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Where does Geert Wilders grab his “facts” from?

16 May 2011 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Geert Wilders in Nashville at the Cornerstone Church

Where does Geert Wilders grab his “facts” from?

Geert “ban the Quran” Wilders has been on a recent North American tour. Bringing his hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric to our shores. Just a few days ago we received exclusive footage of Wilders’ speech at Cornerstone Church, a mega church in Tennessee. (hat tip: Rob)

In the following shocking footage Geert Wilders reveals where he grabs his “facts” from. Enjoy!:

We will be following up this video with an exclusive feature piece on Geert Wilders’ maniacal anti-Muslim diatribe and the crazy response from a massive zealous Christian crowd applauding his anti-Freedom agenda.

It makes you wonder who the real enemies are to our Constitution, values and principles?


  1. that’s funny. your intellectual arguement has won me over. i bow down to allah and his prophet in their infinite wisdom.

    [2.64] Then you turned back after that; so were it not for the grace of Allah and His mercy on you, you would certainly have been among the losers.
    [2.65] And certainly you have known those among you who exceeded the limits of the Sabbath, so We said to them: Be (as) apes, despised and hated.
    [2.66] So We made them an example to those who witnessed it and those who came after it, and an admonition to those who guard (against evil).
    [2.67] And when Musa said to his people: Surely Allah commands you that you should sacrifice a cow; they said: Do you ridicule us? He said: I seek the protection of Allah from being one of the ignorant.
    [2.68] They said: Call on your Lord for our sake to make it plain to us what she is. Musa said: He says, Surely she is a cow neither advanced in age nor too young, of middle age between that (and this); do therefore what you are commanded.
    [2.69] They said: Call on your Lord for our sake to make it plain to us what her color is. Musa said: He says, Surely she is a yellow cow; her color is intensely yellow, giving delight to the beholders.
    [2.70] They said: Call on your Lord for our sake to make it plain to us what she is, for surely to us the cows are all alike, and if Allah please we shall surely be guided aright.

  2. @Article This is absurd. This has very little to do with Islamophobia, it’s just a cheap shot.

    @Mike Why do you post endless anti-Islamic rhetoric on this site? What is your point? I am well aware that there are extremists and ignorant Muslims. However, your random quotes taken out of context from a book you do not understand serves no purpose. You false attitude of acceptance does not blind me to your ethnocentrism either. You need not respond to this post, because you are the sort of man who I do not even hope to convince. I simply want you to know that I consider myself a thoughtful, intelligent, conservative, compassionate, tolerant muslimah; and you comments show the worst kind of islamiphobia in this country.

  3. Naseerah,

    i don’t have time to give your post the thought it deservers. (plus i’m drunk, perhaps unredeemable). i have to be in orlando in the morning. talk to you tomorrow (hopefully).

    who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with loving-kindness and tender mercies

  4. I am a Muslim and I think this was a cheap shot…it showed nothing anti-Islam and in fact was quite a ridiculous video to have been given place there…be careful to not be like the very ones you are trying to bring to light.. May Allah guide us, HIS Umma and stop us from making matters worse than they already are Insha Allah Ameen

  5. Do you how to read?huh!Mr.Wilder?If there are ranks for Dumb,insane,idiot and others,I think you will have a nice spot.

  6. @mike No more space for dumb here.

  7. naseerah,

    thanks for the food for thought on my drive today. for some reason the station i listen to replays songs constantly, but at least we have beautiful weather today.

    firstly, i’m posting the koran 7 verses at a time. well once there were 8 because the 7th verse ended with a coma and i didn’t want to break up the sentence. i don’t get how that can be a bad thing. as for my understanding, you’re right, i don’t understand that is why i ask questions.

    as for my “false attitude of acceptance does not blind me to your ethnocentrism”. i don’t see myself as ethnocentric but culturalcentric (if that’s a word). but the concept in my mind is that some things in some cultures are better (see i didn’t use the word superior because that would make me a white supremist, like wilders) than others. i would rather live in a land with freedom of speech than one like germany or britian or even our friends to the north with their limits on dumb speech. according to trens i’m dumb, so that might get me in some trouble. i wouldn’t want to live in a culture of cannibalism either. nor one with human sacrifice or slavery or people who belive if they cut off your head they capture your spirit. would you? didn’t you say you disagree with fgm. how ethnocentric of you to criticize the somali tribal culture.

    as for me being the “worst kind of islamiphobia”, i’m going to have to beg to differ. i think the guy who killed the sikh after 9/11, might be a wosrt kind. anyways i actually don’t think i’m phobic at all. what little “fear” of islam i have, i think i come by quite rationally. unlike juan williams i would not be nervous seeing muslims getting on a plane in muslim garb. i might be a little nervous if four young men of middleeastern decent, clean shaven and wearing western grab get on a plane with me. now i would not have said that on september 10th 2001.

    anyways i hope to hear from you even if you don’t want to hear from me. sorry if my sacrasm offends you but it is part of my culture. I consider myself a thoughtful, intelligent, (fiscal) conservative, compassionate, (social) liberal, agnostic.

    @trens, help me out what did i say that was dumb? maybe i was drunk, i’ll be happy to retract anything dumb i said.

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