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Helpful Tip for Terrorists: Don’t Dress in “Arabian Attire”

6 June 2011 One Comment Email This Post Email This Post

Helpful Tip for Terrorists: Don’t Dress in “Arabian Attire”

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun was recently on Fox “News” and expressed his outrage that an elderly white lady was frisked by TSA agents whereas a young man in “Arabic attire” was allowed to go through without any extra screening.  Watch the video (courtesy of The Young Turks) of the interview, along with some spot-on commentary by Ben Mankiewicz and Jayar Jackson:

All the 9/11 hijackers and other terrorists dressed in Western clothing. One would assume that a would-be terrorist would be smart enough not to draw attention to himself by dressing in “Arabian attire”. That’s taught in like Terrorism 101-A at Al-Qaeda University. Duh.

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  1. maybe the terrorist have figured out that we are looking for “americanized” middle easterners, (or should be) so they have gone on to Terrorism 201-A at Al-Qaeda University. you know the old we know they know so, lets do the old switcharoo. so shouldn’t we know that they know that we know, therefore frisk people in arabian attire. plus if its a billowing robe. i would frisk a hawiian in a moo moo. or homer when he got so fat he had to wear a moo moo. this reminds me of the fisrt time i flew after 9/11. they pulled me out of line for a patdown and there was a pakistani standing behind me. he looked at me and shruged as if to say, i don’t understand why the would frisk you and not me. after okc bombing the fbi went into the rightwing camps. i don’t get why muslims seem so amazed that they are being scrutinized, or should be.

    non-islamic terrorist deaths 194, injuries 900
    islamic terrorist deaths 2,981 injuries 13,000est hard to be percise on 9/11
    that 6% of terrorism accounts for 93.8% of all deaths and 93.5% of injuries.

    is this young turk in britian? he’s never seen a mucsle car with flames?

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