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Rep. Gohmert Suggests Obama’s Allegiances Are To “Islamic States”

17 June 2011 General No Comment Email This Post Email This Post

by Walid Zafar

Speaking on the House floor yesterday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) charged that the Obama administration had been ‘complicit in helping people who want to destroy our country’ and speculated that a mistake then-Senator Obama made on the campaign trail in 2008 might have been an admission that the president’s loyalties are actually with the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

GOHMERT: And I know the president made the mistake one day of saying he had visited all 57 states, and I’m well aware that there are not 57 states in this country, although there are 57 members of OIC, the Islamic states in the world. Perhaps there was some confusion whether he’d been to all 57 Islamic states as opposed to all 50 U.S. states. But nonetheless, we have an obligation to the 50 American states, not the 57 Muslim, Islamic states. Our oath we took is in this body, in this House. And it’s to the people of America. And it’s not to the Muslim Brotherhood, who may very well take over Egypt and once they do, they are bent upon setting up a caliphate around the world, including the United States. And this administration will been [sic] complicit in helping people who wants [sic] to destroy our country.


In the past, Gohmert has railed against “illegal Palestinian settlements,” warned the nation of terror babies and even accused the president of being more willing to “sit down with” terrorists than with Republicans.

Perhaps Gohmert has been hanging around Frank Gaffney a bit too much. Gaffney, president of the D.C.-based Center for Security Policy, is known as one of the most shameless bigots inside the beltway because of the lengths he’s willing to go to attack his political opponents as pawns of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Last year, organizers of the annual CPAC conference banned Gaffney because he had been accusing its board members, including anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist, of being agents of the foreign group.

Gohmert is quite chummy with Gaffney. In fact, he spoke to Gaffney on his radio show earlier in the week, warning that the Brotherhood was tirelessly working to supplant the Constitution with Sharia law. Gohmert even accused Gen. David Petraeus of implicitly endorsing Sharia by speaking out against a planned burning of the Quran by a Florida-based pastor. As Gohmert saw it, Petraeus’ warning against the burning was effectively saying that “we need to subvert Americans’ First Amendment rights to Sharia.”

Most members of Congress would be a bit more cautious when speaking on the House floor so as not to sound too ill-informed or make their hatred of the president too obvious. Gohmert, however, hardly has to worry about such formalities. Thanks to the gerrymandering efforts of Tom Delay, he never has to worry about his antics upsetting his constituents. In the 2010 election, Gohmert received 89.7 percent of the vote.

Original post: Rep. Gohmert Suggests Obama’s Allegiances Are To “Islamic States”

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