Friday, April 16, 2021   

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Album Banned In Lebanon

(Via What if they were Muslim)

Should Christianity be blamed for censoring Lady Gaga? If Muslims had censored Gaga’s art, Islam would be blamed.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Album Banned In Lebanon

Lady Gaga’s religious firestorm may have blown over in the United States, but the government of Lebanon found it so enflaming that they’ve banned the popstar’s new album from the country’s stores.

Multiple reports say that the Lebanese government impounded shipments of “Born This Way,” the already-platinum album due to its alleged insults to Christianity and its all around “bad taste.”

The Lebanese government has made clear their distaste in Gaga, having already banned her single “Judas” from the airwaves. That song caused a brief ruckus in the United States, too, as conservative religious leaders, including those from the Catholic League, initially protested the song’s lyrics and pending video.

“This is a stunt… Lady Gaga tries to continue to shock Catholics and Christians in general: she dresses as a nun… she swallows the rosary. She has now morphed into a caricature of herself,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue said in a statement before the video came out.

He then sang a somewhat different tune, waving off the video as a mess and incoherent.

According to Metro UK, the song “Born This Way” was banned from radio play by the government of Malaysia, too. In response to that banning, Gaga, responded, “What I would say is for all the young people in Malaysia that want those words to be played on the radio, it is your job and it is your duty as young people to have your voices heard.”

“Born This Way” went platinum in its first week out, selling 1.1 million copies in the United States alone.

According to one Lebanese blogger, he had already downloaded the album via Amazon, with the songs existing safely in the cloud; so, many Lebanese still have the ability to listen to Gaga’s latest opus.

In a prescient comment, in a recent feature in the British newspaper The Guardian, Gaga decried religion’s impact on government.

“The influence of institutionalised religion on government is vast. So religion then begins to affect social values and that in turn affects self-esteem, bullying in school, teen suicides, all those things,” she told the paper.

Lebanon has a history of banning entertainment they find religiously offensive; in 2004, they banned the Tom Hanks-starring big screen adaptation of “The Da Vinci Code.”


  1. “If Muslims had censored Gaga’s art, Islam would be blamed”

    Umm…it is not banned in the U.S because people have the to right to criticize religion. This has nothing to do with Christianity or Islam. If Lebanon feels the need to ban the album, that’s their problem.

  2. i am ADAMANTLY opposed to ANY Religion that condones ANY censorship! This includes, but in NO WAY is limited to, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, & Hinduism. i am not certain of Buddhism’s position on censorship, but if it favours that despicable action, then i am against it, also.

  3. “Should Christianity be blamed for censoring Lady Gaga? If Muslims had censored Gaga’s art, Islam would be blamed.”

    What a bunch of crap.
    Didn’t Elton John get censored in a Muslim country? Just wondering.

  4. Bottom line the focus ought to be on the US. If the US Government were to bow to any religious group’s criticism, particularly if they are calling for a ban on a book, record, video, whatever, I would object strenuously and loudly. While I think the actions of Lebanon are inconsistent with democratic rule, it is an internal affair of that nation for which the Lebanese need to handle themselves. There are instances of behavior in various nations that are counter to freedom of expression. As offensive as the Danish cartoons were, Denmark took the right position saying that it is not the Government’s place to dictate what is right or wrong regarding any religion. The US is the same. Our Supreme Court has upheld that numerous times.

  5. The issue is not religion. The issue is censorship. This article was mis-filed.

  6. None of you people seem to understand:

    This series is called “What If They Were Muslim?” for a reason. The point of this article is that ‘Born This Way’ was banned, due to insults against Christianity, with little media coverage in the West. Not against Islam.

    But what if it had been banned due to Islamic influence? That is what the series questions the reader. On a one to one basis, each article sounds like a pedantic, illogical appeal to our ethos. What’s the point in questioning whether Islamic censorship would receive more coverage than Christian?

    But taken together, the series shows: when a Hindu man beheads his wife out of slighted pride, it’s not because of Hinduism. Not so for a Muslim. When a Christian pressure group pushes for the ban of Lady Gaga albums in their country, no one cares. Not so if the same happens in Malaysia. When a mosque is targeted by white Christian men, it’s vandalism. When a church is targeted by Muslims, it’s terrorism.

    That’s what this series is trying to say. This article is not a criticism of Lebanon or Christianity. It’s a criticism of the media that twists the actions of a few Muslims as indicative of their entire faith while dismissing the actions of other groups as anomalous.

  7. It could be that people in Lebanon simply have good taste in music and film. The Government could simply be trying to keep their citizens from being tricked into spending their money on a poor quality product. Instead of censorship it could be looked at as preventing noise pollution and improving mental health.

  8. Wait…i thought religion tends to decrease incidents of teen suicide, bullying, etc. sounds like lady gaga is just another britney spears (but with a slightly larger vocabulary).

  9. This only proofs how sick the world becomes when religion is allowed to take too much place in a society.

  10. I agree.. freedom of expression doesn’t mean to insult people, religions…etc.
    Criticism of religions has its ethics.

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