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Robert Spencer in Damage Control After Terror Attack in Norway

25 July 2011 Spencer Watch 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Spencer is working hard to disassociate himself from one of his fans

Robert Spencer in Damage Control After Terror Attack in Norway

The anti-Muslim loons of the world are in a major bind right now. Their intolerant anti-Muslim attitude and constant fear-mongering is responsible for the horrible terrorist attack that occurred in Norway at the hands of self-professed Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller supporter Anders Behring Breivik. Recent reports suggest that Breivik was inspired by the writings of anti-Muslim bigots like Spencer and Geller, as well as others in the anti-Muslim circle such as Bat Ye’or and Fjordman.

Spencer himself has come out and attempted to dismiss the connection between Breivik’s violence and his own anti-Muslim bigotry, saying “no one has explained or can explain how this guy’s supposed anti-jihad views have anything to do with his murdering children.” A fair question in light of the tragic violence that Breivik was responsible for.  Did the anti-Muslim hatred inspire the violence in Oslo?

Spencer lays out his version of the logic this way, saying:

1. Freedom fighters preach free speech, freedom of conscience and equality of rights for all people, against Sharia and Islamic supremacism that denies those rights, advocating only legal means of protest and dissent.

2. Some nutcase who allegedly expressed allegiance with the freedom fighters kills people, none of whom are preaching Sharia or Islamic supremacism.

3. Media assumes that #1 caused #2 and blames freedom fighters.

The obvious problem with Spencer’s logic is that it does not include his and other anti-Muslim loons’ consistent denunciations of “leftists” as jihad-enablers. This is a key tenant of the so-called anti-jihadist movement. They hate the left, or more specifically, anyone who treats Muslims with a smidgen of fairness and tolerance. Spencer and Geller consistently and constantly portray the left as those who would sell out the West to the scary Mooslems. Spencer’s hate site Jihad Watch is filled with posts denouncing the “Leftist/Jihadist alliance,” warning his readers of how the left will happily allow the Mooslem hordes to overthrow the West and “dhimmify” its population.

Breivik adopted this view of the left.  Paul Woodward notes that Breivik argued “that cultural conservatives should not identify their main opponents as Jihadists, but instead should focus their attention on those he regards as the ‘facilitators’ of Jihadists, namely, the proponents of multiculturalism.” It was these liberals and “multi-culturalists” that were the target of his rampage.

Therefore, a more logical set-up would be as follows:

1. Anti-Muslim bigots vilify Muslims as a threat to Western culture and civilization, and argue that the left is most responsible for allowing Muslims to undermine Western civilization.  In fact, the left is more the enemy than the anti-jihadists themselves!

2. A right-wing self-proclaimed anti-jihadist chooses the capital of a famously liberal, leftist, and socialist country as the target for his attack.

3. Media is perfectly justified in establishing a link between #1 and #2.

When you preach bigotry and fear on a daily basis, don’t be surprised when one of your followers takes the next logical step.  But Robert Spencer has a reason to feign surprise and indignation over what his hatred has incited, as the link between his hate-writing and this act of terrorism becomes clear:  Richard Silverstein notes that the right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik cited Robert Spencer 46 times in his manifesto.  He was clearly quite the fan.  This certainly seems to be right-wing anti-Muslim terrorism inspired by the king of Islamophobia himself, Robert Spencer.


  1. If Muslims are not to blame when a Muslim kills in the US, UK,Spain, Russia or India in the name of Islam, how is Robert Spencer responsible when someone who reads his website kills in Norway? This is reminiscent of the same transparent attempt to silence Sarah Palin by blaming her for the shootings in Arizona or Rush Limbaugh by blaming him for the bombing in Oklahoma.The problem with this type of blame game is that people see through it as an attempt to silence free speech.

  2. Lol, no connection in the slaughtering of innocents with Spencer, Pipes, Wilders, Geller? And I thought they were all supporters of the regime of Tel-Aviv, proud of the slaughtering of innocents. But in case that is not clear enough, then he should have a reality check at this (the same island and same youth attacked by Breivik, few days earlier) (use Google translate to translate the article and Mr. Spencer can clearly see a connection unless he is a proud blind man).

  3. Hera: the difference is Al Qaeda aren’t even Muslims and aren’t even taking inspiration on the most prominent scholars of the Muslim world, whereas Breivik is an exemplary adherent of the hatred doctrine of Spencer, Wilders and Pipes. Breivik’s manifesto is like a copy/paste from Daniel Pipes, a man in Obama’s administration. Clearly in the mainstream of the ideology he used as inspiration. Can you point out to a mainstream Islamic scholar or book that Al Qaeda is inspired on?

    Al Qaeda people are documented mates of the USA and Israel, such as Mr. Bin Laden, and the Saud and Mubarak regimes (admittedly Israel’s favorite allies in the Middle East). So it always goes back to the very same side, the Riyadh, Tel-Aviv, London, Washington, Paris axis of terrorism.

  4. Spencer’s writings focus on quoting Islam’s teachings and speeches given relative to their agenda for Israel, America, and the entire west. From his thousands of such quotes, have you ever seen a misquote or misrepresentation of what was said? I think not. Are Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and David Cameron all fans of Spencer? Don’t confuse Islamophobia with truth.

  5. @walk thrun
    spencer is a bigot who uses people like bin laden as a starting point on how to look at muslims, he is uncaring whenever muslims are unfairly treated such as a story of a woman who was fired from her job for wearing a hijab she got it back but his reaction to her ordeal, well he thought it was some kind of jihad plan, and here is story he could post on his hate site how about the story of a muslim who returns pricey jewelery to one taxi passengers but is this story on jw nope not at all.

  6. sorry walt not walt not walk oops.

  7. yes but I never see them post this or this but hey that might put fighting terrorism at stake if people start seeing muslims as not like bin laden.

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