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Former Mitt Romney Staffer Revealed As Key Player Behind Nationwide Islamophobia Push

30 August 2011 General 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Last week, the Center for American Progress released a 130-page report detailing who’s behind the rise of Islamophobia in the United States. “Fear Inc.: The Roots Of the Islamophobia Network In America” shows how a small handful of groups, including ACT! for America and Stop Islamization of America, have been the driving force behind the the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States.

A ThinkProgress investigation found that a top employee at ACT! for America, Chris Slick, was a key staffer in South Carolina for Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign and continues to be a “rabid Romney volunteer” this year. Slick, who currently works as ACT!’s director of online operations, served as a South Carolina field manager for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid. During Slick’s tenure on Romney’s staff, the former Massachusetts governor declared that he would not appoint a Muslim in his cabinet if he were elected president. (GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain made a similar pledge this cycle, to much criticism.) After Romney’s bid failed, Slick moved on to spread Islamophobia at ACT! for America, though he maintains contact with Romney’s 2012 presidential bid as a volunteer.

At ACT!, Slick has worked to distribute model anti-Sharia legislation to state lawmakers around the country. In South Carolina, for instance, state Sen. Mike Fair (R) told ThinkProgress he had coordinated with Slick as he introduced legislation to ban Sharia in the Palmetto State. After working behind the scenes with Fair to bring up the anti-Sharia legislation, Slick then lobbied ACT! supporters to inundate state Sen. Larry Martin (R) with phone calls in an attempt to persuade Martin to lift his hold on the bill.

Slick’s Islamophobia isn’t just confined to pushing anti-Sharia legislation. His Twitter feed includes frequent anti-Muslim and anti-Arab missives. On April 25, Slick wrote, “Press 3 for Arabic. Yep, we are in trouble now folks…”. The week before, Slick accused Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) of having “ties to terrorism” for once representing the Arab television network Al Jazeera. Back in February, Slick retweeted a post from Logan’s Warning asking “Why would any woman be supportive of Islam?” And earlier that month, Slick wrote, “Dear Egyptian protesters [sic] aka the Muslim Brotherhood, please do not damage the pyramids, we will not rebuild them again. Signed, The Jews.”



Slick also sent out an ominous tweet on May 10: “I need a Wikipedia expert. Need to hire one to clean some stuff up. Do you or someone you know work well with Wiki? Let me know ASAP.” It’s unclear precisely whose or what Wikipedia page he wanted to alter.

To learn more about how the Islamophobia network operates, check out this video ThinkProgress produced:

Original post: Former Mitt Romney Staffer Revealed As Key Player Behind Nationwide Islamophobia Push


  1. Sigh. Some people have to understand that Arabian people are also christain AND Jewish, not just muslim. Ugh.

  2. and if they visit Syria, Libya, Egypt, or any other Arab country (minus Iraq, Iran, and Saudi) they won’t see a bunch of guys in turbans (that’s actually leaning towards Hindu tradition) and women in burqas. You’ll see women walking around with barely any clothes on, some women wearing hijab, saome in full niqaab (brqa) and none of them are judged by the gov. or the people. Men dress casually or in suits, mostly really old men will be wearing traditional Arab garb. Not all Arab are Muslim, God guys, if an American woman or man can be Muslim by choice, so can a Arab or Indian person. And if an American/ European/ African any non-arab people who visit aren’t accosted because they’re “American” or anything. The middle east welcomes tourists and takes care of visitors. It’s one ancient arab tradition to care for guests. And I know some countries will arrest american people like Iran but that’s a crazy dictatorship-run country. The citizens are great but the gov . is a joke.

  3. elle,

    sup, i posted a few things back on our slave discussion.

    DISCLAIMER: (next 7 verses) i’m a weak reader and so as i’ve begun reading the koran 7 verses at a time, it hepls me to cut and paste them after i’ve read them because i then re-read them on this post. they may have absolutely nothing to do with this article. i welcome any input as to historical context or to whom some of the pronouns are refering.

    [3.22] Those are they whose works shall become null in this world as well as the hereafter, and they shall have no helpers.
    [3.23] Have you not considered those (Jews) who are given a portion of the Book? They are invited to the Book of Allah that it might decide between them, then a part of them turn back and they withdraw.
    [3.24] This is because they say: The fire shall not touch us but for a few days; and what they have forged deceives them in the matter of their religion.
    [3.25] Then how will it be when We shall gather them together on a day about which there is no doubt, and every soul shall be fully paid what it has earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly?
    [3.26] Say: O Allah, Master of the Kingdom! Thou givest the kingdom to whomsoever Thou pleasest and takest away the kingdom from whomsoever Thou pleasest, and Thou exaltest whom Thou pleasest and abasest whom Thou pleasest in Thine hand is the good; surety, Thou hast power over all things.
    [3.27] Thou makest the night to pass into the day and Thou makest the day to pass into the night, and Thou bringest forth the living from the dead and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living, and Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou pleasest without measure.
    [3.28] Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the guardianship of) Allah, but you should guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully; and Allah makes you cautious of (retribution from) Himself; and to Allah is the eventual coming.

  4. this slick guy looks just like rommney. but he parts his hair on the other side. that’s weird.

    i doubt a morman would think he is getting a whole lot of muslim votes anyway.

  5. Hey mike
    it’s eid and I’d rather not touch on te slavery issue again. I can explain the last one for you: you know there are Muslims who like to deny their religion and instead of calling themselves mohammad they call themselves moe or Rashad becomes Ray (ex) well they always seem to feel ashamed because they are ingorant so they befreind nommuslims without showing them real good Islam and they refrain frm their religious duties and act as though Islam is just a name not a religion . They mak Islam look bad, not in the way the Taliban had but I guess in a more personal way.

    The first one is talking abt people who aren’t beloevers who do charitable acts just for recognition or fame so they get rewarded in this life but their good deeds will vbe erased cause of their bad intentions.

  6. elle,

    thats cool, maybe tomorrow or the next day?

  7. Hi Mike,
    Please post a list of questions you want to find the answers to, I will do my best to get the answers.

  8. Why are these people so scared of sharia Law? I wish the read about it first. Anyway, they are a bunch of Idiots trying to create fear in people.
    “They plan and Allah Plans and Allah is the best of planners”. I guess every time they prepare something to hurt islam, it turns good for it. May Allah guides them.

  9. salim,

    “Why are these people so scared of sharia Law?” that’s funny because my questions go to why i’m scared of shariah. i have read about it some. the punishments under shariah are scary?

    1. is there seperation of religion and state?
    2. is there freedom of speech?
    3. if one consumes alcohol, what is the punishment?
    4. if one commits fornication, what is the punishment?
    5. if one commits adultry, what is the punishment?
    6. are men and women seen as equals in the eyes of the law?
    7. are muslims and non-muslims seen as equals in the eyes of the law?

  10. Mike

    Shariah Law wasn’t around in the time of the prophet, but once he died the sahaba scrambled for a way to keep all the muslims in order because they didn’t ant them to go astray. And honestly, i don’t believe in Shariah LAw, if I were a leader i would use the Quran as my guide, not Shariah, God sent the Quran down as a constitution, a set of Laws, a guide, so yes, there probably isn’t a seperation between religion and state, which would make Saudi, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan theocracies. (Pretty terrible ones if you ask me) and the punishment for adultery inShariah Law is to stone both “offenders”, man and woman. And in the Quran women and Men are seen equal, so I side with you on this one. Back then women in the muslim empire (under the prophet and the first 4 caliphs) women owned and sold houses and businesses they were allowed to ride wagons and drive them (since there weren’t any cars) they could have jobs and be successful (the first wife of the prophet was a very successful and wealthy business woman named Khadija) and you know I don’t really see why the countries boast that their “Islamic” and what not, because they aren’t/ Theyre just plain stupid. no other words can describe it. And as people, non muslims and muslims are seen as equal when it comes to everything exept religion. Divorce, education, business, all that, and Jewish man shouldn’t be prosecuted any differently then a Muslim man if he..let’s say stole something. A muslim man gets his hand cut off (this law is for sane, competent ADULT muslims. If you are a small child, mentally or physically disabled this law won’t apply to you) and the same happens to a Jewish man, IF he lives in a region under Islamic Law. But of course, i don’t see The Middle East as Islamic anymore, just corrupt. Really the only sanctuary you might have is if you lived INSIDE the Kaaba or the Dome of the Rock Mosque (Al Aqsa) but ironically you can’t. I just wish God would save us from these animals surrounding us. Muslim or not.

  11. sorry don’t know what sahaba means….is this right? “if I were a leader i would use the Quran as my guide” so do you consider yourself as koran omly? you seem to bring up hadiths from time to time?

    “And in the Quran women and Men are seen equal,” you sure? like i’ve said i’ve read the first 4 books of the koran. a couple of times now actually.

  12. salim,

    sorry i thought those would be questions you could answer without extensive research? i quess i’m wrong?

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