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Another protest of ‘radical Islam’ planned Saturday in Dearborn

27 May 2011 General 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Oralandar Brand-Williams/ The Detroit News

Dearborn —Another protest over what organizers call “radical strains” of Islam is planned on Saturday in front of Dearborn City Hall.

The Order of the Dragon, a pro-Israeli group, is planning the 3 p.m. demonstration to call attention to the “implementation of Sharia” or Islamic law in some court rulings, said Frank Fiorello, the head of the group’s Michigan chapter.

“We have a lot of people worried about Sharia creeping into family court,” said Fiorello, a Marlette resident. “There are 23 different jurisdictions where Sharia is being implemented in family court.”

Fiorello did not provide specifics, but said there are recent cases in Ann Arbor District Court.

Other groups participating in the rally include the American Defense League, ACT! For America and David Horowitz’s Freedom Centers Palestinian Wall of Lies, Fiorello said.

Fiorello, a Detroit native, was scheduled to host controversial Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ protest in Dearborn on April 22 but Fiorello backed off his protest after meeting with Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly and a member of an interfaith group.

Jones ended up protesting a week later after being ordered by a Dearborn district judge that he would have to post a peace bond if he wanted to protest outside the Islamic Center of America on Good Friday.

Fiorello also said he backed away from Jones after a difference of option about how the protest should be handled.

“We’re not wanting to be involved in shock tactics,” said Fiorello. “That is not our route.”

Jones, meanwhile, has planned to protest against “radical Islam” at the Arab American International Festival in Dearborn next month.

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Original post: Another protest of ‘radical Islam’ planned Saturday in Dearborn


  1. The Order of the Dragon? What shady group is hiding behind this name- the name of a fifteenth Century chivalric order which vowed to protect “Christendom” from the then Turkish threat. It is also inevitably associated with Vlad the Impaler- a nobleman who was concerned with the same.
    Apparently, despite the borrowed, grandiose title, it is no longer a chivalric order of noblemen, as it has a chapter in Michigan- hehe.
    Anyway, whoever these people really are may be unknown, but their Islamophobic motivations are clear. Historically, “the Order of the Dragon” had nothing to do with being “Pro-Isreali”, obviously- as the state of Israel didn’t exist during the Middle-Ages, Jerusalem was (for a while anyway)a European Christian kingdom, and Anti-Semitism was rife.
    You have to laugh though, when you think that instead of being knights in shining armour heading off to battle a crusade, they’re just a bunch of guys in the Mid-West going to demonstrations- hehe. How the mighty have fallen!

  2. I drove past that so-called “protest” at Dearborn City Hall on Saturday, wallah there were about a total of 7, yes SEVEN protesters I seen. Traffic was going smoothly, as if those people were invisable. I didn’t have a chance to read any of the signs they were holding, because I had to keep up with the fast traffic on Michigan Ave. So overall that “protest” was worthless lol.. Those pieces of pig sh!t can suck Israel’s d!ck all they want, it’ll soon be destroyed, those “dragons” can go worship them while they fall inside the Dead Sea (thats where all the haram homosexuals belong)

  3. So Yazeed you think that Israel needs to be destroyed? This from a person who is trying hard to critique others for having issues with Muslims? It is statements like this that gives fodder for the beliefs that we do need to be wary of Muslims. Israel, by the way, is going to be here a very long time so get used to it.

  4. that is funny-hehe. so the big wave of anti-islam in america has managed to rally 7 people. the afgahs can turn out hundreds after friday prayers and kill 20. the iranians rally thousands all the time to chant death to america and burn flags.

    [2.100] What! whenever they make a covenant, a party of them cast it aside? Nay, most of them do not believe.
    [2.101] And when there came to them an Apostle from Allah verifying that which they have, a party of those who were given the Book threw the Book of Allah behind their backs as if they knew nothing.
    [2.102] And they followed what the Shaitans chanted of sorcery in the reign of Sulaiman, and Sulaiman was not an unbeliever, but the Shaitans disbelieved, they taught men sorcery and that was sent down to the two angels at Babel, Harut and Marut, yet these two taught no man until they had said, “Surely we are only a trial, therefore do not be a disbeliever.” Even then men learned from these two, magic by which they might cause a separation between a man and his wife; and they cannot hurt with it any one except with Allah’s permission, and they learned what harmed them and did not profit them, and certainly they know that he who bought it should have no share of good in the hereafter and evil was the price for which they sold their souls, had they but known this.
    [2.103] And if they had believed and guarded themselves (against evil), reward from Allah would certainly have been better; had they but known (this).
    [2.104] O you who believe! do not say Raina and say Unzurna and listen, and for the unbelievers there is a painful chastisement.
    [2.105] Those who disbelieve from among the followers of the Book do not like, nor do the polytheists, that the good should be sent down to you from your Lord, and Allah chooses especially whom He pleases for His mercy, and Allah is the Lord of mighty grace.
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