Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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Spain: another town bans the veil

Spain: another town bans the veil

A small town on the Spanish resort island of Mallorca has banned women from wearing burkas or face-covering Islamic veils in public places, even though only two women living there are known to do so.

Mayor Biel Serra of the town of Sa Pobla said last night’s vote was not about cultural or religious discrimination but rather an issue of public safety and having people show their faces so they can be identified. He told the AP today the ban also applies to other face-covering headgear like ski masks.

Sa Pobla joins a handful of other Spanish towns who have enacted some form of ban on body-covering burkas or face-covering niqabs. Biel said the two women in Sa Pobla wore the latter.

Associated Press, 6 September 2011


  1. “A just laicism allows religious freedom. The state does not impose religion but rather gives space to religions with a responsibility toward civil society, and therefore it allows these religions to be factors in building up society.”
    Joseph Ratzinger

  2. The above link more refers to an earlier item on this web site, concerning head coverings at a New Jersey amusement park. I feel bad for the women and her family, but as you can read, there are reason that rules are put in place, beside “pissing” off some one just on religious grounds.
    Now as far as women wearing Burkas,(No viel) I, as a non-muslim, don’t have a problem with it. I went to a Catholic school back in the 50’s, and outfits that the nuns wore then, would make the Burka look extremely outlandish. So I’m use to this, and my grandmother always wore a babuska when she went out. I’ll be honest, I will look at the person wearing it.
    That being said, I have a real problem with someone wearing a veil or any kind of face covering in public unless its medical needed. (Seen a video on you tube were a young women took off her veil and had a white surgerigal mask underneasth. I did like her thinking on it.) I personal find it offensive, not being able to see someone face. The face does tell a lot about the person. I would not go up to a person wearing a veil and tell them of my displeasure in them wearing it though.
    I do have a serious question about Muslim dress. This occured about 2 months ago at an area hosipital. The wife had a Burka on. (No veil) The husband had on shorts and tank top. Some how, this just didn’t add up to me.

  3. In the West it is customary for people to show their face. If you immigrate to a new society you should try to assimilate to the local culture.There is also the issue of public safety as some Muslim women and men have concealed suicide bomb vests under burkas in countries such as Pakistan.

  4. Very good decision!

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