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Home » Salon Fox: Why does Obama hate Easter and love Ramadan?

3 August 2011 Salon 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Fox: Why does Obama hate Easter and love Ramadan?

Can we all agree that the worst thing about “Fox & Friends” is how clumsy and obvious they are with their political agenda? (Ok, the second-worst thing, after Steve Doocy’s face. And voice. And the things he says.) Good propaganda is supposed to be sort of covert and insidious, right? Anyway, a couple months ago Fox attacked Obama for not issuing a “proclamation” for Easter, even though the president celebrates Easter every year with a massive party. If you wondered why they did this, the punchline came this morning, when Fox trashed Obama for issuing a proclamation… for Ramadan, the Shariah Easter!

It begins with what in a regular morning show would be “news” — the president recognized Ramadan — and then everyone sort of freezes and Gretchen awkwardly just brings up today’s designated attack line, attributing it to “some people.” “Some people are saying,” she says, more than once, to describe what she is saying. What “some people” are saying is that Barack Obama did not release a “proclamation” for Easter. Why didn’t he tell everyone when Easter was? (No president has released in Easter proclamation in at least 20 years.)

As MediaMatters explains, Barack Obama did not actually issue a proclamation for Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. He did release a statement. There is a difference. (Proclamations have actual legal weight behind them!)

But none of that matters. The story is, Barack Obama hates Easter and loves Ramadan. I wonder what they’re suggesting, about the president? That he… doesn’t like chocolate?

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  1. this President has respect for all people and not a one sided bigot.

  2. Methinks Faux Noise is more than a tad bit paranoid.

  3. I believe he mentioned Ramadan simply because Muslims are under fire from all sides at the moment and he is simply trying to normalize thinking in this area. The people at Fox news have an agenda of making sure that a new Republician president is elected and that more republican hardliners are elected to Congress.

  4. I’m an atheist so the hullabaloo about favoring one religion over another is farcical to me, but for Christians who observe Easter, it is a sacred holiday, really the foundational support of the entire religion. It is the day Jesus rose from the dead without which he’d just have been another martyr.

    Thus, it’s not a day for “massive parties,” egg hunts, or people dressed as rabbits. Those are pagan rituals, not Christian ones, so if Obama thinks such symbolic displays are fair substitutes for religious observance than he is as tone deaf on such matters as he is on economic policy.

    Would Muslims tolerate the president holding a big party for Ramadan, maybe wearing a big beard or turban, and playing games as a sufficient acknowledgement of the holiday? Doubtful. Many Muslims are willing to kill cartoonists for drawing pictures of Allah let alone such public displays of impropriety.

    Christians have a right to be upset Obama gives short shrift to their religion while elevating others. They just won’t be issuing any fatwas against those who participate in the revelry.


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