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Islam Billboards on New Jersey Turnpike Stir Controversy

9 August 2011 General 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post



MYFOXNY.COM – While most billboards you drive by on the New Jersey Turnpike advertise things like hotels or cars, the billboards getting attention recently advertise a certain religion and are stirring up controversy.

One billboard shows an American flag with the words “Islam? Get the facts.” Another reads “Ramadan– 1.57 billion celebrating– find out why.” The Islamic Circle of North America put them up. They want you to call their information hot line.

Mohamed El Filali from the Islamic Center of Passaic County said it is all about educating people.

“Prejudice is built on misinformation or ignorance,” Mohamed El Filali said. “I think it’s extremely important for people to hear information from the source as to what is Islam, who are Muslims and what have you.”

But some aren’t convinced the public is ready to be educated. The pain of 9/11 is still too raw. Some told Fox 5 that the billboards shouldn’t be up there.

Drivers on the turnpike aren’t the only ones who will see these billboards. Similar ads are going up on highways in dozens of other states.

Original post: Islam Billboards on New Jersey Turnpike Stir Controversy


  1. People who don’t like these billboards are making excuses about the pain of 9/11 being still “too raw”. A decade has passed. It’s more of a problem of those complaining individuals as opposed to the presence of the billboards. Some people have already prejudged Muslims as being associated with the bombing of the World Trade Center, which is irrational and myopic. It is important to challenge these preconceptions now. It is the only way to create an understanding in society that can then put the bigots in their proper place, back in their dank and dingy caves.

  2. What about the pain of the BTK killer? Jeffery Dahmer? Bruce Lee? David Berkowitz (son of sam)? Berwid? The Yorkshire Rapier? Miller? Sampson Kanderayi? Watts? What about these new terrorist attacks in Oslo? All of these serial killers or terrorists identified as Christians; some even carried bibles with them while they commited their crimes.

    Should the Christian billboards be taken down, too?

    Just because someone calls themselves something doesn’t mean that’s what they are. For someone to be Muslim, they have to follow the teachings of the Qur’an and the examples of the Prophets, may peace be upon them. Killing is forbidden unless it is in self defense (the meaning of the ayat so popular with anti-muslims, “kill them where you find them,” if you read the whole thing you see it is in reference to what the others had already done) or the person has had a fair trial and been sentenced to death.

    The terrorists of 9/11 killed in ignorance- they had never even met the people they killed nor had the people ever done anything to them.

    Just saying, if a rule applies to one set of people one day, shouldn’t it apply to another the next?

  3. first let me get this out of the way. i’ve never seen a car advertised on a billboard, perhaps it’s different in jersey, but i don’t think that is a target audience for travelers, hey honey let’s get off here and buy a car? lol…sorry i’m i litte drunk and that cracked me up.

    anyways, i agree ““Prejudice is built on misinformation or ignorance,” Mohamed El Filali said. “I think it’s extremely important for people to hear information from the source as to what is Islam, who are Muslims and what have you.”” that’s why i keep asking questions, unfortunately some refuse to answer. i wish they had given the hot line number. why not? i’ll google The Islamic Circle of North America (perseverance told me about google, lol….see sahra that’s me being a smartass, but it made me laugh, and that’s good for my high blood pressure). does anyone have any question you want me to ask them? i’m going to start with this whole stoning and lashing thing. sorry sahra, but being a fornicator it concerns me. oh yeah, second question, intoxicants. lol

  4. “being a fornicator it concerns me.”

    Don’t fornicate then. Funny you have no concern that you might transmit sexual deseases, impregnate women who aren’t ready to take care of a kid (that includes yourself), and potentially ruin families?

  5. perseveranze,

    “Don’t fornicate then.” well that would really cramp my style. as for: “Funny you have no concern that you might transmit sexual deseases, impregnate women who aren’t ready to take care of a kid (that includes yourself), and potentially ruin families?” no i have none of those concerns. the woman i fornicate with has her tubes tied (, and we were both tested for STDs before engaging in sexual intercourse. i’m 42 and she is 44, she had her tubal ligation when she was 33 after having 3 kids. not that they can’t fail, but have you ever heard of condoms? how about i’m currently drunk right now, how many lashes is that? 80? oh shit don’t tell me you are going to say don’t drink then!!!!! lol

    anyways, have you every seen a car advertisment on a billboard?

  6. Like the current GOP canidates American dont like any form of education the shows others in a good light.

  7. Oh Mike, you really made some great points here. Primarily that you are a drunken fool at 2:00 in the afternoon who likes to brag about his libido (look it up). All you really want to talk about are things like fornication, intoxication, and whether there are billboards of cars? Do you truly not see the big picture here? Are you incapable of seeing it or simply incapable of talking about it? Afraid of seeming like a person with both a heart and a soul? I know, you were drunk and joking was all you had in mind. But why joke about something people are so very serious about? Don’t you see how UNFUNNY and disrespectful that is?

    Mike, I’m trying to get through to you. Please understand that if we were talking about your religion, that if you were say, Roman Catholic and people gave you crap about it EVERY SINGLE DAY, even to the point of threatening your job, your family, your life…jokes about going to confession, taking holy communion, saying the rosary, would not be funny. Those jokes would hurt. Those jokes would be disrespectful.

    So get some balls and apologize, Mike. You blew it here, big time.

  8. Yes, by all means get the “facts” from the source, the source of taqqiyya & kitman, in other words lies. Don’t believe the people who are non-muslim,or kafir (unclean abominations) who have actually read the koran & it’s abrogations. No, go directly to the”source” of dawah (preaching) and expect them to be honest with you. That’s a good little lemming.

  9. Kathryn Hill,

    that’s hilarious, i know what libido means? (i think? doesn’t it means sex drive). how is that bragging? did i say we where having sex three times a day? doesn’t allah say that sex should be enjoyed between a man and a woman. (perhaps they have to be married in god’s eyes, but i disagree) how do you know what time zone i’m in. but regardless i’m drunk most of the time. does that make me a bad person? anyways that is the first time i mentioned billboards with cars. is that offensive? lol as for the big picture, i think i see it. i’m sure muslim americans feel under seige in many ways. but have you read the koran? i’m more then willing to talk about the big picture. as for why joking about something people take so seriously. isn’t that the the problem, people take these this too to seriously. i went to 12 years of roman catholic school, make all the jokes you want. holy communion is a funny concept, the blood and body of christ……does that make catholics cannibals?

    btw i had testicular cancer and have no balls.

    but seriously do you support imposing sharia law?

  10. I think the Billboards are a great idea and the fact people can call and get information is really nice. I believe that is a good proactive step on the local level.

  11. This looks like free speech to me. IMO Muslims have a PR problem not just because of the terrorists but due to unsavory groups like CAIR. Groups that spend a lot of time saying how different Muslims are from everyone else.It would be nice if Americans saw more Muslims like former Miss USA Rima Fakih.I saw a clip of her at the celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday.Her words about the former President and her Muslim background were impressive. She also looked like any other American there to honor an American President. The GOP crowd loved her.

  12. hera,

    can’t be sure but with the last name ali i would think she is of muslim heritage.

    sorry that should read, “people take these things way to seriously”.


    did you call the number 877-why-islam? i got voicemail.

  13. @Perseveranze..LOLOL… W’Allah, great advise.. May Allah reward you for such, even more so when your advise is directed at a brick-wall.

    Miky, take note of the advise the next time you peerkkk…..

  14. sahra,

    sorry not familiar with the term peerkkk? please explain.

    Kathryn Hill,

    Thus the founding of an Islamic State is not a sort of” worldly activity,” something undesirable, as some people wrongly suppose, but the sine qua non of social justice, as demanded by Islam.” The state,” says Dr lqbal,” from the Islamic standpoint, is an endeavour to transform these ideal principles into space-time forces, an aspiration to realize them in a definite human organization. It is in this sense alone that state in Islam is a theocracy, not in the sense that it is headed by a representative of God on earth who can always screen his despotic will behind his supposed infallibility.

    As this State is meant to enforce the law of the Shari’ah within its territorial jurisdiction, it is duty bound to make itself an efficient organ for transforming the high ideals of Islam into reality. The Qur’an, while enumerating the main functions of the Islamic State, says:” Those who, if We establish them in the land, observe worship, and pay the poor-due and enjoin good and forbid evil” (xxii. 41).

    Punishments by way of Hadd are of the following forms: death by stoning, amputation of a limb or limbs, flogging by one hundred or eighty strokes. They are prescribed respectively for the following offences: adultery committed by married persons, theft, highway robbery, drunkenness and slander imputing unchastity to women.

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