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‘Ex-Terrorist’ Fraud: Walid Shoebat Exposed Part 2

15 July 2011 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Walid Shoebat standing with Pamela Geller

Walid Shoebat standing with Pamela Geller

‘Ex-Terrorist’ Fraud: Walid Shoebat Exposed Part 2

The expose on the fraud known as Shoebat continues on CNN:

Robert Spencer, watch out you’re next.


  1. “We have not and will not tolerate training programs- or any DHS supported program- that rely on racial or ethnic profiling.”
    Matt Chandler, Press secretary, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

    So where was any racial or ethnic profiling mentioned by Mr Shoebat?

  2. Oh really! Where is Shoes-Bat profiling? You’ve got to be kidding me!? Who are you trying to fool? The con artist is under a thorough investigation by the feds now, and Prison time is only a step ahead. I wonder if can sleep?

  3. If you watch him on TV he’s been pretty widely qouted as saying like, “If a person is Muslim they are a terrorist,” or “Muslim equals terrorist, you can’t have one without the two.” I think the daily show had a clip of him saying these types of things on a recent episode; they probably have it on their website.

  4. and I think the “put islamic organizations as enemy number 1” statement in the last article about him which is a clear indication he said for law enforcement “profile muslims.”

  5. Many thanks to CNN and Staff for your timely and professional coverage of individuals and supporters of Islamophobia in our blessed USA. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the tragic attacks of 9/11 our country needs more such inclusive and thorough investigative reporting of those who want to divide us and conquer using religion ,fear mongering, and hate incitement as a weapon.
    Thank you

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