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Wave of Horrific Islamophobia in Athens

18 May 2011 General 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Sara (via. her website: Neocolonialism and its Discontents)

I just got back from a study trip to Athens, Greece, and it was definitely an interesting experience. Although my specialization is gender, the trip ended up being more about migration and race-relations in Greece.

Before we went there, we had no idea that Greece is having a huge immigration problem. Some things we found out while we were there:

–Mosques are not allowed to be built in Athens, which means that there are only informal mosques in basements.
–Over the past few years, right-wing Greek people have trapped Muslims inside these informal mosques and then thrown petrol bombs inside, killing everyone.
–The second day we were there, a Greek man was robbed and then killed by 3 “dark-looking people” who were assumed to be immigrants. Later that night, neo-Nazi TV channels (yes) and blogs called for Greek people to go out and attack and beat immigrants.
–The next day over 17 immigrants ended up in the hospital after being stabbed.
–There was also a clash between the left-wing and the police, who are overwhelmingly right-wing (surprise, surprise).
–There is a huge back-log in terms of applications for legal status as a migrant, and some have to wait up to 20 years. Thus they can be arrested at any time, and they are kept in 2-by-2 cells with no toilets, little food, and no dignity.
–There are reportedly 2 million undocumented migrants in Athens, who are now at risk of being attacked.

While Athens is certainly extreme, these discourses can be found all over Europe now, including the Netherlands. Anti-Islam rhetoric has become so widespread and acceptable, it is no surprise that in some countries, like Greece, it has led to violence.

Some feminists criticize porn because they say it leads to violence against women, since it objectifies and dehumanizes them. The same can be said about discourses on Islam in Europe today. By dehumanizing, stigmatizing, and insulting Muslims, violence is only a few steps away.

And why exactly is Greece allowed to have a neo-Nazi channel if it is a member of the EU? Honestly, the EU needs to stop criticizing other countries when it has members who 1) have neo-Nazi media outlets, and 2) do not allow Muslims to build places of worship.

On a positive note, Greek men are very good-looking!


  1. “On a positive note, Greek men are very good-looking!”

    Good looking neo Nazis? Fabulous. NOT.

  2. This is SO disheartening! How did things get this bad in Greece, of all places, the birthplace of democracy? And a neo-Nazi media outlet? That’s insane! It’s like all the smart people fell asleep at the same time or went on vacation for a month at the same time, and idiots came in and made sweeping changes and nobody has been able to restore order again. Someone let the chimpanzees out of the zoo and gave them free reign over all political matters, and the chimps just said “yes” to whomever gave them bananas first. It’s just too horrible to think about how they mistreat the immigrants, and firebombing people who just want to pray together, stabbing people because they’re different…when will we wake up and see that we’re all the same inside? It’s the differences that make us COOL, not BAD!

  3. This is the half of the trouth… The article has many not true facts…

    –Over the past few years, right-wing Greek people have trapped Muslims inside these informal mosques and then thrown petrol bombs inside, killing everyone.

    In Greece we have 1.700.000 illigal imigrants. None of them can take papers to go to Europe, and none of them can go to other Eutope countries.
    Illegal imigrants, do bad for our economy by 12.5 to 15 billion euros EVERY YEAR…
    This fact came from hospitals, that Greece spend 400 million for their helth, from illigal selling gods (this makes many stores to close), from illegal work for little money, and from sending money to their familys in other countries.
    Greece make the mistake to sign Dublin 2, and now all the illegal imigrants CANT go to other Europe countries.
    E.E. give to Greece a help… ONLY 90 million euros every year…..
    But above all this, EVERY DAY many illegal imigrants, sell drugs and wepons, stil from people, rape little girls (last month we have rape of 14 years old girl by 4 Pakistans, police arrest the two of theme)…
    Police in Greece said that 95% of very serious crimes in Athens, last years are illegal imigrants…ILLEGAL…


  4. This girl Sara is really an over-sensitive bleeding heart. In the first place nobody has invited these Muslim illegals to Greece. They came there illegally either through the border with Turkey, by boat through the Aegean Sea or through the border with Albania. Their number is huge for a country that has a population of 9.5 million, to say nothing about the fact that Greece at the present is having huge financial problems. With regard to mosques: Greeks are very proud of their history and traditions and they want Greece to remain just that, Greek. If we Greeks allow the construction of mosques serving two million Muslims, then the cultural landscape in our country will be changed for good and we do not want that to happen. Again: Nobody has invited these two million illegal Muslims to Greece. They came here on their own. They should go back where they came from and try to make a living in their own countries.

  5. Why these millions of illegals do not emigrate to rich Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Oman,etc. The fact is that the authorities there do not accept them, although these people are their fellow Muslims. If these Muslim countries do not accept their fellow Muslims, why should we Greeks and Europeans do so?

  6. petros,

    i’m not in greece and had no idea you had such a huge illegal immigrant problem. all those islands must be hard to patrol. i would think that defacing mosques is not the way to go. but by demanding your government use the rule of law to deport illegals. we have a similair problem in the states, but to a much lessor degree, in that we only have 10 to 12 million illegals of a population of 300 million. as for “why should we Greeks and Europeans do so”, i would hope you expect to rise above “Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Oman”

    but you bring up an interesting point. why is it ok for the saudis to say that the wolrd needs to respect their culture and therefore they do not allow the building of churches, yet the europeans need to except all cultures from around the world? it seems strange that any time a westerner goes to a non-westenr county, that they are expected to know and follow the local custom. but when non-westerns go to western countries, the emphasis is on the host nation to understand the visitors culture?

    oh no, i’m sounding like an ethnocentric, but is my point wrong?????


    did you see my limks on maria the copt?

  7. maybe if you stopped bombing their countries they wouldnt have to leave their homeland, then maybe you wouldnt have to whine?

  8. Exactly! Athens, the birthplace of western democracy. But once you let the Muslims in it’ll become yet another desert where diseased totalitarian Islamists, who breed like flies, will take over and ultimately destroy in the name of bullshit; and what follows? the oppression of the indigenous Greek people; the iron-fist of Shariah Law; the loss of free speech and freedom generally.

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