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Ohio Catholic school cancels Muslim goodwill event due to anti-CAIR campaign


Ohio Catholic school cancels Muslim goodwill event due to anti-CAIR campaign

Complaints and a request from the archbishop have led a Cincinnati Roman Catholic high school to drop plans for a Ramadan dinner to build goodwill with Muslims.

Kirsten MacDougal, president of Mother of Mercy school, says Archbishop Dennis Schnurr received “emotionally charged” emails, mostly from outside the area, and asked the girls’ school to cancel its Friday night plans. The event instead will be held at a church parish center.

A spokesman for Schnurr tells the Cincinnati Enquirer the complaints centered around the school’s partnership with the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Associated Press, 26 August 2011


  1. This is just to get muslims go to have their dinner at the church and not the school. Obviously if they refuse, then a new Tag that Muslims have no compassion in religion.
    We are muslims, so our events should be done in our mosques not churches. I have never heard of christians coming to have ther events in our mosques.

  2. Salim, that is because CAIR wanted this dinner for the purposes of propaganda, not goodwill. It was a lie from the beginning.

  3. Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam – Thanks Mike!
    There’s a lot of good things in this 1990 deceleration.

    You should also know that many criminal punishment practices in the Western world have some “Christian redeeming” history.
    I saw first hand in Florida years ago Christians defending the death penalty based on Biblical passages.

  4. Salim-Just a question, are non-Muslim events allowed in Mosques?

  5. eslaporte,

    “You should also know that many criminal punishment practices in the Western world have some “Christian redeeming” history.”
    i don’t follow you at all?

    “I saw first hand in Florida years ago Christians defending the death penalty based on Biblical passages.” yes here in florida we love our death penalty, second only to texas i believe. again, i don’t get your point at all?

  6. JAW
    I know a few mosques that allow non-muslim events to take place there. It’s not totally uncommon.

  7. What really bothers me is that the ARCHBISHOP is the one who is most responsible for ruining this event. It sounds as if the girls of this girls’ school wanted to have this event and the Archbishop said “No” because of some emails he received “…mostly from outside the area.” Where is his strength of character? Where is his supposed Christian faith in “Love thy neighbor as thyself”?

    This is just another example of why I left the Roman Catholic Church so many years ago: ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is simply an every day practice with the higher ups in this religion. They tell the children to follow the examples of the saints who died for their Christian beliefs, then they cave in to public opinion. Chickens in robes, hiding behind all their rituals and their long history of domination — especially of women and children. And you think God is on YOUR side? No way!

  8. JAW. What kind of events. I did not know that mosques have become theatres. One day i was waiting outside a church for a christian who is now Muslim al hamdoulillah, and I was asleep in the car, A guy came and tapped on the vehicle because he did not like that I was parked in their parking lot to sleep. Surely as the hadith say that speach in the mosques wipes good deeds as the fire burns the wood. The only events we have for non muslims in our mosques is to invite them to islam as our religion requires this. We do have to be more than kind to non muslims but we still have to repsect the limits set for the mosques.

  9. JAW, A question for you. Why would muslims would have their evens at a church or christian at mosques. It makes absolutely non sense. However, muslims having an event at a school makes sense because they can explain what is Islam is to students.

  10. Salim they have held interfaith meetings at the mosque here withou tthe need to convert others. the QUR’AN does name christians as believers and haveing a dinne rwith them to come to common goals is not a ba dthing! cair has had some trouble in the past but the media does not report that thos eofficials tied to terroristic groups were let go… im just tired of people argueing over religion when its all ONE GOD!! I have had people call me a terrorist, race traitor, an unamericna traitor and even asked when my sons will be fitted for a suicide vest from the time they knew i was pregnant until just a few months ago. I have even been asked what man my daughte rwill be FORCED to marry and at what age. They do not understand that an arranged marriege in islam allows the woman to choose from a group o fsuitors that the family picks for her based on her personality and the personality of the suitors. and yet we have anothe roportunity for some young students from both sides of the fence to learn more about each others faiths and some jerk says they cant do it on neutral ground!

  11. Salim-my question was directed to see what response I would get and what the rule is for MosQues. On this web site there was a story of a church in Cordova, TN. that opened its doors for some local Muslims. Thay were building a Mosque but had no place to meet. The pastor invited them into hold services there. Not in the social hall, but in the regular church. Some of the people were upset, but basically it went over pretty well. But what I got from your answer, its a one way street. I almost get the feeling that your living in the 7th century.
    I guess it is theater. I’m sorry someone woke you up. What that had to do with anything is beyond me. Of course it could have been a 115 degrees and the windows up.
    Thank you Elle for the information, that’s all I wanted to know.

  12. JAW, I am sorry if you took this way, that was not my intention. I simply do not know why people are trying to reshape islam because they might have felt some hatred from non muslims. I do have plenty of non muslim friends and we do so many things together outside the places of worship,
    but We dont try to convert each other.

    I have never seen islamic events done in churches nor christian ones in mosques and I guess this answer is not offensive but simply a pure answer, nor I one needs to be living in 7th century.

    JAW in your answer you mentioned SERVICE not EVENT (2 different things), Once We had a mosque shut for some repair work and were sent to the local Church extension to meet for the friday prayer, so yes I have experienced this, I do not know what is the Answer to your question, and would rather let a knowlegeable person answer your question.
    I sometimes read from a website

    Once again JAW I am sorry if you took it wrong it was not my intention.

  13. Salim God Bless- I’m just trying to figure out things.

  14. Thanks to all who helped bring so much publicity to the Cincinnati Interfaith Iftar event. The event was an even bigger success than before with twice as many people attending! People ate together and got to know each other as human beings instead of stereotypes. And this was not a “Muslim event held at a church”, it was an INTERFAITH event held at a church. This event was held at a mosque for many years and then we were invited to share this event with our Christian neighbors at a church last year and then at the school this year. The event is for people to eat a meal together and get to know each other. If a Church wanted to hold a similar event and invite Muslims i know many people who would be happy to participate.

  15. Thank you halema that’s the smartest thing I’ve seen on this page.

  16. NP Elle i come from a smart diverse family and have my mom n dad to thank for my wits when it comes to things like this! By the way they are both christian and embrace me as thei rchild and one that follows the same god as they do just on a diff path! If we do good deeds and follow the law of god as closely as we can and then some we have a chance at heaven be we Jew, Christian, Sabian (people forget that they are people of god too) or Muslim!! Piety and good works are better than trying to one up one another!

  17. Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam – Thanks Mike!
    Sounds good until you get to article 22 and onward. The former articles giveth and the latter articles taketh away.

  18. I too am a bit peturbed that it was the Archbishop who knocked it down. But in general, the Catholic Church has a noble legacy of tolerant ecumenicism and doing good for the left out. Please don’t put Catholics, Episcopalians or Unitarians in the same category with Jehovah’s Witnesses and evangelicals. These are tolerant Christians who leave the door open to individual converts, but do not go around trying to shove their religion down everyone’s throat.

  19. Vivek Golikeri
    it is not the catholics i have a beef with but their current leaders…. It would be like blameing all americans for the current govs actions in the middle east (allowing so many rogue troops to kill innocent people and then slack off in punishment of the rogues) or to blame all jews for the zionists actions or all muslims for the hijackers actions. we cant blame everyone of a religion or group of any kind for a few rogues or extreemists it just isn ta good policy!

  20. […] infamous reputation when it comes to diversity issues (consider the racial riots of 2001 and the Cincinnati Catholic school canceling a Ramadan dinner that was meant to create goodwill with Muslims as examples) and a lot of these issues exist not because people are inherently […]

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