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Ron Paul’s Unforgivable Sin of Opposing America’s Sacred Wars, And Why Are Muslims So Warlike?

18 August 2011 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Image taken from

Image taken from

Ron Paul’s Unforgivable Sin of Opposing America’s Sacred Wars, And Why Are Muslims So Warlike?

As the GOP debates and subsequent presidential campaigns unfold, one very popular Republican candidate will get the cold shoulder from the mainstream media machine: the esteemable Congressman and good doctor Ron Paul. No matter how many straw polls the man wins, no matter how much money he raises from enthusiastic supporters, and no matter how many soldiers enlist in the Ron Paul Army, nothing will make him a Serious Candidate in the eyes of the mainstream media. He is Unserious–a Fringe Candidate who stands no chance of winning an election.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is put into effect: the MSM refuses to cover him “because he can never win an election;” because he receives no MSM coverage, he can never win an election.

As Glenn Greenwald puts it:

They are also vital in bolstering orthodoxies and narrowing the range of permitted views.  Few episodes demonstrate how that works better than the current disappearing of Ron Paul, all but an “unperson” in Orwellian terms.  He just finished a very close second to Michele Bachmann in the Ames poll, yet while she went on all five Sunday TV shows and dominated headlines, he was barely mentioned.  He has raised more money than any GOP candidate other than Romney, and routinely polls in the top 3 or 4 of GOP candidates in national polls, yet — as Jon Stewart and Politico‘s Roger Simon have both pointed out — the media have decided to steadfastly pretend he does not exist, leading to absurdities like this:

And this:

What has Ron Paul done to earn the wrath of the mainstream media and the Very Serious Establishment? Paul certainly has some strange views when it comes to the budget: strangulating medicare, medicaid, and welfare, as well as cutting funding for education and other vital public programs. Yet, it is unlikely that any of these political stances could ostracize him or make him Unserious, since some Very, Very Serious Republican candidates hold similar views on such issues.

What makes Dr. Paul stand out from the rest of the pack are his views with regard to the war and civil liberties–his complete rejection of the so-called War on Terror. He rejects the conventional wisdom that necessitates endless wars to Keep Us Safe against Terrorism. Paul refuses to cheerlead America’s Endless Wars, and is brave enough to point out the injustices in our foreign policy. Paul points out that if we point one finger at the Evil Muslim Enemy, four fingers point back at us.

For pointing out that the emperor wears no clothes, Ron Paul earns the contempt of Serious Journalists, who ensure that Paul is marginalized. He must be silenced and made irrelevant.  When he speaks about such topics in the press, people get antsy.  So the establishment desperately attempts to shut him up.

Greenwald says (emphasis added):

There are many reasons why the media is eager to disappear Ron Paul despite his being a viable candidate by every objective metric…

But what makes the media most eager to disappear Paul is that he destroys the easy, conventional narrative — for slothful media figures and for Democratic loyalists alike. Aside from the truly disappeared former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (more on him in a moment), Ron Paul is far and away the most anti-war, anti-Surveillance-State, anti-crony-capitalism, and anti-drug-war presidential candidate in either party…That the similarly anti-war, pro-civil-liberties, anti-drug-war Gary Johnson not even allowed in media debates — despite being a twice-elected popular governor — highlights the same dynamic…

The steadfast ignoring of Ron Paul — and the truly bizarre un-personhood of Gary Johnson — has ensured that, yet again, those views will be excluded…

Paul and Johnson committed the unforgivable crime of opposing war (not just one war, but all of America’s wars), and for this they will be punished. For this, they will never be able to even dream of being considered a Serious presidential nominee, let alone President of the United States.  The media’s selection of who is Serious and who is Unserious is all a part of the manufactured consent that Noam Chomksy so eloquently wrote about many years ago.

Think about that for a minute: our country is so absolutely and steadfastly pro-war that there is no room for peaceniks. The Just War theory forbids war except in self-defense. None of America’s many wars fits this description: that’s quite easy to see when we note that our troops are deployed in far away, foreign lands. We’re not defending ourselves from an invader who occupies Southern California or who is stationed in Maine. Even the thought of another nation’s army marching into any U.S. state is completely unthinkable, almost as unrealistic as Martians landing on earth.  We have no need to engage in Just War since we are actually very, very safe and secure–our defense is virtually impregnable, such that there is no plausible scenario where our territory could be occupied or our capital advanced upon.

My point is: if a person believed in the Just War theory and rejected war except when it fulfilled those very narrow conditions, it would then be necessary to reject each of America’s wars. But doing so would mean departing from the acceptable parameters of national debate; it would mean becoming part of the Fringe and Unserious.

One simply simply cannot be taken Seriously unless one is a war-monger. Is it not strange that such a nation as this would somehow be absolutely mystified that another peoples, those living under the boots of their American or Israeli occupiers, would glorify jihad?

One simply must be a warmonger in America to be taken Seriously–as the current president himself is and all of the Serious presidential candidates are–yet somehow Those Warlike Moozlums Over There are so violent for glorifying jihad against the occupier.

Truly opposing the concept of wars of aggression (the supreme international crime)–to have a minimum commitment to peace by at least adhering to the Just War doctrine–does not mean simply opposing one of America’s wars and accepting another. Many of those on the Left somehow think they aren’t war-mongers even while they strongly supported (and some continue to support) the Afghanistan war.  After all, what can we think about a people who respond in such a brutal manner–devastating an entire country (and then another after that)–in retaliation for one terrorist attack (committed by a non-state actor no less) except that they are warlike? Even Ron Paul himself initially voted to invade Afghanistan, although he redeemed himself by becoming an outspoken critic of the war. Yet there continue to exist liberals who support the Afghanistan war, even while they think of themselves as “peaceful.”

War is so sacred in America that truly opposing war makes a presidential candidate Unserious and un-electable.  How truly grave a political sin this is can be gauged by the fact that Ron Paul is now Unserious, even while Michelle Bachman is slowly being considered a Serious candidate. Newt Gingrich is a Very Serious candidate, even though he has supported virulently anti-Muslim propaganda and the absolutely loony, fear-mongering idea of “stealth jihad” and “creeping sharia.” Those ideas aren’t Unserious enough to warrant exclusion from the mainstream media’s blessing, but opposing war is an automatic trip to the Unserious waste bin. Unabashed bigotry is acceptable whereas peacemaking is Unserious, Fringe, and unacceptable.

* * * * *

Would you consider voting for Ron Paul?  Why or why not? Let us know in the comments’ section below.


  1. Ron Paul is out of his mind. He is a Racist, White Supremacist pure and simple. His only beef with the so- called War on Terror is the monetary cost. He would like us to have NO tax structure so he is against any military/anti- terror spending. Not because it is sometimes misdirected at people who have nothing to do with radical jihadists (the vast majority of Muslims being peaceful folks with no ties to terrorism) but simply because of the tax money involved.

  2. I’d vote for him. Mr. Fox, your second statement would be all well and fine, if you’d used any of your following sentences to support it. Since you did not, I will dismiss it; since you have not proven it to have any chance of being a fact.

  3. Daniel,

    These are big allegations from you on Dr. Paul of being racist and white supremacist. Do you have a proof? I would like to hear it.


  4. i vote for him for president in 1988.

  5. I support his position against the wars regardless of the reasons. However, his Libertarian position ceases at a women’s uterus at which point his government would ensure that no such violation of life’s sanctity can happen. Own an arsenal, pop off thy neighbor if he transgresses, but by God no woman will have an abortion regardless of the reason! Seems to me from what I gather about Libertarianism that everything is government hands-off. Racist, uncertain? Sexist, perhaps.

  6. that should read “voted”, i don’t want dueceprez to jump on my grammar/spelling.

    didn’t get the picture of him with a baby? so i read his bio.
    i was just thinking, why would muslims be supporting him. he’s an ob-gyn and has delivered 4,000 babies. verily he has seen what allah has commanded to be hiden. evil doers shall be the fuel of the fire. right? ya’ll confuse me to no end.

  7. While I like what Ron Paul has to say about Just War, I can’t vote for someone based on a single issue. The fact that he is after the GOP endorsement screams red sirens at my brain that I just cannot ignore. But I find it terribly interesting that the mainstream media is ignoring him as they seem to be, according to this article. Is it purely for his anti-war philosophy? Wow, that supports MY theory that the US is actually the role model for the Klingons, although it was probably done subconsciously by Roddenberry.

  8. I will vote for him in 2012. He is the only hope for America.

    @ Mr. Fox, I believe you have your facts wrong and have been listening to the media so quick to dismiss him. Please take a few hours and read “Liberty Defined”. You’ll quickly see that he is neither racists, nor against a tax structure. He only wants the tax structure authorized in the constitution- which does not include income tax, or property tax. Please do your research and educate yourself before you make such broad, accusatory statements.

    Ron Paul 2012- let the revolution continue!

  9. Those who fling insults at Ron Paul do so because they don’t have a valid argument, and many who -do- think they have a valid argument, are usually just mindlessly parroting what they heard elsewhere.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  10. Ron Paul = nutjob . . . .no worries, he’ll never see the Oval Office except by invitation . ..thank God!

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