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Debate over proposed Mosque in Henrico

17 July 2011 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Mosque in Henrico

Lorenzo HallReporter/Anchor

HHENRICO COUNTY, VA (WTVR)  Some Henrico residents wasted no time telling the county’s planning commission why a mosque should not be built in their neighborhood.

The traffic and noise generated from a mosque are main concerns and also, its proximity to Holladay Elementary School.

Members of the Muslim community want the zoning of a lot behind Holladay Elementary changed from office to residential. A residential classification would allow for a place of worship on the property.

Members who spoke before the commission say they must travel to Chesterfield or pray in a hotel conference room. The Mosque’s investors say they looked at other properties after getting turned down by the commission for the same request back in 2008, but, no other property was accessible enough.

One county resident told the commission, she is not only worried about the exterior of the mosque, but the inside. “They’re not teaching them to love their neighbors. They’re teaching them to take over this country,” says Sue Blake.

In response, one Mosque investor says his family, “works hard in every neighborhood to make sure it’s safe.”

Original post: Debate over proposed Mosque in Henrico


  1. I was watching the video and noticed that only men were praying and got an Idea. This is a great opportunity to show Americans that Islam does value its women worshipers. It should, as should the Mosque in New York, build a seperate worship area of similar size to the Mens worship area so that women could come with their men to Worship but still Worship seperatly. The area should have soft flooring, air conditioning everything the men’s side has along with access to womens bathrooms and whatever other services are available to men. It is simply a great time to demonstrate(rather than just saying) that Islam is capable of treating women equally and that their prayers are valued on the same level as Men.

    I was wondering: if Imans teach before or after prayers, and only men are there, how do the women recieve religious training and how often do they recieve this training?

  2. to criley401 ~ I don’t know of any mosques that do NOT have an area for the women. I think the reason you see MEN on the video is because the women most likely do not want themselves video taped praying….I mean, what woman in ANY religion would want a video of themselves bending over while praying (or in any capacity)? There are classes for women, as well as many activities for them at mosques.

    Maybe go visit one in your local area and see. Not that you’ll be able to go and walk around the women’s area (unless you’re a woman), but you can speak to the other men and the imam about it and ask your questions….I’m sure you will find that they DO have an area for the women.

  3. other than receiving lectures from masjid/mosque, muslims women would gather together in a sister house or any place suitable like library, park even coffee shop and discuss islamic subject, reciting qur’an together and sometimes invite an Ustadhzah(f); person knowledgeable of islamic matter.

    I understand why you got that idea, 🙂 but it is not like Islam doesn’t value women worshipers. At least from my experiences, you will be able to see lots of women pray during Jumah pray, Maghrib/Dawn pray and Isha/night pray. I can only speak from my side of story which is a stayed at home mum, although muslim women can pray at the mosque as often as they want/need, for muslims women it is better to offer prays at home. I like it like that actually because I find it less stressful especially when I have toddlers. 🙂

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