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Al-Azhar calls for democratic state

29 June 2011 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Photographed by Mohamed Al Garnousy

Egypt should establish a democratic state based on a constitution that satisfies all Egyptians, Al-Azhar announced in a document released Monday.

“There should be a democratic system that is based on elections to achieve concepts for Islamic consultation and penalizing officials,” Ahmed al-Tayyeb, Al-Azhar’s grand sheikh, said in a press conference.

Tayyeb said a variety of Egyptian intellectuals took part in the discussions that led up to the release of the document, which states a commitment to basic freedoms of thought and expression, as well as to respecting others.

He stressed the necessity of supporting Al-Azhar’s independence and selecting its grand sheikh by Muslim Senior Scholars Authority elections instead of by appointment.

Egyptian state-run TV posted a report on its website saying the document includes 11 terms for Egypt during the upcoming period, highlighting the relationship between a civilian country, religion and education development.

The document, according to the report, is considered a draft constitution. It confirms that Egypt is a civilian country that provides care for all Egyptians without discrimination based on gender or religion, and that education, health and scientific research are among its priorities.

The report added that some political trends had reservations over some of the document’s terms, so Tayyeb held five meetings with various intellectuals to reach a final draft.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

Original post: Al-Azhar calls for democratic state


  1. Mike, why are your posts irrelevant to the subject ??

  2. sir quranic sholar mike?
    i always see you quoting the quran, very nice but why dont you for a second
    ponder on it in a very smart way and open your mind,i really think you could learn from a thing or two.see the beauty of it

  3. democracy in the arab world is long over due, and i am very happy to see the biggest and the most famous islamic university supporting it.The youth of Egypt(MISR),Tunisia,Yemen,Libya,Syria,Bahrain and eleswhere in arab world have taking their future in to their own hands,and anyone in the world including americans people seeking international justice and freedom
    should support them 100%,but unfortually i dont think the arab youth who are dying for democracy can count on the american gouvernment who placed its own selfish interest over international justice and freedom.I love american people,but i am afraid that america as a contry has become a hegemony and imperialistic,and we all khows how empires soon or later ends.

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