Sunday, May 16, 2021   

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Christopher Eric Wey, U.S. Soldier, Tries To Board Flight With Explosives

Christopher Eric Wey, U.S. Soldier, Tries To Board Flight With Explosives

This soldier stole C4 and was caught trying to board a flight with it in his possession. Can you imagine if he had been Muslim?

Christopher Eric Wey, U.S. Soldier, Tries To Board Flight With Explosives

A U.S. soldier was caught attempting to board a flight to Los Angeles on Wednesday with high-velocity explosives in his bag.

Army Private First Class Christopher Eric Wey, 19, was arrested after he tried to board a United flight, the U.S. Attorney’s office for Arizona told Reuters.
Reuters reports that TSA officials at the Yuma International Airport detected a half-ounce of C4 explosives hidden in a tobacco can inside one of Wey’s bags. In a conflicting report, the Associated Press reportsthat it was a quarter-ounce.

Wey was detained and interviewed by FBI agents, who in turn discovered that Wey had stolen the C4 while attending an explosive training course.

Authorities found no indication that Wey intended any harm but him with trying to carry an explosive onto an aircraft and a stolen one at that, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine.


  1. Yes – the focus should be ways from people and no “no fly lists” and toward dangerous instrumentality.

    People – it’s dangerous instrumentality that causes destruction and death, not people. The focus on people is costly in terms of intelligence needed and often hurts innocent people. There is also going to be a greater deterence effect if it become difficult to being dangerous instruments on board an airplane. This is called “target hardening” and causes would be terrorist to look elsewhere.

    A “scary person” just riding on an airplane is not harmful to an airplane. Let’s place focus on dangerous instrumentality and move away from the “no fly” list.

  2. This happened on 19th and nothing about it on the news yet? Wow if he was muslim, then it would have been like if he had already used it and taken down something. Well Prophwt mohamed peace be upn him was was hurt in s many different ways, so why we muslims would think that we will not be harmed. Dont worry it is Normal guys for us. it has become psrt of our life the media is all the time after the muslims. Now even building a mosque has become an issue, yet we pay taxes like any other non muslim american. I am glad we live in a freedom of religion! WOW..

  3. @Sal you are right, well said,,

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