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Hate message left on US Muslim family’s car

25 May 2011 General 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Hate message left on US Muslim family’s car

A hate message was left on the car of a Muslim family while they were inside a business in Redmond, the Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA) said Tuesday.

CAIR-WA said a Muslim mother reported that she found the message, which said, “We don’t [want] Muslims in America” in English and “We don’t want Muslims in our country, go away”, in Arabic, stuck to the family’s vehicle when she returned to it Monday afternoon after visiting a Redmond Starbucks.

“I can’t believe someone could hate me because of my religious beliefs,” the victim told KIRO 7. She asked us not to use her name or show her face.

The Muslim mother, who was with her 9-year-old daughter at the time of the incident, wears an Islamic head scarf.

Earlier this month, CAIR’s Michigan chapter called on state and national law enforcement authorities to investigate an incident in which a vehicle was vandalized and defaced with a racially-derogatory phrase and profanity.

CAIR-WA Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari said a coalition of some 60 interfaith and community leaders recently asked Everett Community College to drop an “Islamophobic” speaker scheduled to appear Thursday as part of an “Islam in America” lecture series.

Bukhari said that a growing number of hate incidents targeting American Muslims, those perceived to be Muslim and Muslim institutions have occurred in the days since the death of Osama bin Laden.

“Some of the issues we see happening are an increase in rhetoric against Muslims and an increase in mainstreaming of anti-Muslim speech,” Bukhari said.

CAIR-WA held a news conference Tuesday afternoon with the Muslim mother and her daughter to talk about the incident.

The victim said she isn’t angry about the note, but she’s shocked that it would happen in a community she’s grown to love. “We are just regular people, and I hope this person realizes that they can’t make us afraid to go out and live our lives regularly,” she said.

KIRO TV, 24 May 2011


  1. apparently, haters are too dumb to use grammar.

  2. So, say I don’t want Baptists in my country.
    Is this how I would go about getting rid of them?

  3. There’s no verb in the sentence . . . how do you know it was hate??

  4. It never seems to occur to people that many Muslims ARE Americans and were BORN HERE. I am one. I don’t think it is fair for people to say that Muslims should “leave.”

  5. I’m horrified that the message was repeated in Arabic. It seems to me that’s akin to telling an American Jew to go back to Israel, in both English and Hebrew. I’m no stranger to the concept of xenophobia, but I don’t understand why people want to be so mean to each other. Where’s the love, people?

  6. Hatred hurts. Being targeted in this way is horrible; it leaves you feeling unsafe in your own home, that somehow you are less than a full citizen. I am so sorry things like this happen.

    This is your country. I thank every Muslim American for not losing faith in the rest of us. Someday we will live as the Eternal wants us to – as brothers and sisters, in peace.

  7. I agree with Eric. I’m a white American Muslim who’s lived here all my life. My family’s Christian and everything. Where would I go, if not here? That sort of thing is illogical.

  8. I am so sorry for the pain people cause others. And usually in the name of God.

  9. amy,

    perhaps english is the haters second language? if they wrote in arabic i would wager the hater is arabic. although i used to work with a white guy who spoke arabic, he was former special forces, but odds are the author is arabic. as for the grammer, arabic is an elliptical language… well let me quote from the forward of my copy of the koran, “the language of the Arabian Peninsula: the language of a people endowed with that peculiar quick-wittedness which the dessert and its feel of wide, timeless expanses bestows upon its children: the language of people whose mental images, flowing without effort from association to association, succeed one another in rapid progression and often vault ellipically over intermediate – as it were, “self understood” – sequences of thought towards the idea which they aim to conceive or express.” the concept is called ijaz in arabic. so no need for verbs sometimes. you should read the koran, alot of [ ]ed words because the thought but not the word is there. this looks to be the reverse of such cases. [want]

    perhaps the author of the note is an apostate, blasphamyer, fornicator and fears sharia, maybe an iraqi christian driven from his/her homeland by muslim extremists? maybe just an arab in fear of sharia? either way it is misdirected animousity. let the woman shop, retail consumption is the backbone of our economy.

  10. Boostava,

    maybe you missed these in the other article.

    as a modern muslim do you believe
    1.the opening of the 24th surah is good (god’s) law? you agree with the saudi’s not allowing the building of churches? you think a muslim woman shouldn’t be allowed to marry a non-muslim man?
    4. do you think a female should inherit half as much as a male?
    5. do you think a theive’s hand should be cut off?
    6. do you think…..well this could go on a while, let’s see what common ground we can find with these 5?s

    or maybe you just choose not to answer?

  11. Hmmm… an Arab Christian, probably.

  12. halima,

    i think your right. apostates are rare… know, because of the threat of death, and all.

    oh, were you being sarcastic that a christian wouldn’t do such a thing? at least not a “true christian”? certainly you weren’t saying there are no arab christians?

  13. Mike, you write good responses, but I wish you would occasionally use spell chek, speel check, spell cheek… Oh forget it!

  14. @KSH
    While in English it’s missing the verb, the Arabic Text is damning because it says “We don’t want Muslims in our Country. Get out (in plural form).”
    From the looks of it, I suspect someone who is versed in Arabic more than English. And someone who despises Muslims.

  15. kaatib…lol, my bad along with my ignorances i failed phonics. plus i think i’m developing some sort of typing dyslecsyia (sic).

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