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Beck: I Would Be ‘Uncomfortable’ With Muslim In My Administration (AUDIO)

15 June 2011 Huffington Post 6 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Glenn Beck agreed with GOP candidate Herman Cain on his Tuesday show, saying that he would be uncomfortable having a Muslim in his administration.

Cain has attracted attention for saying that he is worried about the spread of Sharia law in the U.S., and that he was worried that a Muslim might not be faithful to the Constitution.

On Tuesday, Beck said he understood what Cain meant.

“Do you feel comfortable in saying, ‘yeah, you know what? I’m not even going to check that guy on his stance on Sharia law,'” Beck said. He started to say that, although it wasn’t fair, he wouldn’t ask the same of a Catholic or a Baptist, but then backtracked, saying that, in fact, he might be “uncomfortable” with people from any faith, explaining, “I don’t trust anybody anymore.”

However, Beck had a distinction to make. “Would I be more uncomfortable with a Muslim?” he asked. “Yes.” The reason for this, he said, was because Muslim rights group had “wildly deceived” Americans–though he didn’t say about what exactly.

“And a Muslim is more likely to want Sharia law in America than any other religion,” Beck’s co-host said. Beck was quick to say that not all Muslims wanted Sharia law.

“I have friends who are Muslim who are not for Sharia law,” he said.


Beck has made controversial statements about Muslims in the past. He has said that around ten percent of Muslims are terrorists and that some want to bring about the Antichrist. And, in 2006, hefamously asked Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison to “prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.”

Original post: Beck: I Would Be ‘Uncomfortable’ With Muslim In My Administration (AUDIO)


  1. Right………’s sooooooooo funni too me when a saltine like Beck claims “he has friends who are muslim”………what. Beck is a racist so honestly how many “friends” does he really have not to even begain to speak on “friends” who are persons-of-color? How about he will lie to sell his racist propaganda. What a joke!

  2. The United States has long subscribed to the idea of “freedom of contract” – let the parties to a contract decide what law and rules should govern that contract.

    Many of our laws of contract (such as the UCC’s Article 2 on sales) set “default” provisions – “what are the rules if the parties to the contract don’t agree on something different?”

    The rage against allowing Sharia law is basically anti-American – it cuts back on the liberty of the American people to exercise their “freedom of contract.”

    And the courts are clear that any contractual rule agreed to by parties to a contract have to meet the fundamental principles and values of American law.

    So the only thing we lose by refusing to recognize Sharia law when the parties want it to apply is our tradition of freedom.

  3. >>“And a Muslim is more likely to want Sharia law in America than any other religion,”


    And a Jew is more likely to want use Jewish law in America than any other religion.

    And a Christian is more likely to want use Christian law in America than any other religion.

    And a deist, like so many of the founding fathers, are more likely to want use “the laws of nature and of Nature’s God in America than any other religion.

    Ironically, it is conservative Christians (just a subset of all Christians) who are most insistent on imposing their own “laws” on everyone.

  4. Then it’s mutual, as I’d be uncomfortable with a Glen Beck Administration.

  5. RJ, what laws are Christians wanting to implement on this society? About the only one I can think of is Abortion and more than just Christians think it is wrong. If you are referring to marriage Christians, like many others simply support the traditional view of marriage. I also support this concept of marriage but I do believe that Civil Unions should be available to anyone. I am also against abortion, but I would pass no laws banning it, I just would not fund it with public funds.

  6. This Sharia rhetoric couldn’t be more misleading for the following reasons

    1- America is a country with a Christian majority.

    2- Even if we actually implement Sharia, one of the laws of Sharia is that it applies to Muslims,Non – Muslims should use their own laws .

    Let’s just hope Glenn Beck wakes up without his voice one day.

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