Saturday, April 17, 2021   

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Israeli Settlers Vandalize and Set Mosque on Fire

Settler crying after his illegal outpost was demolished. Later they went and set a mosque on fire.

Settler crying after his illegal outpost was demolished. Later they went and set a mosque on fire.

Israeli Settlers Vandalize and Set Mosque on Fire

Can anyone imagine if Muslims had done this to a so-called “disused” Synagogue, Church, etc.? You can be sure there would be a big brouhaha over how Islam is evil and is trying to destroy the “infidel.”

Earlier in the day, Israeli settlers in the West Bank tried to set a fire inside a disused mosque to protest the Israeli military’s destruction of three settler houses at an illegal outpost.

The police and witnesses said the settlers threw burning tires into the mosque and spray-painted the names of two settlement outposts on the walls, including that of Migron, where the army destroyed three buildings constructed on private Palestinian land. The Israeli Supreme Court determined that the entire outpost was built on such private land, but the three chosen for destruction had been built after that decision was handed down. (Via the NewYorkTimes)


  1. The Israelis have done a lot worse. Like when they threw sulfuric gasses into some cities, which burned people and no matter what you did, the flames would only continue to burn, and in the end it would kill you, melt your skin and cook your organs. or when they pulled my cousin and her family out of her house without warning and demolished it.

    Do you know how many people die so brutally at the hands of israeli soldiers, and these poor Jews don’t even realize that people are dying at their freakin’ expense. And kal, they yell HAIL ISRAEL. Ok, its killing people and denying their right to live and exist, sorry, I won’t worship or follow you.

  2. I responded earlier today and listed 6 links where Muslims had burned churches or synagogues but the links seem to be stuck awaiting moderation

  3. criley,

    dont put put more than one link per comment box. although ive seen two go through, but ive noticed multiple links get held and sometimes dont go through moderation.


    don’t mean to nit-pick but like i said i can be a literalist sometimes, and you seem to be swinging and missing on alot of your points today. or yesterday. first what speech are you talking about by the president after pearl harbour. i don’t even think malls existed in the 40’s? the day in infamy speech made no mention of fear? and i think you mean white phosphorous.

  4. Well obviously but the countires surrounding the area like vietnam and china and loas were all communist, and of course after Pearl Harbor came around people were jailing japanses ppl and treating them horribly and calling them communist and what not.

    Oooh, soory it was a senator, Joseph Mccarthy.

    he was deldued, telling everyone to be afraid.
    So they didn’t have markets? Or stores? Public Places? i’m sure they did.

  5. criley

    Oy. You people must not get it. I already know that a bunch of Muslim attacks on churches and temples and synagogues have hapened in the past, but I’m trying to get you people to understand. NO SANE AND PIOUS MUSLIM WOULD EVER TOUCH ANOTHER RELIGIONS’ HOLY PLACE OR CHURCH OR WHATEVER.

    In otherwords, Allah has made Christians and Jews our people of the book, our brothers and sisters. See, deranged and twisted men like Bin Laden thought it was ok to bomb innocent people. It’s not. No matter what religion they are. I have nothing against either, but the fact that Israeli Jews have taken over my land and killed off so many of my people makes me bitter.

    And if the Israelis hate us so much, if thats really the case, shoudln’t they be condemned for their actions as well? Shouldn’t they be seen as intolerant people too? Cause…if I went to an Israeli soldier and asked him why he does what he does, he will ignore me or yell at me, or in some cases, pull off my scarf. All has hapened in my situation. Israelis hate Palestinains, or many of them do. And the occupation is the reason why many Palestinains AND Muslims (bcuz Muslims of ever race and culture should care for their own brothers and sisters) dislike them as well. This is a bitter political subject. It’s hard to get into. Go on the CIA spies on Mosques article and look for my EXTREMELY long comment about pPalestine, if you read it you might understand.

    But besides that…I don’t support bombing of anything. Mosques Churches, synagogues, -schools, hospitals (which Israelis have destryoed in Gaza) homes and the like. It’s not Islamic and it’s not right.

  6. Lol sorrrryyy I had my brother write everything for me yesterday cause i had my hands full with some housework. He would tell me what you guys responded and I would yell to him from another room what my answer was. I guess he didn’t hear me so he just made up something.The idiot. No i know all about the phospherous, I told him, what the hell did he get sulfur. Oh well, but yes, that stuff will be adeath sentance from the moment you touch it.


    This isn’t religious freedom for Jews. This is sick twisted terrorism committed by Israeli soldiers. They blame us for 9/11? It was done by crazy extremsits. The same goes for the occupation of Palestine. Some Jews don’t support it but ither way its the Iraeli terrorists who seem to live off of palestinain blood. that must be it.


    ahem. Alcohol is the serum of truth.

    (stereotypical dumb blonde voice) “I’m a poilitcal science major……who’s benjamin yahu?” Just pathetic.

  9. Elle, there is the rub. If all Muslims believed the way you do then we would not be having these problems. The fact is that many Muslims do not believe as you do and it seems that most anyone and anything is fair game. Just as people have trouble distinguishing between, lets say, baptists, they have trouble figuring out which groups of Muslims they need to fear and which they do not. I equate it to the poision watermelon in the watermelon patch. 99 percent of them define watermelon’s as god has made them but that 1 percent that is left will persuade most people to avoid the entire patch.

  10. Look, Criley, MOST of us watermelons are good watermelons ok?

    Wow you know you’ve gone bananas when your comparing yourself to fruit. Stupid AP class.

    Anyway, about 10-30 of the million muslims are crazy people who I wouldn’t dare even assume to be real Muslims cause they are horrible killers.

    Come to a local mosque where i live and you’ll see just how normal and calm and peaceful we really are.

  11. Oh and by the way, many palestinians are Christian too, not just muslim. In the video i posted (the song) there was a picture of a father kissing the forehead of his dead daughter who was put in a box with a cross drawn on it, and there was a picture of Jesus Christ also in the box with her.

  12. Elle, I never called anyone a watermelon 🙂 you made the point yourself by using the 30-40 million figure. Islam is being defined by a small number of people when compared to the size of the religion. Somehow the other billion or so Muslims need to find a way to step up take their religion back from these “wayward Muslims “and isolate those that seem hell bent on Defaming and disparaging its prophet Mohammad by committing blasphemous acts in his and Gods name.

  13. Elle, I was thinking about your statement that only a small percentage of Islamic followers are violent. It seems to me the problem has been how to isolate this group of people and set them apart from the rest of Islam. I realize Islam has many factions and that not all get along but even so the majority within these factions are peaceful. I have noticed, in life, one way to define a subgroup is by the simple use of a label. Maybe what the subset of Muslims who are violent need is a label that sets them apart and stigmatizes them in the eyes of the peaceful majority.
    An example may be the term revilhommidism or revilhommidist. The word revile is taken from a set of words that define Blasphemy such that Revilhommidism would indicate a belief set that repudiates or Blasphemes the teaching of Mohammad by a perverse following of its belief structure, and a revilhommidist would be one who follows the doctrine of Revilhommidism. Now it does not matter if these suggestions are used or not, but by using terms such as these you isolate these violent extreme factions and deny them membership into the Islamic religion. If the billion plus other members of the Islamic religion followed suit then one could eat away at the support base these violent people rely upon for support. Currently Islamic leaders repudiate the actions of these criminals but you’re the first Muslim I have come across that is willing to say that these people are not even truly Muslim.

  14. No killer of innocent people can be truly Muslim.

    like out of the million muslims we have that would be willing to lead the muslims in a peaceful and Islamic manner, we’ve got te nutjobs who are indeed hell bent on making us all look bad as ur leaders. See criley the thing is we want a good rep we want good leaders and govs, fair governements but we’re stuck wih the Taliban and Al Qaeda who happen to be killing US off as well. The Taliban are killing off Afghani families for no reason, and they tell the world it was an act of self defense. (wtf) Al Qaeda targets Iraqis and blame it on the US army. Not saying that the army hasn’t been so innocent but still. And then there’s the Iranian gov who oppresses anyone that isn’t a governemnt official….who I think also support the Taliban

    We as Muslims know the crazies when we see them, why? Bcuz we ARE Muslim, we kow the right Islamic law and we know when its being raped by extremists. Every day americans don’t see the difference. there is no “seperate label” for the crazies and the normies. To us there may be but in the americans’ eyes, and the medias eyes were all one poisoned watermelon patch.

  15. I was watching CNN just now and there was this old guy talking about a feared attack on the Sears Tower….he said “when the attacks happen”. He didn’t say, “if” he said “when”

    Uhhhh…………..did anyone else catch that?

  16. Elle ….. I find it amusing that so many try to claim all Muslims are the same….. when I hear someone say that I share the story of the Muslims in Albania when Hitler invaded the country. Next they try to tell me that it can’t be true because everybody knows Muslims hate the Jews, I go on to explain that REAL Muslims have no hate for anyone, they do not allow it for it would give space to evil. Then they tell me I am a liar and making up stories …… a traitor because I am helping protect terrorists. I tell them that faithful Muslims would not even protect terrorists and I certainly would not as a Christian. I am then told that a ‘Christian’ would not stand up for Muslims, so I advise them to read the part of the bible where Jesus speaks of love. Real Christians can recognize our brothers and sisters, The actions of love toward your neighbors here on earth breaks through other barriers.
    We have the same problem with extremists that profess to be Christian. It is an embarrassment along the same line as watching a grown boy throw a screaming fit professing to be a man….. Sadly many of them have taken a keen interest in politics lately and could very well be the ruin of our once great nation.

    God, please save us from those that commit great evil in your name, and help us to keep our hearts open so we may always recognize our brothers and sisters.

  17. ^^thanks


  18. catt

    “I find it amusing that so many try to claim all Muslims are the same”, who does that?

  19. A lot of people do.

    Hera, Lovethemmoonbats,–I suspect and of course that sack of #$%@* Ella, and so on……..

    Or the people that made the website with the following healiner

    “It’s not Islamophobia if they are really trying to kill you. Muslims-Communist loving, Jew Hating terrorists etc.”

    Just saying. So many people out there don’t believe the way you do Mike.

  20. OMG Pamela Geller insists that Hitler was influenced by islam. WTF?!?!?! Islam doesn’t call for genocide or killing somone if they don’t convert

    CRAP I had an ayah to prove this and i had the page bookmarked but my friend stole it from me. gr that clepto, anyway I know it’s surah 10

  21. elle,

    don’t you have school tomorrow? are you thinking of: there is no compulsion in religion? but i took your advice. been reading the koran backwards. your right the surahs are much shorter.


    قل يا أيها الكافرون

    Say, “O disbelievers,


    لا أعبد ما تعبدون

    I do not worship what you worship.


    ولا أنتم عابدون ما أعبد

    Nor are you worshippers of what I worship.


    ولا أنا عابد ما عبدتم

    Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship.


    ولا أنتم عابدون ما أعبد

    Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship.


    لكم دينكم ولي دين

    For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”

    anyways, i’m going to finish this beer and go to bed. will respond to your other comments 2morrow. now ur giving me homework assignments?

  22. Believe it or not it took me almost a week to perfect that surah.

  23. “If it had been your Lord’s will, all who are on Earth will have believed, altogether. Will you then force the people to become believers? No soul can have faith except by the will of Allah.” (10:99)

    BAM! proof that Islam does not approve of forcing religion on ANYONE!

  24. [10.100] And it is not for a soul to believe except by Allah’s permission; and He casts uncleanness on those who will not understand.

    so i don’t get it. you can’t believe but by the permission of god, but He casts uncleanness on those who will not understand. ????

  25. Like you said in the other article, God makes those he pleases to be blind and deaf, so unclean to God is also like not being a beleiver of Him, not submitting to Him.

    Like if you are an Atheist perhaps, and someone tells you about Islam o you read up. If God wills you too, you will like it, you will love it and you will keep reading and understanding. Some, by the will of God, like Glenn beck, will see it in front of him but he won’t REALLY see it, he won’t get the message. he’s only going to see what he wants, therefore staying the ignorant snot he is. And God knows he will not understand, he will not accept, so he lets Satan lead him astray. So he is considered unclean. I mean, you don’t have to be Muslim to be clean. SOme are only by name, like a couple of jerks at my school, and some non-Muslims are better than real Muslims. Or for example. Zakariyah was a Jewish prophet, a Hebrew one. The religon wasn’t called Islam, but to us, it was an early form of it. He’s going to Heaven. Or Moses’ sister, I think it was Maryem, a beautiful hearted woman, Jewish, hebrew, going to Heaven. Women like her, clean. Men lie Zak, clean. I guess it all depends on who god let’s astray. Let’s hope we stay on sirat-al mustaqeem, the righteous path

  26. guess i should quit reading the koran????????

    Eskimo: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” Priest: “No, not if you did not know.” Eskimo: “Then why did you tell me?”
    Annie Dillard

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