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Rep. Peter King Announces Second Round Of Muslim Radicalization Hearings

10 June 2011 Huffington Post 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Representative Peter King (R-NY) has announced that the House Committee on Homeland Security will hold a second hearing on the “radicalization of the Muslim-American community” June 15.

“This radicalization hearing, like the one in March, will be a deliberate and thoughtful examination of an issue that is too important for our security to ignore,” King said in a statement released on his official House website.

Titled “The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons”, this second hearing will focus on the relationship between current and former members of the American prison population and extremist groups.

According to King, “We have seen cases in which inmates have been radicalized at the hands of already locked-up terrorists or by extremist imam chaplains. We will focus on a number of the serious cases in which radicalized current and former inmates have planned and launched attacks or attempted to join overseas Islamic terrorist organizations.”

The first round of hearings held in March sparked major protest from many Muslim-Americans and their allies who accused the Congressman of conducting a politically motivated witch-hunt intended to demonize the Muslim population.

King did not release a list of witnesses who will testify at the hearing, although his statement said that both U.S. and international experts would be included.

Original post: Rep. Peter King Announces Second Round Of Muslim Radicalization Hearings


  1. yes its necessary because its only muslims that are in prisons nevermind the fact that there are racist groups there, or other unsavoury types in prisons that get together in groups.

  2. I think Muslims are the least of what we need to worry about in our prisons. The fact that gangs can even exist in our prison system is something that amazes me. We need to look at our prisons in the terms of how we sentence and hold people. I believe we need to build our prisons to hold individual prisoners in individual cells. They should not leave these cells during their entire sentence but the sentence should not be more than 3 to 5 years tops. No TV, no weights, no sports, no drugs no excuses. Make the time miserable and boring and then let them go. With violent felons build longer term prisons: still one person to a cell and allow for more mental stimulation so that they do not go crazy over the course of years. We do not need to keep people as long as we do and we need to make sure that people do not want to come back; but not because of Bubba in the next cell, simply because for Bubba prison is not such a bad place. It needs to be a place that is bad for everyone with no access to any drugs or alcohol.

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