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Arrests at anti-Islamic protest during Dearborn’s Arab International Festival

18 June 2011 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

A small group of anti-Islamic protesters caused a ruckus at the Arab International Festival Friday, resulting in the arrest of several festival attendees.

The group, who identified themselves as the Bible Believers, held up signs referring to Islam as a “religion of murder” and urging Muslims to “repent” while standing in the festival’s free speech zone, located at Miller Road and Warren Avenue.

A group of counter-protesters and onlookers gathered around the area – some of them shouting at the Bible Believers and throwing water bottles, trash and shoes.

Wayne County and Detroit police, including mounted officers, quickly rallied to keep the public away from the anti-Islamic protesters. At least two people resisted, resulting in separate arrests.

Police were not able to confirm how many arrests were made at the festival.

The chaos at the Arab International Festival followed six arrests made earlier that day of protesters from the activist group By Any Means Necessary. Members of BAMN were cited with misdemeanor breach of peace charges after ignoring police demands to stop harassing Pastor Terry Jones as he attempted to walk from Dearborn City Hall to the festival.

The resistance against Jones was so great that eventually, Dearborn police escorted him and several followers away from the area in an unmarked police SUV. Jones had planned to continue his rally at the festival, but decided to cancel the event at the recommendation of police.

Original post: Arrests at anti-Islamic protest during Dearborn’s Arab International Festival


  1. As the “Bible Believers” (i.e., Christians) often like to say, “What would Jesus do?” Somehow I can’t see Jesus with a protest sign harassing Muslims at an Arab Festival while they are peacefully attending the festival. I can’t imagine Jesus calling them all “Muslim murderers”. Nor do I see anything in the bible that requires Christians to hold protests or even suggests such actions are a good idea.

    I believe these Christians are acting outside of their own religion when persecuting members of any other religion, even though they call themselves “Bible Believers” and may quote the Bible while doing so. I believe that what these Christians are doing dishonors Christianity and makes it look bad; whereas Islam, the religion of those Muslims who are peacefully assembled, enjoying their day, not bothering anybody or inciting problems, certainly appears to be the religion of peaceful people.

  2. Give me a break, how often do you see Muslims protesting and saying Death to America, Death to this or Death to that. How often do you see Muslims burning, shredding, or stomping on the United States Flag. Protesting is not sinful and it is not wrong. It may, at times, be in bad taste but it is not a black mark against those who do so. I would bet Ms. Hill that you are not a Christian, that your just another person who finds reasons to be critical of Christians if they engage in any activity other than attending church. Now I have no idea if the people who were protesting were in fact christians as I would never run around with a sign that said “Muslim Murderers” as these people have no responsibility for the actions of other Muslims.

  3. “A small group of anti-Islamic protesters caused a ruckus at the Arab International Festival Friday, resulting in the arrest of several festival attendees.”

    What a bunch of bull crap.

    Most of the people that were arrested were from an organization called BAMN, a radical left wing group. Terry Jones and his protestors were the peaceful ones just look at the film. Once again you are cranking up the Islamist propoganda.

    Well done.

  4. How often do you see Muslim AMERICANS doing that??? So because Muslims in another country hate america that means Muslim Americans deserved to treated like second-class citizens? That means that somehow Muslims (and a lot of the arabs in Dearborn are Christian too btw) are collectively responsible for the actions of radicals abroad?

    That doesn’t seem to fall in line with the American way of thinking to me. Pretty unjust.

  5. hannah,

    “How often do you see Muslim AMERICANS doing that???” quite a bit. perhaps your reading list is too selective of like minded material? or maybe these don’t make the news because no one reacts violently the way the muslims in dearborn did?

    so when talkiing about islam, are we talking about 1.5 billion people or 3 million? what is your definition of an AMERICAN muslim? so you say there are radicals aboard. how do we know the difference between a radical and an “american style muslim”? were the 9/11 hijackers AMERICAN muslims? should we have denied them their student visas? on what grounds? being muslim? do you have to be born here to meet your definition of AMERICAN? are these guys american muslims?:

    american muslims do more than hold signs. maybe you never heard of the fort hood shooting. times square attempted bombing, the virgina born cleric who is the head of al-Qaeda in arabia.
    the 93 bombing of the world trade center. was the blind sheik or any of his people AMERICAN? should we have kept him out?

    also there are 300 million non-muslims in america and only 3 million muslims.

    ms. hill,

    so the people throwing bottles are the peaceful ones and the people holding signs are persecutors? see that is what is scary about the koran. it tells muslims that if they are being persecuted they can kill those who are persecuting them. where these protesters creating mischief in the land?

    funny it looks like new yorkers behave better than the dearborn followers of “the religion of peace”?

  6. Say what you like, Muslims will not be eradicated, wiped out or nuked into history. We are here to stay till the day of judgement. We will migrate to all corners of the world and grow our numbers happily and relentlessly.You can cry, whine, bitch, moan, protest, shout, scream, and burst a vein, and vandalize, invade, rape, kill, persecute, prosecute, ignore, degrade, dishonour, fight, bomb, shoot and diss us all you want. Guess what? We’ll still be here. And you will have spent your whole life fighting an unwinnnable ‘war’….just my 2 cents.

    Opinions are most welcome in the land of free speech.

  7. Mike-its been a while since you wrote, I thought you had stopped reading the site. Welcome back 🙂

  8. Karachi Kid,
    Yep, just like a cockroach.

  9. my demensia is getting worse, “break”! ym bad should have giving 2prez the pleasure of correcting me….

  10. karachi kid,

    i wouldn’t count on it. muslims will do more to eradicate muslims than anyone else. wait until the water wars start. in 30 years and the muslims of the deserts have doubled their populations again, and their oil money is running out. you may find yourself caught between the hammer of the arabs and the anvil of the hindus? not to mention 1.5 billion chinese? you might have to brake out those nukes that khan built for ya. hopefully the persian haven’t got their own by then??? good luck to ya, i hope your not shia, the iranians are to crazy to side with, then again they may strike first and that could mean the difference. but who knows.


    been dog sitting at my sister’s. i hope that golden retriever is not jinn and whispering in my ear, tempting me as i sleep?

    * There are three types of jinn: one which flies in the air all of the time, another which exists as snakes and dogs, and an
    earthbound type which resides in one place or wanders about. [Tabari and Hakim in Mishkaak al Masaabeeh vol 2 p 883]


    i know you don’t believe in free speech but do you believe in jinn? sad that more american muslims don’t post on this site! do you want to let the pakistanis speak for you. maybe you’re too busy having babies? may you bare your burden easily.

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