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Southern Baptist leader defends US Muslims against Herman Cain

Southern Baptist leader defends US Muslims against Herman Cain

Southern Baptist leader Richard Land chided presidential candidate Herman Cain for disregarding the constitutional rights of U.S. Muslims during a Monday C-SPAN interview.

He reminded Cain that as a Christian and an African American, he should have a special interest in the enforcement of the constitution in all communities.

Last week, Cain told reporters that the plan to build the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in Rutherford County, Tenn., is “an infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion.” He sided with community members who have protested the center saying the center is “another way to gradually sneak Sharia law into our laws.”

Cain, an associate pastor at Antioch Baptist Church North and a GOP presidential hopeful, argued last week that the ICM is not an “innocent mosque” and warned of the threat of Sharia (Islamic law) to American laws. He asserted in a Sunday Fox News interview that the Murfreesboro community has the right to ban the center’s construction.

Land said he agrees that allowing Sharia law in the courts is unconstitutional, as it also violates the rights of women. He agreed that it should not be enforced in America’s legal system or government, but reminded the public that that the First Amendment allows for religious freedom.

“I think the First Amendment is one of those amendments that is too important and protects rights that are too central to our guaranteed rights in this country to be left with a local option,” he asserted.

Like Christians, Muslims have the right to have places of worship near where they live, Land said. Additionally, Muslims and Christians have the shared right to abide by the rules of their faith as long as that faith is not imposed on the government, he argued.

Muslim women in America have a right to choose to be veiled and abide by Sharia in their marriages. Land said that he would fight to the death to protect Christians’ right to abide by biblical precepts in their marriages. Similarly he contended, “I defend to the death of their (Muslims’) right” to marry according to their customs.

The Southern Baptist also asserted that Cain, who boasts that he is the descendent of slaves, should defend Muslims’ rights under the Constitution so that they are upheld in every community, city and state.

“Mr. Cain of all people, as an African American, should understand that our civil rights have to be guaranteed on a federal level,” he said. “I don’t think he would want to leave the civil rights of an African American to the local voters in Philadelphia and Mississippi where they buried three civil rights workers – one black, two white – under a dam after they had killed them.”

Christian Post, 18 July 2011


  1. Well now we have a story about a Baptist leader that supports Muslim rights (Mr. Land). We also have a story about a Baptist leader who does not (Dr. Jody Hice). Sort of goes to show that not all Baptists think alike.

  2. I think Mr Land is wrong. I am a Southern Baptist and I don’t support Muslims and their hiden agenda. They sneak into a community and the next think you know they have quietly taken over. Just like on 9/11 they quietly took flying lessons from our flying schools and quietly killed over 3000 people. I don’t support the Muslims and I don’t support Mr. Land. We don’t need people like him in our Southern Baptist. Bleeding hearts like him are one reasons our country is in the mess it is in now.

  3. There is really no comparison between these two men. Dr. Jody Hice is a failed politician and troublemaker. Dr. Richard Land is one of the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, and holds real influence. He understands the importance of the first amendment to all of us. There are many more Baptists like Land than like Hice. Hice is not a leader, just a bigoted turkey with a radio show.

  4. Great Article. I applaud Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, for standing up as a man, of God. We can point fingers all day, you know, muslims did this, and muslims did that, dont forget 9-11, ect. But, lets not forget, that American muslims died in 9-11, as well. Also, let not forget American muslim, fight and die for our freedoms in America as U.S Troops every day. I find Herman “Cain”, amusing…..the article states, that Herman Cain, boasts that he is the descendent of slaves. Well, ask him who enslaved his descendents? Was it those Terrorist? Yeap, it was those Christian Terrorist, whom brought Black Muslims on a slave ship called the “Jesus” of Lubert. Before, for the Klu Klux Klan, christian terrorist, in the form of slavery, was Constitutional. Does Mr.Cain, supports that? Is “Cain” an african descendent name? or Is it the name of the Slavemaster that purchase his family? If, hes a free man, why does another Man, has the title to his soul? Since, Christian Terrorism, in the form of slavery, was the worst act in America (Millions of Human beings didn’t die in 9-11, as they did in Slavery…May God bless all of their souls), Does, Herman Cain, believes that Christian should not build Churches? or set Crosses on fire? In muslim’s religious code of conduct, the Sharia law….they believe that the first part of the Sharia Law consist of the Ten Commandments. Well, I see that you guys, already took that out of schools. Does he not believe in the 10 Commandments, since its part of the muslim’s Sharia Laws?

  5. Oh my Isralie: Slavery was a worldwide problem and was common is all cultures. Europe was the leader in ending slavery and Christians were on both sides of the issue here in the United States. As people became more educated and less involved in subsistence living the practice became more scrutinized and the U.S. ended it. It took a war and a lot of effort but it ended. Now, Muslim hands were and still are just as dirty when it come to slavery then and even now. Muslims in North Africa still import blacks from central and southern Africa and enslave them. The country of Mauritania has and still has chattel slavery even though it has been outlawed in the country. Slavery is so ingrained in a number of its residents to the extent that they will tell you that their father, grandfather, great grandfather were slaves and they fully expect their children to be slaves as they have no concept of freedom. Remember this is an Islamic republic. Before you go blasting what this country bled to end more than a hundred fifty years ago you should look to what is going on today and the majority religion of those doing it.

  6. […] religious leaders took Cain to task for his comments, but not everyone. In fact, more than enough far right wingers are gleefully […]

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