Monday, June 14, 2021   

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Rightists in Jerusalem: Muhammad is dead, butcher Arabs

These Right-wing activists are increasing in numbers across Israel. Will they be a majority in 20 years?

Can you imagine if this happened in a Muslim country?

Rightists in Jerusalem: Muhammad is dead, butcher Arabs


Dozens of right-wing activists marching through Jerusalem Wednesday were filmed chanting inflammatory messages and singing provocative songs in the capital, including “Muhammad is dead,” “May your village burn,” “Death to leftists,” and “Butcher the Arabs.”

The disturbing utterances were made during the traditional “Flag Dance” on the occasion of Jerusalem Day, which drew tens of thousands of Israelis to the capital to celebrate its unification following the 1967 Six-Day War.

Rightists in Sheikh Jarrah

The offensive chants and songs can be clearly heard in the video, filmed by members of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement. Elsewhere, Arab residents hurled stones at Jewish protestors during the tense day. The Jerusalem Police deployed in the city in force ahead of time in a bid to prevent friction between Jews and Arabs.

During Wednesday’s violent clashes, police detained at least 15 rioters, both Jewish and Arab. A focal point of tension was the Old City’s Damascus Gate, where Jewish marchers and Arab business owners hurled stones and fruit at each other. Some Jews entered the Muslim market in the area and chanted “Death to the Arabs” and “Muhammad is dead.”

More Jewish protestors were arrested nearby after yelling nationalistic chants and attempting to hurt Arabs.

Overall, two Jews and one Arab sustained light wounds as result of stone throwing during the day and received medical treatment.


  1. Zionist right wingers are all over. They are ruining the world with this racist ignorance. Jew (true Jews) need to rise against this false Jewry. But we need to quit giving it any political room to exist here in the USA before they destroy what is left of our country also.

  2. Mr Spencer,
    I think your zionist ideology is despicable. I pray for the healing of your sick and demented mind. Zionists such as yourself are no better than the agents of Germany’s Wermacht. Israel has been engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs (Christians and Muslims) since before it was declared a state in 1948. You know it. I know it. So, stop pretending that Theodore Herzl, David Ben Gurion, and pals…all the way down the line to BIBI, are heroes. They are murderers, thieves, and war criminals. Your hate-filled propaganda perpetuates the very anti-Semitism about which AIPAC and you complain. You should be ashamed.
    Ibrahim Shirazi

  3. There are some in the world — the Jewish Rightists and Muslim Rightists, both religious and politically inspired — who have taken Zionism out of context, usurped and morphed it into something it never was intended to be. It is sad that the redefined or revisionist ideology is used to (1) de-legitimize Israel on one side, and (2)justify expanding Israel’s borders on the other. Neither one of these interpretations is correct, nor do they serve to promote mutual understanding that can lead to peaceful outcomes. This only raises blood pressure and fuels the fires of hatred. I personally condemn the Right-wing behavior of those people who make derogatory remarks towards our Muslim brothers and sisters. Likewise, I also condemn those who have twisted & distorted the original concept of Zionism to use it to denigrate Israel, Israel Jews and/or Jews in general. None of this does anything positive for anyone. It is shameful and it is disgusting. I am pleased that Islamophobia Today has exposed the sleaze on one side of fence, and I hope and pray it will do more to expose the the other. It serves neither religious community, whether we are secular or religious to slight each other as both communities still face obstacles to acceptance by a majority of the American public. Let’s take a deep breathe, count to ten, and rationally find ways of respecting each other without stooping to the same banal and vulgar language of hatred.

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