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Dubious Muslim-bashing “expert” hired to train cops

24 May 2011 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


The Department of Homeland Security this month paid $5,000 to anti-Muslim terrorism “expert” Walid Shoebat to speak at a conference for South Dakota law enforcement, despite Shoebat’s history of dubious claims about the threat of Islam as well as his own background.

That $5,000 figure was unearthed by a public records request filed byRapid City Journal reporter David Montgomery. Shoebat is an evangelical Christian whose website describes him as a “former PLO terrorist [who] now speaks out for USA and Israel.”

However, as Hussein Ibish and others have documented, Shoebat’s claims about his past are largely unsubstantiated, down to whether his real name is really Walid Shoebat. He, for example, claims that, in his Islamic extremist days in the 1970s, he threw at a bomb at a Bethlehem bank. But the bank says it never happened, and there are no news reports of any such terrorist attack. Surveying Shoebat’s history of questionable claims, Ibish concludes that he is a “shameless fraud.”

It is beyond dispute that Shoebat holds views of Islam well outside the mainstream. He told a Missouri crowd in 2007 (via Nexis) that “Islam is not the religion of God — Islam is the devil.” He has also said President Obama is “definitely” Muslim.

Original post: Dubious Muslim-bashing “expert” hired to train cops


  1. Walid Shoebat needs to get a shoe thrown at him. He was never a Muslim in the first place. I remember he got kicked outta U of M-Dearborn a few years back, the students refused to allow this piece of trash on campus. I hope this kaffir die a slow, painful death. Satan is his savior.

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