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VIDEO: Allen West bashes Islam at 9/11 event

7 September 2011 IslamophobiaToday 32 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Allen West

Allen West bashes Islam at 9/11 event

Originally uploaded by ThinkProgress.


  1. Good for him! I love this guy!

    Am I wrong or is it a lie that the high-jackers were making a reference to Allah? Oh I get it, that is not a term used in Islam. Please tell me how Mr West is wrong.

  2. LoveThemMoonbats,

    First, Islam is a religion. Second, Islam is a religion. Third, Islam is a religion.

    And, finally, the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

    There, LoveThemMoonbats, that is how Mr. West is wrong.

    Oh, as for the Allah reference, I also make references to God in my day-to-day life. Try using that to condemn the particular religion that I practice. If you can do that, then I might listen to your complaint about 19 terrorists invoking a name that I also invoke, albeit in another language.

  3. I love Allan West, too! He speaks his mind and tells it like it is. “Islamophobia” is a term coined by CAIR and related Islamic groups as a social and cultural weapon to acquire sympathy from otherwise ignorant, naive non-Muslims (most of whom are leftists). If you ask any ex-Muslim why they left Islam, if you ask any persecuted Jew, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist in a predominantly Muslim country, and if you read the many verses in the Koran that advocate Muslims to kill infidels, gays, women, and apostates – then they have every right to be “Islamophobe” (fear of Islam’s tyrannical, oppressive and deadly teachings)!!!

    And yes, I am a proud Islamophobe!

  4. Same hate; new target. It’s the modern incarnation of the 19th Century No-Nothing Movement, who sought to ban Catholics from immigrating to the US, because they owed their allegiance to a foreign Pope – which prevented them from being good loyal Americans and made them a danger to ‘American values’.

  5. @angela: Matthew 7:6 reads, “Do not give to dogs what is sacred; nor throw your pearls to swine lest they trample them under their feet, and then turn on you to tear you to pieces.”

    If we were to base our entire interpretation of Christianity on proof-texting this verse, we must conclude Christianity’s opponents are little better than human wildlife, an accusation you and many others seem to think Islam holds toward non-Muslims. And yet we know there are many opinion leaders in the US, such as General Boykin, a former officer in the invasion of Iraq, who blatantly calls for a Holy War against Islam. One must imagine what the Muslim sitting in another part of the world thinks when he reads Boykin’s many comments and knows his military participation of waging war in the Middle East.

    It is absurd, however, to make such a simplistic and harsh interpretation of Christianity based on a handful of cherry picked verses and the actions and speech of people such as Boykin and that knuckle-headed pastor that wanted to burn the Qur’an.

    Just as it is absurd to over-simplify and demonize the faith of 1.7 billion people based on the same shallow, self-serving methodology I have just pointed out.

  6. As I’m listening and watching this, I notice that only parts of the speech Allen West gave was hi-lited. In what was hi-lited, what he said was anything incorrect. The terriorist that flew those planes that day, believed that they were doing it in the name of there god. At this point in time, question should be ask of the Muslim. We read on the internet about the bloodshed that is occurring in the name of Allah, and most Americans ask if this could happen here again.
    My belief is that 99 pluis % of the Muslim in this country just want to raise there family and do well in this country and they seem to be succeeding. That 1% or less has really have the people worrying. Unfortunastely Muslim will be under the microscoop for quite awhile. You can agrue that this is wrong, but until the Muslim repudiate the violent part of there religion, not just here, but world wide, it will remain the same.

  7. @JAW Where do you draw this 1 percent from? There are several million Muslims in the US, and an average of six terrorist attempts a year, half of which are by single, self-recruited individuals. A handful of individuals in a population of several million is hardly any where near one percent; it’s practically insignificant statistically. I live more in fear of the gangbangers who’ve broken into the houses in my middle-class neighborhood – armed with guns – than I am of a Muslim terrorist attack.

  8. Corey, if you’re worried about those gangbangers I would suggest owning a shotgun. Pistols and rifles will shoot through walls and could kill members of your family or neighbors. A shotgun blast will diminish quickly but will have a devastating effect on your target. In addition not much aiming is required to hit your target. Break-ins like your describing happen rarely where I live but most people own guns and would not tolerate such activity. Note: we do have break-ins but they occur in houses that are empty of people.

  9. Let me make this as easy as I can! Islamophobia is just a polite way of hiding the truth! If you consider yourself an islamophobe, you are a “Muslim Hater”! plain and simple! Islamophobia is “Muslim Hating” and all of those who subscribe to “Muslim Hating” are no different than the Nazis, The Klan, White supremists and other despotic organizations!!!!

  10. Daniel- I guess you can say that I suffer from the made up word “Islamophobia”. It was made up to put people on a quilt trip so they wouldn’t question Islam. If you really read the history of Islam, starting with 50 years before Mohammed to the current, a lot of question would be raised by any straight thinking person. And yes, Christianity doesn’t have a very good track record either. But no 15 year Baptist has recently walk into a Catholic church and blew himself up with everybody else. I personally do not have a problerm with Muslim, Live and Let Live, Islam is another story. I will continue to question Islam, no matter what someone calls me.

    Okay 99.999%. The 1% comes from an article on this web page that said only 1% of the Muslim world Wide were extremist. If you do the math that is a frighting number.

  11. Welll that’s real cute guys. I’m a Muslim, my family is Muslim, many of my friends are Muslims, and as you can probably guess we live in America and although we’ve been getting threats we still like it here. I’m sorry that those evvil evil 10 or so guys that claim Islam is their religion(they are LIARS. No real Muslim accepts that Bin Laden was the ‘sheikh of Islam’ HAH! More like the ‘shame of Islam’.) I do not know what drives these people to do what they do. Misinterpretations of the Quran, or influential violence and stuff. But I an tell you, MOST Muslims would rather just chill in the park and eat ice cream or pray peacefully in their mosques than try to blow up something.

    And BTW, when the japanese Gov. bombed pearl Harbor, back in the 40’s, the President went to the TV’s and said that the Americas had somethingto fear when in their malls, in their schools and homes. It was (dun=dun-dunnnn) Communism. He didn’t explain to them what it even was. He just made sure they were afraid of it.

    Do you know what communism is? It’s just a political system consisting of two particulars.
    1. There should be no social classes. No poor lower class, and no fat cat upper class. We are all equal in the govs eyes.
    2. We as people, have a right to be in charge and incorporate our ideas into the gov.

    Sure, Russia, China and Japan had their setbacks when it came to communism, but don’t we all have government troubles? Don’t we? Of course. Look, I am n communist, I’m a democrat, and I don’t really support anything else. Anyway, if you haven’t gotten the message, it’s fear-mongering. They WANT you to be afraid and hateful. The corrupt countries overseas, Iran and Pakistan for example are being lead by fear-mongering, evil men who oppress their own people as well. I’m just saying, out of like a few guys you cannot judge a whole religion. We dont believe in killing or bombing or suicide. Because Suicide in any form is forbidden. If you get killed in a war, you know um involuntarily i guess, then iits not a sin. but seriously kal the taliban and Al Qaeda think that by straping on bombs and killing non Muslims or even Muslims they are going to heaven.

    SIGH. Stupid fake, posers and their way of twsiting Islam’s views and morals.

  12. Lol, brothers and sisters, don’t worry. Every soul will recieve what it has earned on the final day. Let them hate.

    Inna laylahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. 🙂

  13. William Shelton,

    yes islam is a religion, but is it not also a political system? does it not seek to govern the everyday life of the populace?


    you are absolutely right. the christians have some very disturbing statements in their holy book. as do the jews and the muslims. don’t you think we should abandon these ancient texts that are often violent in nature and clearly open to vastly dfferent interpretations? they are poorly written at best. but yeah i agree one should be more worried about daily criminality then terrorism.

    btw there is a pistol called “the judge” that shoots .410 shells.

    Daniel Fink,

    really? one can’t disagree with something without being called a “hater”?


    they say it’s .04%. but yeah they don’t like to do the math. at 1,500,000,000 billion. thats 60,000,000. even more if you take coreys 1.7billion, or some say there are 2 billion muslims. they are always funny with numbers here. when it suits them only 2% of americans are muslim (nothing to worry about) then in the next paraghraph muslims comprise 20% of the world population. i guess that means they can’t be ignored.

  14. Mike

    two thumbs up. you can get down to a point without stretching into multiple paragraphs. Unlike me. Stupid A.P. Compostion class making me want to write so much.

  15. there is one verse given in the Holy Quran:

    We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.[5:32]

    i find it clear in this verse that God has forbidden killing of innocent people. so those who claim to be muslims and ‘terrorise’ people with their suicide bombings, are going against the teachings of Islam.

  16. zainab,

    don’t you see the problem with that verse? so who defines corruptiion? is blasphemy corrupting the land? is building an idol to a buddha corrupting the land? is drawing a piture of the prophet with corrupting the land? is commiting adultry corrupting society? is gossip corrupting society? is wearing a bikini corrupting the beach?

  17. zainab,

    [5.33] The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,

  18. How come no-one is talking about the CHRISTIAN man who went off his nut and killed all those people Anders Behring Breivik…. oh yes that is right, he was not a REAL Christian…….. well guess what the evil extremists that did 9-11 were not REAL Muslims.
    REAL Muslims are not a danger, just like REAL Christians are not a danger….. but beware of those that perform evil and hate in God’s name. No matter what language it is spoken in.

  19. catt,

    what are you talking about? there is currently an article about Anders Behring Breivik on this very website. you forgot to bring up timothy mcveigh. so are hamas members “real” muslims? was khalid al walid, “the sword of allah” a real muslim? was the prophet a real muslim when he killed the banu qurayza? i think the difference is that according to christian mythology jesus said turn the other cheek, where as muhammad said, cut of their heads and every fingertip, lay in ambush for them and slay them wherever you find them. the problem is not with the outliers, well that is a problem when they blow things up, but with the koran itself. oh yeah and the hadiths.

  20. Oh Mike Mike Mike

    I noticed you love to post ayahs that seem violent and yet you fail to mention the condition, place and time the prophet or God has placed the verse.

    This was in war. against the persians this time, i think. They had many violent and downright bloody fights with them for a long time an the Prophet got a verse from Allah saying that they must be fought and seeing as necessary since they would fight until no Muslim stood. (Have you ever heard o the persian empire, they were RUTHLESSLY strong and somewhat violent.) No offense to iranians. Even if it weren’t the Iranians, the Muslims had battles with many of the strongest empires there ever were. And these empires were determined to crush Islam, and God wouldnt allow that.

    GOD mike can you complete your research before you spew that garbage? “Muslims don’t turn the other cheek.” My ass. So what did the prophet do when the people of Taa’if had their children throw rocks at him and run him out of town until he was a bloody mess? Did he turn around and threaten to kill them? NO. When Jibreel asked him if he could kill them, he still said NO. Let them be.

    What did the prophet do when the Quraysh put him and the Muslims under siege, killing his wife and uncle? there were battles fought before and after but with God’s decree. The prophet never touched a living soul and that’s sick of you to say he did. To say we never turn the other cheek? WTF do you think Mohammad did his whole fucking life when people were always there; throwing garbage on him when he was passing by, dumping the blood and placenta of a recently pregnant camel on him in his prayer, trying to kill him time and time again in his own house, stoning him, stoning his wife, his children, when his former son-in-laws would mistreat his daughters he implored God to help him so he took his daughters away and God promised the men and their parents would burn in hell for an eternity. Ever heard of surat al Masad? The prophet was the EPITOME of peace making, he’s practically a fucking descendant of Jesus, not just Abraham, he was a prophet, the Lord never lets a prophet go astray. Now I’m just disgusted.

    Either you drank too much or you really are that ignorant.

  21. elle,

    “Either you drank too much or you really are that ignorant.” could be a combination ofthe two. my ignorance is certainly vast. but yeah i’ve heard of the persian empired. conquered by alexander the great once. about what a 1000 years earlier, who was that dyrissous the second, heard of xerxes even before 300 came out, those spellings maybe be way of but i’m sure you know who i’m talking about? anyways, i’m pretty sure the war with the persians didn’t start until 633 and muhammad died in 632. i’m pretty sure that only the first three battles, badr, uhud and ditch are refered to in the koran?

    “GOD mike can you complete your research before you spew that garbage?” well you could spend serveral lifetimes studying the koran, the history and all the possible implications and interpretations. in the meantime here is what muhammad asad says about this verse, it has 3 footnotes. page 172. footnote 43 of the surah: The term “apostle” is evidently generic in this context. By “making war on God and His apostle” is meant a hostile opposition to, and and a willful disregard of, the ethical precepts ordained by God and explained all His apostles, combined with “. footnote 44: In classical Arabic idiom, the “cutting off of one’s hands and feet” is often synonymous with “destroying one’s power”, and it is possibly in this sense that the expression has been used here. Alternately, it might denote “being mutilated”, both physically and metaphorically – similar to the (metonymical) use of the ex[ression “being crucified” in the sense of “being tortured”. ….talk about run on sentences – then he defines min khilaf and the 45 footnote he explains, at grat length why he puts “in great numbers after the “seemingly” violent commands?….srry done typing for 2nite,

    “blame it on my A.D.D baby, sail…

    “Ever heard of surat al Masad?” no but i’ll read it right now, if it’s not too long. sail…

    could these lyrics be considered corrupting? like rushdie’s book? “the conscious endeavor to destroy or undermine other people’s belief in God as well”

  22. oh “the twisted strands” (asads english title) yeah i read that one.

    The Flame
    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

    [111.1] Perdition overtake both hands of Abu Lahab, and he will perish.
    [111.2] His wealth and what he earns will not avail him.
    [111.3] He shall soon burn in fire that flames,
    [111.4] And his wife, the bearer of fuel,
    [111.5] Upon her neck a halter of strongly twisted rope.

    The Palm Fiber


    تبت يدا أبي لهب وتب

    May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, and ruined is he.


    ما أغنى عنه ماله وما كسب

    His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained.


    سيصلى نارا ذات لهب

    He will [enter to] burn in a Fire of [blazing] flame


    وامرأته حمالة الحطب

    And his wife [as well] – the carrier of firewood.


    في جيدها حبل من مسد

    Around her neck is a rope of [twisted] fiber.

  23. Islam this and Islam that… What about the so called Great white Christians that hung blk people because they were not white so is everyone who is white racists Christians. Are they the white terrorist that help shaped America. Islam is so violent but yet to be Christian ur salvation is based of murder.

  24. Mike

    DAMN your right, the persians came AFTER, I was wondering why the site said “religion of peace” with quotations. Hm.

    BUT, I know the prophet never ordered somone to just be killed wtf he wouldn’t even let the sahaba beat up a guy that peed in the corner of a masjid.. The prophet was a beautiful and kind soul and took care of widows, orphans, animals and nature. Did I tell you he hugged a tree? Literally? Listen Mike the Quran doesn’t always TELL people to do things, like that ayah, it’s more like, to learn from them, or learn about them. To warn us. Except the ayahs covering marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc.

    Yep, surat Masad. It talks about in the early days of islam, The prophet was approached by his uncle Abu Al-Uzza(referred to as Abu-Lahab), who was a cruel man who opposed Islam, and his two sons. The two sons wanted the prophet’s two oldest daughters Ruqayya and Um Kulthum in marriage. Fatima, still a child at the time, over heard this and went to tell her sisters. The Prophet talked to Khadija his wife about it. Khadija knew Uzza’s wife was a mean old bat and was afraid she’d give her daughters a hard time, but she asked her daughters if they wanted to marry the Uzza boys and they were up for it.

    They got married. Um Kulthum and Ruqayya suddenly realized why Abu Lahab and his wife were so notorious-and went to complain to their father. The Prophet was hurt and just about angry so he went to Abu Lahab and went all “how can you treat my daughters this way” (and btw they were able to marry Non Muslim men because that as a rule didn’t come down yet) and then he ordered for a divorce (also a rule that didn’t come down yet) and the Prophet had his daughters back. That’s when God sent down the surah condemning Abu Lahab, and his wife to Hell.

    The daughters of the prophet were happy as clams. Ruqayyah married Uthman Bin Affan, and he treated her like a princess and made her the happiest woman ever. But one day she got sick, and while she was dying, a battle had been going on and uthman was called to go fight. The Prophet knew as a widower and a father how it felt to lose someone dear to him (Khadia in the siege and his two infant sons, the first of his children to die I believe.) and told him to stay put to care for his wife and daughter. When Ruqayyah died, Uthman wanted a wife like her, and the subject of um kulthum being single was brought to his attention. He asked the prophet for her hand in marriage and Um Kulthum readily agreed. Now uthman always loved Ruqayyah but he needed a wife like her. Plus he loved Um Kulthum too. So yea. That’s the full story behind surat al masad.

  25. Abu Al-Uzza(referred to as Abu-Lahab) “he of the flame”.

    anyways my main point was that it simply stuck me as strange that one verse says, to kill anyone is like killing all mandkind, and then the next is commanding the killing of people? it’s much like moses/the ten commandments said “thou shall not kill” so why are not the abrahamic faiths not pacifists”?
    the definition of “innocent” or “spreading mischief/corruption” leaves much to the imagination, don’t you think? some sunni believe shia’s are spreading mischief, right? is american intevention into afghanistan and iraq “spreading mischief”? sahra said what? that atheists are the worst of people, shells of people, something like that? and she is an american i think?

    anyways i don’t get why no one will give an opinion of the fatawa on salmon rushdie??????

    have a good night and keep studying, but don’t worry about the battles too much. that’s what they use to radicalize some.

  26. MIKE

    Hooooolllllldddd on. The persians actually existed BEFORE Islam, before Jesus before this whole “abrahamic” faith thing really started. The Akkadians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians (the first Semites, the first civilizations to ever exist) all fought the Iranians and the Indo-Europeans. The thing is, no matter how much the Persians fell, they always managed to pick themselves up, they fought battles with the Assyrians, with the Muslims, the reason why they don’t appear so much in history books is because whenever their emipre failed to conquer a land or lost a big battle, they fell into a state of invisibility. they were always there, ALWAYS since the beginning of time, but they disappeared and re-appeared throughout the years, growing stronger and falling over and over again. It’s a pride thing I guess.

    ANYWAY. I have a wonderful little article from my history book about the falsehood of Islam being spread by the sword. I’ll post here in a sec.

  27. “Why all this talk of war and battles? Islam menas peace through submission to Allah!

    It may seem strange to associate the spread of religion with warfare. These two aspects of human civilization would seem to be completely opposite impulses. Of course, the record of human history is full of wars fought in the name of religion, in opposition to religion and even between sects within the same religion. Yet one of the central tenets of most religions have been brotherhood and peace.

  28. Islam has constantly been singled out for accusation that its adherents, starting with the prophet Muhammad himself, sought to spread Islam by the sword. This is particularly strange in light of the Quranic order not to seek conversion through force, “La Ikraha fid-din” Let there be no compulsion in religion. Fortunately for serious historians, evidence has been well-preserved, and the factual record is clear. Prophet Muhammad can certainly not be accused as an aggressor. We can remember that he and his followers suffered life-threatening persecution (to which many succumbed) throughout most of the Mekkan period. The decision to migrate was accompanied by an assassination attempt carried by the pagans Quraysh.

    The appearance of a growing Muslim community at Madinah was seen by the Quraysh as a provocation to attack. If they had been unable to stop Muhammad while he was defenseless at Mekkah, how much more dangerous to the Quraysh’s cherished power would they seem living in Madinah.

    Around this time, the permission to fight was revealed, and shortly afterward the first of several battles began at Badr, most involving the Quraysh and their allies. The battles that followed were struggles for survival waged as defensive wars. As soon as the Quraysh realized they could not so easily beat Mohammad, they became ready to recognize him as a negotiating partner, Mohammad concluded a peace treaty with them: the Treaty of Hudaibiya. Even after the treaty was violated by the Quraysh, the Muslims’ victory over the Mekkans was nearly bloodless.

    Military engagement was made necessary by opposition, and it was fought according to rules protecting innocent lives and property. Hostilities halted as soon as peace became possible. The same was essentially true for the other campaigns, some of which did not involve the Quraysh, but the other tribes in the peninsula. As it turned out, the Quraysh accepted islam, as did most other opponents , but not at the same time, or as a result of coerced conversion by the sword. Tribes and individuals saw it was in their interest to join in the ranks of the Muslims. The Riddah Wars set down the principle that the adherence to islam was not a trivial matter, a case of pick and choose, or a function of loyalty to Prophet Muhammad alone, but a commitment to a complete way of life.”

    -A History of Muslim Civilization, Huseyin Abiva and Noura Durkee.

    If you want to read the rest of it, get the book, it’s really enlightening. If your really interestd, that piece is on page 179. Get the book, you’ll learn so much.

  29. “Hooooolllllldddd on. The persians actually existed BEFORE Islam,” yes like i said alexander the great conquered them, 300 years before jesus? anyways, this sucks u always come on when the rays game is on…got to go. my point was the muslims didn’t fight the persian until after muhammad’s death and therefore the verse couldn’t be a refeance to that war. you can read my zorostian link on the greek article. there is a link to the sayyidian? persians. check u later.

  30. Mike you’re an idiot

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