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Muslim Husband Shot, Wife Killed While Walking With 3-Year-Old Son In New Jersey

17 August 2011 General 45 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Kashif Perbeiz and Nasish Noorani (credit: CBS 2)

Kashif Perbeiz and Nasish Noorani (credit: CBS 2)

BOONTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Police in Morris County say a woman was killed and her husband wounded after both were shot while walking with their 3-year-old child Tuesday night at around 11 p.m.

WCBS 880′s Sean Adams reports: Family Members Baffled By Shooting

The shooting happened in Boonton near Cedar Street. Family members said 27-year-old Nazish Noorani and her husband, 26-year-old Kashif Pervaiz, were confronted by several men shooting at them as they walked between family homes.

Noorani was killed and Pervaiz was shot four times. Their 3-year-old son was in a stroller and was not hurt. The couple also has a 5-year-old son, who was at home at the time of the incident.

On Wednesday, Noorani’s brother made a plea for anyone in the public who may know something to say something.

“I just wanted to say like whoever has any information about this shooting or anything, just come forward and…tell the police or anyone,” Kaleem Noorani said.

Pervaiz and his wife were in town from Boston for the holy month of Ramadan, when practicing Muslims refrain from eating during daylight hours. Family members said the couple was breaking fast when the attack occurred.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Friend Says Couple Appeared To Be Targeted

The couple had dinner at a relative’s home two blocks away and were walking back to Noorani’s childhood home when they were shot. According to Hyder Kahn, Pervaiz’s childhood friend, Pervaiz told authorities there were three attackers.

“Apparently someone was waiting for them,” said Kahn. “It wasn’t a robbery, from what it seems like. They didn’t ask them for money. They just hopped out and shot at them. They were looking to kill them.”

As police continue to investigate, Morris County prosecutor Robert Bianchi said in a statement that the shooting appeared to be “target specific” and that ”there is not a continuing danger to the general public at large.”

The Mayor of Boonton, Cyril Wekilsky, told CBS 2′s Christine Sloan that “indications are” that the shootings were not random.

Witnesses said they heard five shots. Three suspects reportedly fled the scene and at least one was reportedly armed with an automatic rifle.

Noorani, a native of Karachi, Pakistan, was wearing traditional Pakistani clothing at the time of the shooting. Her husband is fromBay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The couple married six years ago in Boonton and lived in Boston, where Pervaiz is a PhD student in architecture and engineering at Harvard.

Boonton has a large Pakistani Muslim community and relatives said they’ve never been subjected to racism. Meanwhile, Pervaiz’s father, Shafq Hassan, said he is desperate to see his son and grandchild.

“I have no idea what to do,” said Hassan. “I just want to see my son.”

Investigators towed away the family’s car Wednesday morning. They also stopped by the family’s home in Boonton. Her family said she was a loving and caring mother.

The couple’s children are with their grandparents and other family members. Police and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office are still investigating the shootings.

Please share your thoughts below…

Original post: Man Shot, Wife Killed While Walking With 3-Year-Old Son In Boonton, N.J.


  1. so awful. god bless this family as they recover.

  2. But, what if they were Jewish?

  3. Such a tragedy.
    May this family and all of US
    turn this around for the greater good
    and stop this madness in it’s tracks
    where ever we see it.

  4. @LovethemMoonbats, if you haven’t realized, Sir/Ma’am, this is about Muslims, and Muslims are supposed to love and respect people of all religions and cultures, Islam is made of many diverse cultures. Judaism is not hated in Islam, you’re confused with the tension between palestinians and Israelis. Palestinians can be Muslims, Christians or even Jews, and the same geoes for Israelis. people have a hard time diffrentiating between Culture and religion. there’s no need to point fingers or start saying things like that. And even if it were a jewish woman and her husband that were attacked I would certainly pray for them and hope God showers them with ease and mercy, and I know most Muslims would, because the happen to be like our brothers and sisters. I just wish the rest of the world would see it too.

    Inna lillah Wa’inna Ilayhee Raji’oon, To him we belong and to him we return. may Allah bring blessings upon their family and let her enter the highest of heavens.

  5. I was going to say “some people can be such animals”. But most animals would never do this.

  6. They wre HUMANS, attacked because they were DIFFERENT. The attack was WRONG and SHAMEFUL no matter what their religeon or nationalities are.
    But, that’s America for you.

  7. That is purely a hate crime. Hate because they look different. The hate is from people who look different and want everyone to look like them. Imagine we followed in the foot steps of those people who hate. NO one would be alive!!! This is a game that no one wins. My she RIP in peace and the cowards who commmitted the crime my God have mercy on you….

  8. Thank you, jazk’Allah khair, Elle, for saying it so well.

  9. Awful tragedy. These killers must be caught and prosecuted.

  10. Thank you Elle for your comments. This is the most intelligent remark I have read in a long time. When a crime (and probably a hate crime) has been committed there is no point for bringing in the divisive issue of the Palestinian and Israeli dispute. That’s just plain ugly blame game crud that we can do without.

  11. Thank you Kerry, but I only said that there is tension between the two people, am I right? I was only showing that there was a difference between culture and religion. I’m not saying anything crude, and I encourage you to read my comment again, a little more thoroughly if you will, because I personally have no hatred against Jews or Israelis, if that’s what your implying, and I’m Palestinian.

  12. And I’m not putting “blame”, remember Kerry, this article is about two innocent people being attacked for following their beliefs, and not only that, but in front of their child, who is most likely going to be traumatized for the rest of his life.
    In Islam, violence and killing and fighting is FORBIDDEN. The biggest sin you casn commit as a Muslim, next to associating another figure with God, is murder. People call us “kilers” and “murderers” and they bring up facts about everything Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida did, but really, we look at them in shame, and I’m sure most Muslims HATE Bin Laden for his corrupt “islamic” (HAH!) views. I’m not God, and I can’t judge, but I have a feeling Osmama and his followers will burn in hell for an eternity for taking so many innocent lives and blaspheming the name of God and Muhamad (peace be upon him). He is not a Muslim, but a corrupt human version of Satan himself.
    If the Prophet Muhammad had been alive today, he would cry and personally get on his hands and knees, and lay his forehead against the ground and he would personally pray for each individual killed on 9/11, ALL VICTIMS, and hope they become martyrs and go to Heaven. He loved peace, and so do the rest of the Muslims.
    Anyway, the point is, people are calling us murderers but look at what they’re doing! Honestly who’s the terrorists now?

  13. The wife dies, husband gets shot in ankle. Hmmmmm. shooting is considered “target specific “, I said she was murdered

  14. 1. Don’t rush to conclusions before the investigation is complete (just like the Saudi’s did after 9/11 and they were WROJNG)

    2. The husband was arrested for setting this up and trying to get away with his wife’s murder by making it look like a hate crime.

    3. You need to update this story to report #2.

  15. is there techicalproblems again?

    [4.76] Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the Shaitan. Fight therefore against the friends of the Shaitan; surely the strategy of the Shaitan is weak.
    [4.77] Have you not seen those to whom it was said: Withhold your hands, and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate; but when fighting is prescribed for them, lo! a party of them fear men as they ought to have feared Allah, or (even) with a greater fear, and say: Our Lord! why hast Thou ordained fighting for us? Wherefore didst Thou not grant us a delay to a near end? Say: The provision of this world is short, and the hereafter is better for him who guards (against evil); and you shall not be wronged the husk of a date stone.
    [4.78] Wherever you are, death will overtake you, though you are in lofty towers, and if a benefit comes to them, they say: This is from Allah; and if a misfortune befalls them, they say: This is from you. Say: All is from Allah, but what is the matter with these people that they do not make approach to understanding what is told (them)?
    [4.79] Whatever benefit comes to you (O man!), it is from Allah, and whatever misfortune befalls you, it is from yourself, and We have sent you (O Prophet!), to mankind as an apostle; and Allah is sufficient as a witness.
    [4.80] Whoever obeys the Apostle, he indeed obeys Allah, and whoever turns back, so We have not sent you as a keeper over them.
    [4.81] And they say: Obedience. But when they go out from your presence, a party of them decide by night upon doing otherwise than what you say; and Allah writes down what they decide by night, therefore turn aside from them and trust in Allah, and Allah is sufficient as a protector.
    [4.82] Do they not then meditate on the Quran? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many a discrepancy.
    [4.83] And when there comes to them news of security or fear they spread it abroad; and if they had referred it to the Apostle and to those in authority among them, those among them who can search out the knowledge of it would have known it, and were it not for the grace of Allah upon you and His mercy, you would have certainly followed the Shaitan save a few
    [4.84] Fight then in Allah’s way; this is not imposed on you except In relation to yourself, and rouse the believers to ardor maybe Allah will restrain the fighting of those who disbelieve and Allah is strongest in prowess and strongest to give an exemplary punishment.
    [4.85] Whoever joins himself (to another) in a good cause shall have a share of it, and whoever joins himself (to another) in an evil cause shall have the responsibility of it, and Allah controls all things.
    [4.86] And when you are greeted with a greeting, greet with a better (greeting) than it or return it; surely Allah takes account of all things.
    [4.87] Allah, there is no god but He– He will most certainly gather you together on the resurrection day, there is no doubt in it; and who is more true in word than Allah?
    [4.88] What is the matter with you, then, that you have become two parties about the hypocrites, while Allah has made them return (to unbelief) for what they have earned? Do you wish to guide him whom Allah has caused to err? And whomsoever Allah causes to err, you shall by no means find a way for him.
    [4.89] They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.
    [4.90] Except those who reach a people between whom and you there is an alliance, or who come to you, their hearts shrinking from fighting you or fighting their own people; and if Allah had pleased, He would have given them power over you, so that they should have certainly fought you; therefore if they withdraw from you and do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah has not given you a way against them.
    [4.91] You will find others who desire that they should be safe from you and secure from their own people; as often as they are sent back to the mischief they get thrown into it headlong; therefore if they do not withdraw from you, and (do not) offer you peace and restrain their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and against these We have a clear authority.
    [4.92] And it does not behoove a believer to kill a believer except by mistake, and whoever kills a believer by mistake, he should free a believing slave, and blood-money should be paid to his people unless they remit it as alms; but if he be from a tribe hostile to you and he is a believer, the freeing of a believing slave (suffices), and if he is from a tribe between whom and you there is a convenant, the blood-money should be paid to his people along with the freeing of a believing slave; but he who cannot find (a slave) should fast for two months successively: a penance from Allah, and Allah is Knowing, Wise.
    [4.93] And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell; he shall abide in it, and Allah will send His wrath on him and curse him and prepare for him a painful chastisement.
    [4.94] O you who believe! when you go to war in Allah’s way, make investigation, and do not say to any one who offers you peace: You are not a believer. Do you seek goods of this world’s life! But with Allah there are abundant gains; you too were such before, then Allah conferred a benefit on you; therefore make investigation; surely Allah is aware of what you do

  16. So a man will kill his wife indirectly and make it seem like a hate crime? Of all religions and all people……sigh, people will believe anything these days

  17. @elle
    wow so are you saying that the whole thing was planned that a guy had his wife killed to garner some kind of sympathy from people that he planned for his family to get attacked resulting his wife being killed and him wounded and his kids left without a mother, but if your right what if the husband didn’t plan it what if it was the kids yes I am sure they wanted to have there loving mother killed and father wounded so there family can garner sympathy from people as well but my main suspect is the family pet(I don’t know if they have one) I am sure it hired those gunmen to kill one of his owners so his owners can garner sympathy, ah those clever “moslem” you cant trust there family pets to not be staging hate crimes. now do see the ridiculousness of the shit you typed up.

  18. @mike
    I don’t know mike is random koran verses relevant to the topic of the article.

  19. @elle
    I will have to apologize humbly for my idiotic comment as I have just found out the guy did have a role in his wife’s death and I hope you can accept my apology for my reckless comment.

  20. corey,

    no, not to the article. i had several comments that i guess didn’t make it through modderation? not sure why, maybe too many website links. anyways one was directed at elle’s comment “In Islam, violence and killing and fighting is FORBIDDEN”.

    these verses seem to contradict that statement. but what do i know? i read elle’s other comment “sigh, people will believe anything these days” as saying that the guy wouldn’t do that. and you seem to think she is an islamaphobe or “moslem” hater? “now do see the ridiculousness of the shit you typed up.”

    anyways i think the guy has already addmited that he planned the attack, maybe with the help of his dog? it obviously wasn’t planned out too well. the idiots are sending texts to each other. do they not know these things get recorded?

    i guess you didn’t read the “random” article on the link i posted above. here’s another source.–wcbs-news-relief-and-outrage-as-boonton-murder-victim-nazish-noorani-laid-torest

    “Relatives of Nazish Noorani, the wife and mother of two who was shot and killed while walking with her 3-year-old son in Boonton, are dealing with the death of a loved one and the shocking news that her husband and another woman have been charged with her murder.”


    yes people will believe that a husband will kill his wife, unfortunately it happens all the time. looks like the classic love triangle. have you never heard of amy fisher?


    one of my other comments said something like, as a phd student at harvard you think he could come up with a way to kill his wife without him having to be shot 4 times. don’t tell me he had his buddies shot him with a .22 and her with a .44 magnum?

    looks like him might not have been a harvard student?

    let me guess, the genius took out a million dollar life insurance policy on his wife a month ago.

  22. @Corey
    I didn’t say that, I was responding to someone else’s comment (sarcastically), but I forgot to type in their name. And Of all people, your telling a MUSLIM that? (I’m Muslim) I accept the appology, it’s all good.
    Woah woah woah there mister, I’m a Muslim, I’m studying the Quran, and guess what? Islam DOES forbid murder. I see you posted some verses about war and fighting. See, at the time of the prophet (peace be upon him) warring was a regular thing. Allah made it clear to the Prophet and to the people that war should be avoided, unless it truly is the only way. Islam did fight some wars, but here’s the thing; the Prophet sent messengers,peace treaties, and himself to distant countries to speak with the leaders of tribes and so on about keeping the peace. Once the Muslims and the Kaffireen (nn-believers, and when I say non believers I mean anyone that didn’t believe in God, and Allah made that very clear. being Muslim is believeing in Islam, and being a believer is trust in the fact that there IS a God and he has prophets), the Kaffireen of Mekka at the time, that they would be peaceful and good to one another, but the Kaffireen brokethe treaty and forced the Muslims into a battle, I’m pretty sure it was the Battle of Uhud (Battle of the Ditch) and I could go on and on about the time the kaffireen put the Muslims under a blockade, thus killing off dozens of Muslims, including the prophet’s beloved wife Khadija and his NON MUSLIM but also beloved and trusted Uncle Abu Talib.
    And if you ask about the killing thing, all of it is true, all of what I said. Taking a life, yours or anyone else’s is strictly wrong, because (Two can play at this game) “As Your Lord has made every life a precious gift.”

  23. @Mike
    Also, how can you expect to see the real message of Islam when you only look at certain verses, picking and choosing the parts you only wish to see? No offense, but yur doing wat Terry Jones did. When asked if he read the Quran to prove that Islam was all Jihadist and murderous, he said, “I read some verses.” OBVIOUSLY, seeing one verse that encourages the concept of Jihad (Spreading the word and encouraging the belief in God ,fighting the evil within one’s own heart, along those lines) without reading the rest of the page, the rest of the story, the rest of the BOOK, you will never see thereal message. I pity that. I’m sorry, but I encourage you to not only read the Quran, circle verses you aren’t so sure about, and appraoch a Sheikh or a Sheikha. he/or she will be glad to help you.I’m not trying to boast my Knowledge of the Quran, but believe it or not, I’m still in highschool, there’s only so much you can understand about your own religion at such a tender age.

  24. elle,

    “but believe it or not, I’m still in highschool”, i can believe that. but you do seem very well spoken for your age. but i can be a bit of a literalist from time to time. ““In Islam, violence and killing and fighting is FORBIDDEN”.” that would make muslims pacifist, and i’m sure you are not. “killing”, is a broad term. “murder”, is a specific killing. “execution”, killing by the state is a differnet term. it’s kind of like the resaon we have different words for war and terrorism. so we will agree that “Islam DOES forbid murder.” that i’m sure of, but does not FORBID violence or killing or fighting?

    anyways, it’s good to hear from you. and i love the “(Two can play at this game) “As Your Lord has made every life a precious gift.”” i’ve said it several times on here that “cherry-picking” is a two edged sword. we maybe more like minded then you think. [5.32] For this reason did We prescribe to the children of Israel that whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men; and certainly Our apostles came to them with clear arguments, but even after that many of them certainly act extravagantly in the land.

    i’m working on the whole BOOK, but like i say i’m a weak reader, more a visual (TV) learner.

    as for “No offense, but yur doing wat Terry Jones did.” – don’t worry you can’t offend me. i see all things as one of two things; the truth, and how can you be offended by the truth, or a falsehood, and why be offended by something that isn’t true?

    “and appraoch a Sheikh or a Sheikha” yeah noor sent me a link to a sheikh in san fran. first answer back a little disconcerting though. i’ll keep asking him, if he allows. but if it’s alright i will continue to ask questions here as well. i hope to have your input along with many others.

    fyi:Battle of Uhud (Battle of the Ditch) – two different battles. someone on here posted this link…interesting reading

  25. Actually, Islam encourages and supports peacemaking, not fighting, but God knows humans are creatures that squabble from time to time. So a battle for God is justified by Quranic verses as long as the soldiers (as the Prophet commanded from the Muslims “If you must go fight, when entering a different village or city, DO NOT attack trees, animals, women, children, the elderly, the sick, or homes.” As long as you keep focused on the soldiers of the opposing side, it’s alright, but the Prophet made it clear that women and children and nature should not be harmed because they have nothing to do with the battle and are to kept safeas though Angels of God were protecting them. but killing people, like killing someone because they say theyre a different religion for example, or killing someone for being homosexual, is wrong. Just two examples I thought I’d share. =)

    Well hey, no one is perfect…I know I should brush up on the battles aspect of Islam, the names always escape me.

  26. Well the children of Israel certainly followed God’s orders and didn’t slay a soul……of their own people. -_- God deliver them to the path or the righteous before the day of Resurrection.

  27. elle,

    i wouldn’t worry too much about the battles. but now i feel badly. “Islam encourages and supports peacemaking, not fighting,” as they say, from your lips to god’s ears.

  28. Oh and when I talk about regular fighting like between relatives or peers, if let’s say two girls fight over a boy, they are sinning for not only violating gods orders to not fight, but they also get more sins bcause they are fighting over something unimportant and for their age, kind of wrong. Also there is a Hadith (saying of the prophet) that goes :
    “heaven will open every Monday and Thursday, and every believers sins shall be forgiven, until god says “what about my servant so and so” (although god knows everything in his divine wisdom ) and the angels will reply “oh Allah they are fighting with so and so’ so god will answer ” hold their forgiveness until they reconcile”’ and god repeated that statement three times. So fighting, violence and killing are forbidden. Except in the first two cases because if in war, there might be violence and fighting, but every other aspect about the three is strictly forbidden. Where Taliban got the message that it’s ok…. I have no idea.

  29. i just have to say from the other articles posted it seems like a domestic violence case. so why is everything being targetted because he was muslim. just because he was muslim does not mean you can attack a whole religion. there isnt attack on whole christianity when a domestic violence case happens to a christian.

  30. elle,

    i looked for that hadith, couldn’t find it, but came across this website.

    The Prophet said, “I looked at Paradise and found poor people forming the majority of its inhabitants; and I looked at Hell and saw that the majority of its inhabitants were women.”

    The Prophet said: If a woman dies while her husband was pleased with her, she will enter Paradise.

    look like this poor woman is fighting an uphill battle?

  31. Phi,

    The man’s Muslim religion matters because he claimed he and his wife were attacked because of their religion when in reality he had conspired with another woman to murder his own wife. It was the Muslim male who first injected religion into the story.

  32. yeah, it’s kind of like condeming a whole nation for the actions of a few.

    “But, that’s America for you.”

  33. They were not attacked because they were Muslim. It was the guy’s girlfriend trying to kill the wife.

  34. The reason why women are going to be the majority of inhabitants in hell is because we love to gossip, which is a sin, but in reality, no one seems to heed God’s warning of backbiting. And yes, that hadith does exist, i learned it in school last year….

  35. elle,

    wow, i’ve seen pictures of the holocaust, horrific wounds in ww2, but that maybe the saddest thing i’ve ever read.

  36. Is it? Yea, it’s sad and upsetting because gossip doesn’t seem so bad right? But really, by saying that “Jasmine was looking at Sarah’s purse” to someone, that other person will tell other people different. Kepp it up, and suddenly Jasmine stole money from everyone’s pursers or worse. Gossip hurts epople’s feelings, causes enmity between friends, and wastes alot of time. it says in the Quran it should be ignored at all costs, but women of every religion, including myself, do it all the time. That’s a huge sin that God will punish for. And I’m not saying men don’t do it too, but do you ever see Bob and Dan talking about what Kyle wore to the party?

    Of course, God also said many people in Hell will eventually go to heaven, but they need to be punished for the sins that they didn’t repent for, always supposedly minor things; like Gossip, or swearing etc. God said when their sins are all gone, they will enter paradise. So maybe women who tried to be good in this life but gossipped constantly, will go to hell, but maybe God will bring them out after theyve recieved their adequate punishment. Please, I’m asking you to go to a reliable sheikh or someone who knows better and ask them.
    It’s not because God is bein unjust to women, God created us to be equal to men, right? And there are many many many women tha will go to Paradis for their actions. 4 women I want to mention quickly.

    Fatima: The youngest and last remaining (all of his other children died of disease or in infancy) of The Prophet’s beloved daughters. He adored Fatima and spoiled her and she is mentioned in the Quran as well as in Hadiths. But, that dind’t mean that she would be exempt from following Islam accordingly, the Prophet said once, “If my Fatima stole something, she WILL receive the punishment for it, because the sin wasn’t against me, but Allah, and that is what he decreed” The punishment is cutting off the hand, and Allah ordered is upon men and women, and if the Prophet were talking about his best friend abu bakr he would have said the same thing. Anyway, Fatima was a wonderful and kind soul, and took great care of her father. She watched him die, and was crying the whole time. The Prophet, in pain, asked her to kneel beside him so he could whisper something to her. Then, her stepmother Aisha saw Fatima sob,and then smile when Prophet died, Aisha asked what he’d said to her. Fatima replied “First he said, ‘I am going to die soon,’ and then ‘you will join me in Paradise'”

    Tahemdjerat: One of the names of the pharoah’s wife. King Ramses ruled over Egypt and enslaved the Jewish (befor te relgion of course they were the Hebrews) and when Moses tried to talk to the Pharoah, he shunned the idea of one God and Judaism all together but Tahemdjerat believed and she fled with the Jews from Egypt. She was known for being a gentle, loving almost mother figure to Moses. She will be in Heaven too. (See, Tahemdjerat was a polytheseist, then supposedly became a Jew, and she’s going to heaven

    Mary:Mother of Jesus, chosen by God. She was a Jew, and gave birth to the first Christain, she’s also going to Paradise. She still is beloved and revered by Christains and Muslims. Muslims call her Mariam, but she’s still the same woman that gave light and understanding to a dark world. She has a whole surah in the Quran to herself, and is mentioned various times in the Quran.

    Women are loved and almost idolized in Islam. They are also protected. Many of the things in Islam that talk about women are all about support, and protetion. The ayah about them going to Hell for gossip is a warning to women, ‘on’t gossip. Don’t put yourself with the sinners of Hell. Elevate yourself to Heaven,where the women Islam reveres most will be waiting to welcome you. ‘

  37. Wow I have to stop using my iPhone to comment here….

  38. elle,

    “Is it?” no, you’re right. i retrack that statement. i usually try to stay away from superlatives, but i messed up. i hate hypebole yet i’ve invoked it. my bad. like you said we are all human. anyways i still find it disconcerting, considering in my opinion women perpetuate many fewer “evils” in the world. i guess it’s not a stat that can be proven or disproven. much like the existance of god. but there was a great article in “the economist” some years ago (you seem tech savy, i wish i had an iphone) entitled “what is wrong wth men” (i think) you should google it. but i do think your gossip theory is wrong. first i’m not sure gossip was the problem it is now in the 7th century. lack of telecommunications. plus i’ve been told that the pre-islamic arabs practiced female infantcide. so i would think that (when muhammad vistited heaven) there would be a plethora of females in heaven.

    “Of course, God also said many people in Hell will eventually go to heaven” didn’t know there was a pergatory in islam. good to know.

    sorry haven’t made it to the 19 surah.

  39. Mike
    There’s a story of two women who were fasting (in the prophets time) and to pass the time they gossiped. At a certain point that day, the y asked the Porphet when they could break their fast. the Prophet answered, “You haven’t been fasting. You were eating the flesh of your dead brethren.” Then the two women vomited blood and flesh. (It’s gross but true) The prophet said, “You two were gossiping, while you were fasting, so it anulls all the good deeds you’ve completed today” Women gossiped since the beginning of time…
    And the female infantcide is definitly true, sadly, and God said babies and children who die will become like angels in Heaven, and angels are neither male nor female. But let say a non-muslim buried his teenage daughter and she was sent to heaven because she did a good deed before she died or something, she wouldn’t become an angel, but she would probably join the good women of Islam up there already.

    Ha kal telecommunications. Peple lived in houses and interacted with their neighbors FAR more than wwe do today. Plus, its the 7th century, there was nothing to do but talk. No tv, phones, and other technology. And who said the gossip thing was based on just women of that time? islam didn’t stop when the Prophet died, its still here. Muslim women, or any woman actually, can still gossip…

    And c’mon Mike think about, you think God is exempting men from going to Hell? PUH-LEASE. The men of Quraysh and early Mekka that killed their daughters, had slaves and treated them badly and believed in clay gods are going to Hell. God made that statement i the Quran so many times dude, did you miss those?

  40. But I like your curiostiy and skepticism, I shows your giving it real thought. I hope Allah gives you as better understanding and helps you see the truth.

  41. thanks elle,

    “you think God is exempting men from going to Hell?” no. quite the opposite, i would think that if there is a hell, the majority of it’s occupants would be men. nor have i missed the statements about damnation in the koran, they are abundant. [2.7] Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing and there is a covering over their eyes, and there is a great punishment for them.
    [2.24] But if you do (it) not and never shall you do (it), then be on your guard against the fire of which men and stones are the fuel; it is prepared for the unbelievers.

  42. Ok, but it doesn’t mean there should be an equal amount of genders in the beginning….if the women that just gossiped finally get out of Hell, then it means the men who are sent (and weren’t allowed out) would spend a longer time or eternity there….do you get me?

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