombing at least two abortion clinics, a lesbian nightclub, and the Summer Olympics in 1996. They believe that Anglo-Saxons are the only true children of God.

Aryan Nations: A white nationalist, neo-Nazi, Christian Identity group. The RAND Corporation described it as the “first truly nationwide terrorist network”.

Black Liberation Army: Carried out a series of bombings, robberies, and prison breaks.

The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord: Another Christian Identity organization.

Earth Liberation Front: Eco-terrorist group. The FBI in March 2001 said that it is the number one domestic terrorist threat.

Jewish Defense League: Founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane. Executed at least 15 terrorist attacks in the U.S. [more than al-Qaeda] and responsible for at least 60 bombings.

Ku Klux Klan: A white supremacist, anti-Communist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic group.

Militia Movement: An anti-government movement. One common tactic is to explode pipebombs at government facilities. They have about 20,000-60,000 people in the U.S.

Phineas Priesthood: Another Christian Identity movement against interracial intercourse, homosexuality, abortion, and multiculturalism.

Symbionese Liberation Army: A far left organization.

United Freedom Front: A Marxist organization responsible for at least 20 bombings and 9 bank robberies.

The Weather Underground: A far left organization responsible for at least 45 bombings between 1970-1977.

Ejercito Popular Boricua [Boricua People’s Army] – Demanding independence of Puerto Rico from U.S. imperialism.

New World Liberation Front – A far-left organization responsible for at least 70 bombings in the Bay Area alone.

International Terrorist Organizations

Of course, terrorism is not only an American phenomenon, but exists worldwide. Here are some examples:

Aum Shinrikyo: Japan. A new religious movement responsible for the 1995 Sarin Nerve Gas attacks in the Tokyo subway.

All Tripura Tiger Force: India. The goal is to expel all immigrants of Tripura. 90% of members are Hindu and 10% are Christian.

Babbar Khalsa: India/Canada. A Sikh religious organization that blew up a 747 jet in 1985 killing 329 people [including 280 Canadian citizens].

Communist Party of India (Maoist): Prime Minister Singh said that they are “the single biggest security challenge ever faced by our country”. They have killed over a thousand people.

Provisional Irish Republican Army: Ireland. They have killed over 1800 people.

ETA (Basque Homeland and Freedom): Spain/France. They have killed almost a thousand people.

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK): Turkey. A Socialist/Nationalist party demanding independence.

New Peoples Army: Philippines. A Communist organization.

National Liberation Front of Corsica: France. A separatist organization.

Justice Commandos Against Armenian Genocide: Trying to force Turkey to admit to the historical Armenian genocide. Responsible for at least 23 terrorist attacks.

Notable U.S. Terrorist Attacks

The following is a very brief list of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil to make it clear that terrorism is as American as cherry pie.

1910: Bombing of the L.A. Times Building by James and John McNamara who wanted to unionize the paper.

1920: Wall Street bombing by followers of Luigi Galleani with 100 pounds of dynamite that killed 38 people and injured 400.

1927: Bath, Michigan Bombings by Andrew Kehoe who was angry over taxes. He set off three bombs killing 45 people [including 38 students].

1971: Bombing of the U.S. Capitol Building by the Weather Underground  in protest for the U.S. invasion of Laos.

1972: Bombing of the Pentagon by the Weather Underground in retaliation for the U.S. bombing raid in Hanoi.

1975: Bombing of the Department of State Building by the Weather Underground in response to war escalation in Vietnam.

1976: Hijacking of Cubana Flight 455 by CIA-linked Cuban exiles who killed all 73 people on board.

1978-1995: Unabomber Attacks by Ted Kaczynski who sent letterbombs to academics and other influential people.

1995: Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols who killed 168 people.

1996: Centennial Olympic Park Bombing by Eric Robert Rudolph for which President Clinton called “an evil act of terror”. This was the largest pipe bomb in U.S. history.

2001: Anthrax Attacks by Bruce Edwards Ivins.

2007: Virginia Tech Massacre by Seung-Hui Cho who killed 32 people. He likened himself to Jesus Christ and expressed his hatred of the rich.

2010: Austin IRS Attack by Andrew Joseph Stack who flew an airplane into the IRS building because he was mad at the government.

2011: Tucson Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords where Jared Lee Loughner shot nineteen people.

Image is Everything

The only statistics that are missing is the amount of media coverage per terrorist incident or group. It shouldn’t surprise anyone now that Muslims would get the most coverage despite the fact that they are near the bottom of the list when it comes to terrorism.

Now that the facts are clear, do you think anyone would dare to rephrase the statement and say that “almost all terrorists are…” and then fill in the blank with: latinos, leftists, environmentalists, Christians, Sikhs or Jews? I doubt it. That twisted logic is only used for Muslims, not anyone else.

So next time you think of a terrorist, think of the facts, not the images in your mind. If Muslim extremists attempted to copyright the term terrorist, they would be denied. The famous statement goes: “Image is everything.” Indeed, everything but the truth.

Original post: When Did Islam Trademark Terrorism


  1. On the morning of April 19, 1995, shortly after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, before Oklahoma City Police or the FBI had any leads whatsoever on suspects, Islamophobes Steve Emerson and Daniel Pipes took to the airwaves to denounce the incident as having been perpetrated by “Muslim terrorists from the Middle East.” So — what part of the Middle East were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols born in, and what sect of Islam did they adhere to? That’s right — they were homegrown terrorists, and “Islam” had zero to do with the bombing.

  2. criley4010, what about know?

  3. Abd
    I guess I give Islamic Terrorists more credit than they deserve. I usually think of terrorism as an organized activity by which groups of people, who would normally be powerless, acting together to achieve goals or influence policies through violence or threats of violence. Not the act of a lone person or very small group of persons who have no outside support and no hope of sustaining their “cause”. These people I have simply looked at as criminals. Example Charles Manson had a goal of starting a race war and he had a group of people who supported him. He killed several people but I never considered him a terrorist I went with Mass Murderer. The same with most of the individuals on the list- though some like Kaczynski did inspire terror I admit. If we look at individuals acting alone then we would have to say serial killers are terrorists also as they do inspire fear. I am not going to go that far though, I do not believe that an individual with no support and no way to continue his or her cause can be a terrorist, they are simply criminals and with their death or imprisonment the fear they generated is gone.

    Muslims involved in Terrorist activities have a great deal of support. The death of 1 or 20 of them does not end the threat. They are organized and dedicated to their cause. Individually most are probably good people acting or reacting to a bad situation or in a way they feel is morally correct or simply necessary. I believe that most would rather stand in an army and fight, but it is not possible in most places so they cannot. However, I have noticed that in places where they can stand and fight in groups they do. As I do not agree with their goals I oppose these groups and am happy when their plans fail or their leaders are killed. If I were in a different situation then I might have different thoughts. For Instance the bombing of the L.A. Times Building by Union organizers in 1920 was mentioned. Well I would have supported this because I believe in Unions. The corporations, in those times, were running roughshod over people while allowing blue collar workers to die from unsafe conditions on a daily basis.

    I simply do not agree that current modern Christianity is as violent as Islam in this given time. Meaning that as organized groups not as many Christians kill in the name of god as Muslims. Some do I admit, and some simply use Christianity to achieve an end that has no Christian goals, which I believe occurs in Islam also. If Islam really is a religion of peace then it needs to build more and better schools to teach this and it needs to deploy aggressive missionaries to areas with extremist views so as to better educate this population and lower the aggression of the peoples in these areas.

  4. Eric,
    You know? I just cannot believe that anyone on this planet would think a bomb going off would have anything to do with Muslims and Islam. What is wrong with these people? Holy smokes! Pun intended.

  5. you would have to be a moron to believe that terrorism is exclusive to islam. excellent info, little bit of spin in there but that’s to be expected. supprised he left out farc and the shining path, aren’t they accreditted with 10’s of thousands of death. big gap from 27 to 71. didn’t the puerto ricans shoot up the capitol in the 50. univ of texas shooting, the original guy in a bell tower with a high powered rifle, was in the 60’s?


    that’s scary that you think support the idea that unionization should/could be achieved through terror. i would argue the book “the jungle” did more to advance working conditions. plus you say workers were killed because of unsafe working conditions, very true, but who do you think were killed by the bomb? i’m sure you’ve heard two wrong don’t make a right. how about, “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.” nietzche

  6. Mike, unions were built on the threat and use of force as threats and force were used on workers. My grandmother was shot in the legs by a 12 gauge shotgun while walking a picket line. She remained crippled the rest of her life, but she would have limped that picket line again if she needed to in order to get fair wages. Business owners are not the smiley faced people you see on TV once their profits are threatened. I have never hurt anyone purposely in my life but I support the actions that built the Unions, as the results of those actions lead to the building of an American middle class.

    Today we have collective bargaining, but it is fast disappearing. I am not sure where we will be when Unions are basically gone and people are back to working for barely enough to feed their children. Overall Mike, there are things worth fighting for and I see no point in a business who cannot pay its workers a livable wage. Some say businesses are there to make money for its stockholders or its owners. I say they exist to give a fair return to its stockholders and owners and a living wage to its workers. (note, I do believe a business needs to provide a quality product to its consumers)

  7. Mike, by the way I read “The Jungle” while in school, it was an eye opener as I could not put it down once I started it. Your Nietzche comment is pretty close to the money as the Mafia did become very entangled in unions. Violence draws certain kinds of people and they do not go away once you have obtained your goals. If, however, you asked if it was worth it I would have to say yes.

  8. criley, i have no problem with the concept of unions (well closed state shops are worrisome) or of fighting the pinkertons when they come to bust a strike. i think unions where a neccesary evil in the time of the robber barron’s, but unfortunately they became robber barrons in their own right and almost killed their own golden goose, well is some cses arlready have. funny that the newspapers where some of the first corporations to give into the unions against automation in the 70’s and almost causing there own demise. but i think we are getting off subject. i whole-heartly disagree with using terrorism to advance a cause, no matter what the cause.

    you sound like you are in ohio or wisconsin?

  9. Kentucky: in the coal field regions where Unions did put themselves out of business for a while.

  10. Mike, it was not just the Pinkertons: Old man Peabody(coal producer) and others used to pay workers in company script and force them to buy from the company store. It was arranged that the worker would become more and more in debt to the company and the worker could not leave his job till he paid his debt. If he did leave anyway he was arrested over the debt he owed. We had one those old company stores in my town. These were not good people and they had the law on their side. One man could do nothing, people had to stand together and they could not do it with a smile.

  11. criley, didn’t mean to imply the had a monopoly, just perhaps the best known. speaking of coal, wasn’t frick, the coke king, partnered with carnegie. carnegie, despite writing a book about how the working man should be treated fairly, was quick to break strikes with the pinkertons. here in florida a company was busted just ten years ago for their treatment of migrant farm workers. they forced them to rent trailors from the company, buy in the company store. the legal one’s the company would take their green cards or passports and guest worker cards and counted on the illegals not to call the cops. yes by the end of the month they would be indebt rather than getting a pay check. so i’m familiar with the practice, and unfortunately it has not been eradicated. not expecting any of them to smile just not blow up a building killing fellow workers. plus there have been calls to boycott Publix (a supermarket chain here) and taco bell because they won’t demand that their suppliers pay a penny a pound more to tomato pickers. i guess by your reasoning, blowing up a taco bell or publix would be justified. now my “phobias” are increasing, i go to both.

  12. Eric:

    Just read & understand the screen name chosen:


    ‘Nuff stated.

    Overlooking this person’s lack of intelligence, is he/she claiming to be more than one person by placing a “s” at the end of Idiot?

  13. Mike, see if you can get the movie Matwan (not sure if spelled correctly) its a great movie based upon a true story about a coal strike.

    Times are different than they used to be so I do not think you need to worry about getting blown up. However, if you get rid of the social safety net, lower wages, and only have good health care for the more affluent of our society then things may pick up a little bit. By the way I do not think this is off topic in that as more and more people become oppressed the chances of violence go up. Peoples basic needs have to be met. Food, shelter, and clothing are basic but if people still lack a sense of purpose and hope then they will find leaders who offer them such. These leaders may not always be the type we want followed.

  14. Hey Douche Perez,

    The earth is just a crowded spaceship circling the sun. It has many passengers.

    You are just one of the many idiots on board.

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