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Judge orders Spirit One pastor to stay away from Islamic Center

2 September 2011 General 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

islamic society of wichita

Islamic society of Wichita


The Wichita Eagle

A judge ordered a Wichita pastor to stay away from the Islamic Society of Wichita, as part of a sentence for loitering and disrupting business.

Sedgwick County District Judge Phil Journey this morning sentenced Mark Holick to serve 12 months unsupervised probation, pay $300 in fines and stay at least 1,000 feet from the Islamic Center, where he was arrested in August 2010.

Holick, pastor of Spirit One Christian Ministry, and more than a dozen followers had gone to the Islamic Center as members there were trying to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Holick said they were there to hand out Bibles. Police said he was causing a disturbance and blocking access to the center.

Police had said they asked Holick to move to a public sidewalk. In one instance, cited by Journey, Holick marched in place in response to police orders to move.

“The only reason you were the one arrested is because you were the only one who disobeyed the police orders,” Journey told Holick.

The case reached district court on an appeal from a conviction in Wichita Municipal Court. Holick asked for a a jury trial. Jurors found Holick guilty early last month on two counts of loitering and disrupting a local business.

Journey’s sentence followed the recommendations of Assistant City Attorney Michael Hoelscher.

During the hearing, Holick gave a 15-minute speech, quoting Bible verses and accusing the city of violating his First Amendment rights.

“Wichita is confused,” Holick said. “I am not your enemy. Islam is. The Lord said there will be no other gods before me.”

Journey told Holick that the First Amendment guaranteed his rights to express his religious beliefs but allowed laws to regulate how he practices his faith.

“I want you to think about this,” Journey said. “What if the shoe had been on the other foot and someone from the Islamic Center had come to your place and tried to convert your members and had blocked your driveway?”

Spirit One has been a street and online ministry since a month after his arrest, Holick said, when he sold his building in south Wichita to another church. First Freewill Baptist now resides at 1515 E. Harry.

The judge reminded Holick that the Constitution provides protection for people of all faiths, not just Holick’s.

“I hope you will reflect on the choices you made,” Journey said. “There’s nothing wrong the proselytizing or holding your beliefs. It’s the manner of how you carry them out that’s the problem.”

Holick could face a six-month jail term if he doesn’t follow the conditions of his probation.

Original post: Judge orders Spirit One pastor to stay away from Islamic Center


  1. I am from Wichita and have friends at the mosque. I am so glad to see sanity prevail in this.

  2. Mr. Ellison quickly apologized for past mistakes. He said repeatedly, including in a local synagogue, that he was distantly affiliated with the Nation of Islam for 18 months while helping to organize the Minnesota delegation to the Million Man March in Washington in 1995.

    He said he saw the march as a way to promote personal responsibility and economic development but said he later found it pointless.

    He also sent a letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council in Minneapolis, repudiating Mr. Farrakhan and his supporters as anti-Semitic.

  3. sorry posted those on the wrong article. too many windows open. lol

  4. Cynthia, I am glad there are so many people like you living in this country, who are not blinded, May Allah increase the number and may Allah guides us all including Mr Holick. I pray for him too since he does not seem to know much if any about islam, when he said that “he was not the enemy but Islam was”. Islam is no ones enemy, but I always remember one of the prophet mohamed’s (peace be upon him) sayings that Islam had started strange a(at begining of time) and will become strange( at hte end of time), and here we see people not understanding islam and take it as an enemy. So I pray that Allah guides people like Mr Holick to understand his religion, and guides the heart of those who have no hatred to it so that they get closer to his religion. Ameen.

  5. What Mark Holick did was a disgrace. I’ve lived in the South all my life and I have known hundreds of Christians. Not one of them would show such disrespect to fellow human beings. Holick is a fanatic and deserves all he received from our legal system.

  6. Handing out Bibles was the perfect thing to do. I see no problem with it at all. Whenever the Baptists come to the neighborhood I always tell them they are preaching to the choir. This world would change all for the better if you could get the Muslims to convert to Christianity. It is that simple.

  7. Wow Muslims convert to Christianity? lol, Islam is the first growing religion. Sorry the opposite is exactly happening, Live with it!!!

  8. “Live with it!!!”

    And there is the problem in a nutshell. The death and destruction will never end until we all live with it.

  9. this is really good:

    “How an obscure conservative memo reveals the creeping Islamophobic threat to democracy”
    by Max Blumenthal

    “Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult”
    by Mike Lofgren

  10. jim bob,

    from your first link: “The most extreme byproduct of Islamophobic campaigning was, of course, the recent terrorist rampage by the Norwegian right-wing activist Anders Behring Breivik, who quoted Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes and other Islamophobic ideologues scores of times in his manifesto.” could not the same be said about islam itself? The most extreme byproduct of Islam was, of course, the recent terrorist rampage on 9/11/2001.

  11. jim bob, you there? salim, what do you think about the “byproduct” of islam???????

    Al-Qaeda is also responsible for instigating sectarian violence among Muslims.[18] Al-Qaeda is intolerant of non-Sunni branches of Islam and denounces them with excommunications called “takfir”. Al-Qaeda leaders regard liberal Muslims, Shias, Sufis and other sects as heretics and sometimes issue attacks on their mosques and gatherings.[19] Examples of sectarian attacks include the Yazidi community bombings, Sadr City bombings, Ashoura Massacre and April 2007 Baghdad bombings.[20]

  12. Stop pointing fingers at each other. There are fanatics and extremists in every religion. Do we call all Catholics pedophiles when we hear of a priest molesting a child? All muslims and Islams shouldn’t be labeled either because of something that hateful people did.

  13. You should understand that Taliban and Al Qaeda also target Muslims. It shows they aren’t really Muslims, just corrupted human beings who will burn in hell for an eternity

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