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Man arrested for hate crime in fire at Ore. mosque

25 August 2011 General 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


PORTLAND, Ore. — A 24-year-old man has been arrested on hate crime charges for the November firebombing of a mosque in Corvallis, Ore., where the suspect in a Portland, Ore., bomb plot once worshipped, a federal law enforcement official said Thursday.

The suspect in the Corvallis firebombing was identified as Cody Crawford, who lived a block from the mosque. Shortly after the firebombing, authorities searched his home.

The firebombing came two days after the arrest in Portland of Mohamed Osman Mohamud in an FBI sting. He is charged with attempting to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony attended by thousands in a downtown square.

Court documents and friends describe Crawford as a young man with a drinking problem and minor run-ins with the law. Authorities turned their attention quickly to him after he said a flashlight found at the scene of the firebombing looked like his and it had disappeared from his porch.

In the search, police and the FBI took DNA samples and seized computers, digital camera equipment, a gas can and a lighter from his house and sent the evidence off to be examined.

Crawford insisted in an Associated Press interview that he was “100 percent innocent.”

In the Portland case, Mohamud has pleaded not guilty to attempting to detonate a weapon of mass destruction, and his defense lawyers have suggested they’re going to mount a defense based on entrapment.

Original post: Man arrested for hate crime in fire at Ore. mosque


  1. Sure, I dont agree with what the Mahmoud guy tried to do (if he even did it and it wasn’t just another cover to make Muslims look bad) but fighting fire with fire only burns you, I hope this Ignoramus Cody gets some jail time, and if Mahmoud really is guilty, him too. In Islam, all religions are to be respected, Christianity, Judiasm, all of them.

    kal 100% innocent……b.s if you ask me

  2. mike
    Wow, that’s disgusting….what the “shariah” authorities said about the two women. Now, homosexuality is forbidden in Islam, but God knows ww humans sometimes feel curious so He said to stay away from any urges such as those. BUT, Mike, it’s almost idiotic of you to take Iran or any other corrupt middle eastern governments’ laws so seriously. Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq all have very extreme and corrupt governments that mistreat women but that ain’t the law in Islam.

    What the women did was forbidden but they shouldn’t be beheaded, or burned, I wish nutjobs like The Taliban and Al Qaeda could burn instead, they torture both innocent men and women and don’t follow Islam accordingly. The Propht (S) wouldv’e been disappointed, but he would ask the women to repent to God, and try to supress the urges they feel for each other, because like I said, homosexuality isn’t aloowed, but that also doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat homosexuals like they’re diseased or evil people. They have sexual desires that differ from a heterosexual person but their personalities are the same…..The prophet would’ve realized it….. God give the wmen strength and please let the Arab Spring Freedom Fights reach Iran and S.A. befre any other people have to suffer.

    And they wonder why everyone calls Arab and Muslims wife oppressors, shit, it’s cause of insane dictatorship by even more insane power hungry fools like the Taliban. If it were up to the regular Muslim folk….the Middle East would be like a big happy green meadow with rainbows everywhere. Sounds corny but its true….why do you think they call it the Arab Spring

  3. Indonesia should be part of although it isn’t a Middle Eastern Country, but it has the most Muslims in the world, surprisingly.

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