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Robertson And Spencer Agree: Media Love Islam ‘Cult’ Because They Hate America

4 August 2011 General 17 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Robert Spencer Joins Pat Robertson

Robert Spencer Joins Pat Robertson

Submitted by Brian Tashman on August 3, 2011 – 1:55pm

Anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer joined Pat Robertson on The 700 Club today to discuss the increased scrutiny of Spencer’s writings after it came to light that they were frequently cited by the right-wing Norway terrorist who killed scores of progressive youth activists and government employees. Robertson, whose American Center for Law and Justice worked with Spencer to organize a rally opposing the construction of an Islamic community center near Ground Zero, previously said that people who “oppose Muslims” am like himself are similar to those who fought “Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.”

Spencer told Robertson, who was upset that no one in the media was telling “the truth about this cult,” that the “hard left” media hate America and Christianity, and therefore “love” radical Islam. Later in the program, Robertson blasted the “anti-American” media for embracing “something out of the Eighth Century B.C.” (note: Muhammad was born in 570 AD) and denounced Islam for supposedly endorsing violence and restricting the rights of women (things Robertson has neverever supported).

Robertson: Tell me what it is about the media today that seems to be in favor of radical Islam, why do they want to put down anybody who tells the truth about this cult?

Spencer: Well I tell you I think the unpleasant truth about it is, is that the media being hard left is essentially anti-American. And so anything that’s American, that’s Western, that’s Christian, that’s Judeo-Christian, they hate. And so they see Islam and it’s non-Western and non-Christian and they love it.

Robertson: ladies and gentlemen, it’s out there. You know, you ask the media in this country: What in name is wrong with you? Are you so anti-American, are you so opposed to this great nation and the freedoms you have that you want to embrace something out of the Eighth Century B.C. that restricts the role of women and causes hideous fighting, jihad, the killing of innocent civilians? Why do you embrace that? And you ask yourself, the media in America, why do you embrace that? You’re living in the freest, nicest, most beautiful nation on earth, what’s wrong with you? Wake up!

Original post: Robertson And Spencer Agree: Media Love Islam ‘Cult’ Because They Hate America


  1. In essence they say if you do not agree with them you are in league with all that is evil in the world, which they call Islam. So wrong! Their beliefs about Islam are simply so wrong, and what is worse, this misconception is deep in their hearts. It must be very frightening to believe as they do, but beyond that they have the ability to spread their misconceptions to so many other people! This is where the danger lies. It would be bad enough if they were simple people who had influence over only their families and friends, but they have a much wider audience.

    Am I naive to believe these are their “misconceptions”? Could it be they KNOW they are wrong and that they are knowingly spreading lies? That would be a true horror I shy away from truly considering.

  2. I guess if you want to claim Islam is embracing the 8th cent. then by that logic Islam is 800 years more advanced then Christianity. Its hardly that people hate america its just that clear level headed americans don’t believe the lies told by people like Pat Robertson.

  3. I don’t hate Christianity but I have no respect for the hate this man tries to spread as religion.

  4. daniel,

    i don’t know about embracing the 8th century. this article states “(note: Muhammad was born in 570 AD)” yet i didn’t think he began to recieve revelations until he was 40, the 7th century. interesting the spin religious people are prone to. as for islam being 610 years more advanced then christiandom, you maybe right. but why does god send down a law, the law of moses (according to jewish/christian/muslim lore), in the torah to stone adulterers, then send jesus as a prophet to say (according to christian lore) “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, then (according to muslim lore) to muhammad, (god’s last prophet) that he should stone adulterers? or peraphs god abrorated it with the 24th surah?

    so are you a muslim? do you support stoning or lashing people?

  5. I hate Christianity and these idiots keep showing why.. they insult my faith constantly and feel that they have the right to judge others… what kind of a god justifies the killing of innocent men women and children?? And what’s really funny is that the Bible openly puts owmen beneath men, but yet Christians have the audacity to talk about us Muslims! What treachery! Since their god is so perfect then why is it that he is teling these people to kill those who are not Christian??

  6. mike the always irrelevant “islamic scholar”…HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH YOUR USUAL IRRELEVANT BUL*GRAP..you have been answered those question billions of time, perhapse you’ll be more satisfied with the answers of your pals spencer and.co’s and this vile old pagan bag that is patty the loon..

    “judeo-christian”??? i thinks the eggs a eat for breakfast just came up a little, as it happens when ever i hear about this creepy word..lalalala

    Ask a jew of what he thinks about “judeo-christian” and he/she would say, were was this word during the holocaust????

  7. sahra,

    how’s it going. wow a billion times, really. i guess i missed 999,999,998 of them. i can olny remember perseveranze and dueceprez. ever answering. i think they said yes, more or less, still not sure. well actually that may have only been for the lashing. for some reason muslims don’t seem to like to answer with a simple yes or no. but i don’t mean to stereotype, i’ve been told (several times) that muslim are a very diverse group. so i didn’t see the harm in asking a different person the same question. plus daniel answered an eailier question of mine on slavery. if you have answered i apologize but i missed it, or forgot, i’m getting pretty old and my memory is’t what it used to be.

    as for: “Ask a jew of what he thinks about “judeo-christian” and he/she would say, were was this word during the holocaust????” will ask the next jew i see. anyways good to know you can read other people’s minds, and not just mine. (see i don’t have that mind reading power, that’s why i ask questions) but i could’ve sworn that i’ve heard many jews are inbrasing the evangelical/fundamental christians because of their steadfast support for israel.


    what do you think of the punishments by way of Hadd?

  8. there r millions of amarican who know that islam is a peacfull religan , but in our side when people say hate amarica thats not mean we hate all amarican people , thats not what islam teach us . but due there jewish plans wich jewish emplent by amarica against islam thats why our side of people saying hate amarica , in all world where there r crisess in the world if u go deep to the roots u will know ohh ohh amarica is behind this and thats true . why not amrica give a free home land to palistinians ??? why not suport the freedom strugle of kashmeer ?? thats when u think deep and cant get answer then defently i will the 1st to say i hate amarica . distroy the contries like IRAQ and afganistan then saying at last we sorry there was nothing like that what we thought about this contry . why u people not protect the eval actions of amarica against inosent people ??? did thay give any solid proof untill now that Taliban was involve in 9/11 ??? no then why u people not ask them ??

  9. First off all Mike,
    We Muslims only stone people when they rape, commit murders and etc.. so no I personally don’t have a problem with stoning people who are a serious threat to others. And besides we don’t believe in Christianity’s version of Jesus… we don’t even call him Jesus according to the Qur’an his name is Isa…

  10. why do muslims hate AMERICANS and AMERICA? if you hate it so much leave the country we want make you stay. and why should we give you free land and home? we dont get any thing for free. not even our freedom. and for that matter why should AMERICANS give you or any one else any thing for free. work for what you want in life. stop being so lazy

  11. @betty…oh betty,betty..is it your 5th beer talking??

  12. mike the irrelavant “scholar”: > i could’ve have sworn that i’ve heard many jews imbasing the evangelical /fundamatal christians because of their steady fast support for isreal”

    By Allah, i could’ve sworn: with the smart ass you are? that you would at least give a little* credit to jewish intellect..but my bad

    Aplocalypse rapture..Doomsday sept11/2010, no wait. April21/2011? no wait. May21/2011? no wait, oct21/2011? maybe?…those damm moooooslims need to be cleansed frist!! then lets prepare for god yeesus to return, Oh but.but.but, those damm jews need to convert or they will fallow the cleansing path of the eviiil moooooslims……YAH your right the jews must be stupied!!!!FOOOR REAL..me love me some evangelicals$$$$$$$OH YES..Hooura AlelluuuiiiYA yesrael!!!

  13. @betty
    hey want to see data on those “america hating” muslims helping stop terrorism.http://www.mpac.org/assets/docs/publications/MPAC-Post-911-Terrorism-Data.pdf

  14. sahra,

    you crack me up. i may be wrong but it looks like at least the knesset didn’t react to the term judeo-christian the way you predicted.



    doesn’t adultery fall under the penialty of stoning to death?

  15. miky..the irrelavant “scholar”… Didn’t you see my 7 figure $ sign attached after the word evengelical..Come on, You certaintly dont think that the creedy, immoral, racist pigs of the knesset mumbers, represent world jewry in any way do ya?.. And you seriously can’t think that even those racist swines, agree other than few dollar, with the wacko evangelical theology…

    Anyway did you notice the “jewish state” arab spring..Things are about to change in the “jewish state”. NO more racism… Beginning with Gaza and from east to west Jerusalem and from Ramallah to Tel-aviv, freedom will soon ring, Insha-Allah..

  16. sahra,

    “You certaintly dont think that the creedy, immoral, racist pigs of the knesset mumbers, represent world jewry in any way do ya?.. ” i don’t think they represent world jewry. world jewry is probably nearly as diverse as the ummah. is not the knesset the representative house for the state of israel though? i think there are a few jews in isreal, don’t you. i’m sure the knesset, like most politicians are greedy, not sure if they are acctual pigs? i certainly agree there’s a lot of money in religion, especially evangelical circles plus the catholic church is a big racket. i remember when oral roberts said god told him he would die if he didn’t raise millions (i think 10). and people acctually sent him money. no i don’t think the jews agree “with the wacko evangelical theology”. all i did was post a link that showed some jews [currenty]embrase the judeo-christian movement. i think the jews have their own wacko theology. don’t some of them believe that they are the chosen people, and will go to heaven no matter what they do, therefore they look for worldly allies to aid them in their world pr campaign and the survival of israel. the evangelicals, do you not agree are a political force in america, and the jewish lobby is also very active. america is israels biggest backer. it seems a reasonable alliance in political terms to me. have you never heard the saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend? all i’m saying is your statement “Ask a jew of what he thinks about “judeo-christian” and he/she would say, were was this word during the holocaust????” would dedend on the jew. i don’t think alot jews bring up the lack of christians intevention or even the fact of some of them’s participation in the holocaust these days anymore.

    as for a jewish arab spring? i’ve seen protest, but thought they where about the rising cost of living? then again it was economics that lead to the arab spring.


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