Saturday, April 17, 2021   

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Amir Khan: ‘They took the p*** because I’m a Muslim’

Amir Khan: ‘They took the p*** because I’m a Muslim’

Boxing star Amir Khan has hit out at US customs for keeping him in a holding room for more than two hours.

Amir flew out to Los Angeles on Saturday to start training for his next fight. But the Bolton boxer was not happy at being held in a holding room and being asked about his relatives. He tweeted:

“They took the £!@%*£ because I’m a Muslim. Kept me in some holding room for over 2hours asking y my uncles with me. They where so arrogant and unprofessional. Didn’t know how to talk to pple, well I’m out now an it can’t get any worse.”

Asiam Image, 23 May 2011


  1. I feel you brutha, however this is just a little example of what Black people in this country have been dealing with for more then 200+ years. SAD, but my words of wisdom are……….don’t let it change you from the person you know is right. Don’t ever do that.

  2. Pray to Allah to correct of their prejudice and oppressions. An oppressed prayer is more likely to be approved by the Almighty as there is no barrier between Him and His Lord (Hadith)..

  3. Bro every1 gets it n specially if ur Muslim.. thts how they are now u gtta deal with it.. n Khan says they dont know how 2 talk.. last tym i checked he doesnt no how 2 talk 2 the muslim brothers n his community.. so if u nt gunna talk 2 ur muslim brothers proper sum1 sumwhr wnt talk 2 u proper..

  4. Welcome to Israel… opps I mean America brother Amir Khan. US customs has nothing better to do then insult Arabs and Muslims. It isn’t the Muslims whom are sneakin into this country illegally in underground tunnels from mexico. It isn’t Muslims that are bringing over weed, cocaine and heroine across the borders from Maheco (mexico). The Mexican drug trafficers and drug lords are the real terrorists (including Israeli’s, of course) in the USA. Their gang bangers destroy ppl’s lives, they sell em dope and kill innocent ppl everyday. Zionists do that to Palestinians everyday as well, you just won’t hear about it on the American media. Good luck training Amir, Inshallah you have a great fight and win all your matches. Inshallah only success for Amir Khan.

  5. yazeed,

    you are right, muslims aren’t drug smugglars, they just fly planes into buildings killing nearly 3,000 people….. but at least they mostly fail in their attempts to kill people, well americans, they succed in killing pakistanis all the time.

    today’s news, from ‘the religion of peace”

    come on really????????

    naseerah, is this what you mean by “ignorant muslims”?

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