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Creeping Shariah: Stealth Threat or Conspiracy Theory?

3 July 2011 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Creeping Shariah: Stealth Threat or Conspiracy Theory?

I wanted to find out what the kerfluffle over “creeping Shariah” was all about. After all, this is a Republican worry in thirteen states which have introduced anti-shariah laws. And apparently it’s more serious than even a global economic Depression.

So I went to a blog by the promising name of “Creeping Shariah” and its matching Twitter feed for some hard answers.

The website promised to easily locate the numerous recent cases of jihad being waged on our very shores. In Massachusetts alone there were forty incidents of jihad, as those sly Mahometans managed to finesse a Muslim holiday in Cambridge, plotted to build a cemetery in Belchertown, and the Muslim Brotherhood had apparently consulted with Whitey Bulger to get governor Duval Patrick to build a mega-mosque in Bah-stahn.

Those armed-and-dangerous ladies from Code Pink were raising money for Hamas, CAIR was at it again, trying to help out some headscarf-toting Muslim terrorists at a Boston pharmacy school, Yale University was cozying up to faculty jihadis by not re-inviting an Islamophobe to come back for a conference, and some crazy Mooslim women troublemakers in Kansas City wanted to wear Islamic-style bathing gear in a pool. The fate of our pools, our children, and our very nation were at stake. And all this trouble from a bunch of Muslim women, no less.

Beside the fact that New Haven and Kansas City are not exactly in Massachusetts, most of the other “incidents” reported were endlessly-recycled hate blurbs from people like Pamela Geller and Rick Santorum — which, I will grant you — do constitute a sort of domestic terror. But most of the postings were over a year old. Maybe getting all that “news” onto his website was just too overwhelming for him. HTML can be so wordy.

But now I was really curious. Incidents of creeping shariah and jihad were obviously so numerous, so dangerous, and so troubling that perhaps a Twitter feed could provide better real-time coverage of the onslaught. And surely the feed would corroborate a pattern of Islamification of our beloved heterosexual, fetus-friendly, pro-capitalist, White-loving, brown-skin-hating, Ayn Randophilic, Judeo-Christian-based culture! I went online looking for more answers.

And answers I found. More attacks on Keith Ellison, indignation at a Toronto school which tried to accommodate a Muslim student who wanted to pray quietly in a corner of its library, and the unmitigated gall of the town of Farmington, Michigan, to sell an unused school to an Islamic cultural association. Truly disturbing stuff, indeed!

Elsewhere in the tweets were some on a Republican congressman (Wolf, R-VA) going after CAIR via the IRS, Judicial Watch going after CAIR, and disappointment that CAIR could sue a former intern who stole tens of thousands of documents for his Islamophobe father, Paul David Gaubatz.

There was also a speech by Geert Wilders at the Cornerstone Church in Nashville, part of his“Warning to America” event, which concluded with the words:

You and I, Americans and Europeans, we belong to a common Western culture. We share the ideas and ideals of our common Judeo-Christian heritage. In order to pass this heritage on to our children and grandchildren, we must stand together, side by side, in our struggle against Islamic barbarism. That, my friends, is why I am here. I am here to forge an alliance. Our international freedom alliance. We must stand together for the Judeo-Christian West. We will not allow islam to overrun Israel and Europe, the cradle of the judeo-Christian civilization.

Wow. Now I get it. Only Leni Riefenstahl was missing from the picture. Or was that Hermann Goering?

I mean, thank goodness I’m a Jew! It wasn’t that long ago that Nordic types like Wilders were saying the same thing about my people. Now with the cool kids expanded to “European Judeo-Christians” and not just Christians anymore, I could join a select club and kick around Muslims if I wanted to — rather than just being a Yid whose faith and culture was once characterized by Nazis exactly as Wilders paints Islam at churches and synagogues today.

I’d get with his program, but all I’d have to do is stop trying to be a mensch. That and the stench Wilder’s words would leave in my mouth.


  1. It makes me furious to know that my fourth generation Mexican grad student who lives in Arizona must carry her “papers” with her at all times, while her Caucasian husband a Ph.D 6’3″ redhead, does not. Then I see a letter in our newspaper, which they actually printed, wanted ALL Mexicans to be deported. Then all the white people would have jobs and the economy would once again prosper. Notice the letter said “all.” Too many of the uninformed appear to have the idea that if your skin is brown you must be in this country illegally. My sympathy is with all who are Jewish — I am old enough to remember the huge wave of anti-Jewish sentiment that swept the country before and even during WWII, an example of how powerful the Nazi propaganda machine in Germany was. And when my grandmother didn’t want me to date an Italian boy because “he’s a foreigner.” His dad owned a very prosperous business here. Is this intolerance wire into some people only to break forth with a few well-aimed words?

  2. I just posted a comment and got a message that it had already been submitted. That I’d already said this. It may have been because it took so long for the submit button to activate I clicked on it twice. This is my first post here. Now I’ve forgotten what I said. Darn. OH, well.

  3. Why do we always seem to need to have some particular group on the “outs” of our society? Whether it’s the Irish, the Japanese, the African Americans, the Native Americans, the Catholics, the Presbyterians, the Jews, and now the Muslims…does it ALWAYS have to be SOMEBODY?

    It feels so childish, so “middle school”, where we need to identify ourselves by who we don’t like. Will there ever come a time when we can accept other cultures as easily as we accept their food? We like sushi and spaghetti and Irish stew and on and on, and it all seems kind of “American” to us now that all these types of food are readily available here. After all, all these kinds of people are here, making up part of the great American quilt (forget the melting pot; nobody wants to melt together and lose what they had. “YOU melt, I’M keeping my language and customs, thank you very much.”)

    So maybe by the time we get some more mainstream Muslim-type restaurants, whatever those will look like, maybe then it won’t be so easy to see Muslims as “them” and we’ll see them more as “us”, like it should be, like it will be in time. And of course by then there will be somebody else to pick on…

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