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Terry Jones returns to Michigan to denounce Islam

8 September 2011 General 24 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Terry Jones

by Marisa Schultz/ The Detroit News

Lansing — Terry Jones, the controversial Florida pastor, returned to Michigan on a rainy Wednesday night for a 30-minute speech on the steps of the Capitol where he railed about radical Islam.

The pastor’s speech was greeted by more police, media and protesters than supporters or curious onlookers.

About a dozen protesters started chanting “Say No to Hate” during Jones’ speech before police quieted them down.

“Terry Jones is not welcome here,” said protester David Mitchell, 30, of Lansing, who held a banner with others saying: “They shall not pass.”

Jones, wearing jeans and a Harley Davidson black bomber jacket, decried Islam as a not a peaceful religion and oppressive to women. The Islamic law, Sharia, should not be tolerated, he said.

“Islam is a religion that hates freedom of speech,” Jones said.

He was in Lansing to support a new organization, Operation Freedom’s Tree, founded by James Terpening. The political group denounces Islam as evil.

Jones supporter Eugene Connors, 40, of Lansing agrees. One sign he held said: “Stop Burning Christians.”

“People don’t realize the threat Islam poses to everyone,” he said.

Afterward, Jones said he doesn’t have a problem with Muslims, just the radical element and Sharia. Jones lamented the low turnout, including the no-show of state Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grandville, who authored legislation to ban foreign law.

“He chickened out,” Jones said.

Asked if he has plans to burn the Quran again, Jones said no.

Jones, who caused a hubbub for burning the Quran in March, also caused a stir with a visit to Dearborn during the Arab International Festival this summer.

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Original post: Terry Jones returns to Michigan to denounce Islam


  1. That’s really funny. You know, in Islam, if yu see something wrong, you report it. You DO something about it.
    He’s just a fear-mongering, uneducated man. Like glenn Beck. or Pamela Geller.


  2. I guess is 15 minutes of fame is expiring.

  3. People should stop caring what this man does and let him fade away.

  4. true…too bad people actually listen to him.

    Since Michigan has the most amount of Muslims in IT, people should use that as an example of the fact that we’re all chill people. Glenn Beck made a big deal of detroit being “like Iraq” and he kept repeating that we’re threats to everyoes safety. Like wallah go to Mchigan, besides a few profanities on Mosque signsand stuff, you won’t see much hatred or tension.

    It was stupid of him to go there. I should have gone there to interrupt his bull speech. :/

  5. Wow, some people REALLY REALLY nead to do a little of your own research about Shira law and islam and muslims. Try you tube, it’s a great way to really see islam for what it is. look up honour killings and watch a pour woman be stoned to death by her own family for being the victem of rape. Get a clue people, islam is a religeon of hate, not love. Love doesnt kill, obviously, and certainly doesnt kill loved ones like islam so happily does. Honestly, do your homework before making fun of this guy! He’s trying to save your country, so he deserves to be listened to.. not heard, LISTENED TO!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  6. oh, and a comment for Elle, in islam if you see something wrong, and report it you will be the one who is prosecuted. You need 4 women witnesses to any crime to make a valid complaint or you will be killed for making a non valid complaint. If you are raped and 3 other women are not there to watch it happen, you will be put to death, probably stoned. and what about the pedophiles with child wives? Do you know anything about this religion at all? you don’t seam to. Islam doesnt belong in a civilized world. PERIOD!

  7. this should be interesting……elle you want me to handle this one???


    “honour killings and watch a pour woman be stoned to death by her own family for being the victem of rape.”…honour killings aren’t prescriped anywhere in islamic law. they are remenants of local culture. non-muslim kurds commit honour killings. brazilians commet honour killings, mostly of gay male sons. it actually dates back to pre-islamic days, mostly out of the roman empire.

    “You need 4 women witnesses to any crime to make a valid complaint” where do you get that from. you may be confused about needing 4 witnesses if you accuse a woman of being unchaste. (not sure where you get they have to be women? if fact when witnessing legal documents, or at least wills, if you can’t find two men you can replace one man with two women. often leading critics of islam to say they treat women as half a man. sorry it’s when lending money [just a portion of the verse, it’s long] 2:282 “and call in to witness from among your men two witnesses; but if there are not two men, then one man and two women from among those whom you choose to be witnesses”)

    “[24.4] And those who accuse free women then do not bring four witnesses, flog them, (giving) eighty stripes, and do not admit any evidence from them ever; and these it is that are the transgressors,”

    but as you can see you only get 80 lashes for that not death.

    “what about the pedophiles with child wives”…are you talking about muhammad marrying a 9 year old? yes he entered into a marriage contract when she was six and married her at 9. but he didn’t consumate the marriage until she reached puberty. not sure how we know that but that is what they say. anyways that doesn’t constitute pedophilia (sex with a prepubescent child). statatory rape perhaps, but that is a modern concept. (i’ll employ some comparative deflection here) the catholic church considered 7 year olds to be adults because that was considered the age at which a person had a good grasp of language. for that time it was common practice throughout the world to marry once reaching puberty. hindu law allows marriage to any girl who is menstruating as long as they are 9. have you never heard of rights of passage for 12 year olds? bar & bat mitzvah?

    yeah elle, “Do you know anything about this religion at all? you don’t seam to.” lol

  8. shit i forgot, ella you need to get your information from somewhere other than fox. (lol that may actually be a true statement this time)

  9. Ella, normally, I’m not a user of swear words, but bitch, listen up.

    I’m a Muslim. OK? The penalty for RAPING A PERSON in Islam is different than the cultural shame of a raped person. Islam ain’t a culture you dumbass its strictly a religion. Let me guess, you saw that happen in Pakistan or Afghanistan or somewhere in that area right? Well guess what? The Middle Eastern gov is pretty much corrupted because they want to stay in power. They let things go mad.

    In Islam peace is supposed to be an everlasting feeling and message. We don’t hate anyone, and Bin Laden tried to make us look like hateful beasts on 9/11 but truth is we got nothing against anyne. God and the Prophets all taught us to love and appreciate all of God’s creations and miracles. If a person is Christian, so what? Jewish? So? Buddhist? Doesnt matter. The prophet told us t respect all people no matter what religion.

    THE PEDOPHILES WITH CHILD WIVES???? Oh, bitch you’re really digging yourself in there deep. In every culture at onepoint, even in King Henry the 8th of England’s kingdom decreed that teenagers could in fact be married. Arabs married their children at ages 11 and up, upon the time they hit puberty, and biologically they can have chldren which was important. Lineage in Arab culture is a big thing. Have respectable children that will be your heirs and that will keep you title clean.

    The prophet’s late wife Khadijah was 15 years his senior. His second wife, Aisha was (some pervs and misguided folk like to say she was 8 but the prophet would not allow that) around 12 at the time. Culturally, it was allowed. Mike you were wrong my friend.

    Civilized huh? READ THE FULL QURAN YOU SNOT. Understand it, or YOU will never belong with the civilized world.

  10. And anyway, in the Arab world (besides Islam) the marriage rules switched around. People get married much older these days. And Muslims didnt always marry their kids that young anyway.

    Everything the prophet did had a point. He hugged a tree to show that we must show love to the Earth God gave us.
    He married a poor widow and an old woman to show we need to protect those who need protecting.
    He would pause in his prayer when little children would be playing around him to show that children especially orphans should be played with and loved.
    He cried and shook whenever his camel would get sick or hurt to show that animals are creatures that deserve affection.
    He loved his daughter Fatima more than anything in the world to show that daughters are a blessed blessed ni’ma (blessing) from God and should never be taken for granted.
    He ate in moderation and walked around alot to show that physcal health was very important.
    He brushed his teeth with a miswak(a stick from a tree with natural flouride found in it) to show the significance of oral health.
    He never grew angry and always remained calm to show that anger and hate is an evil thing from satan.
    He invited non-muslims over to his house for dinner or tea frequently to show that respecting people of other religions was so very crucial, plus, it taught tolerance.
    He helped around the house for his wife to show that a man should always help his wife if she needs it to show he cares.

    I could go on and on. Please Ella, just read the Quran, ask a Sheikh, open your eyes. We aren;t here to hate. We aren’t here to kill. We are here as human beings who want a good and rich life. Stop watching Glenn Beck. I really urge you, swallow your pride and go to a mosque. Do something that could change your prespective. I’m not trying to convert you, I’m trying to just teach you.

    And btw, the Hijab is a form of modesty, it should never be forced on a woman and if it is, the man/woman who forced it on her will be punished severely. If let’s say, a father or mother wants to gently encourage their girl to wear it, they can but trying to push it is wrong. Some people dont think the law is applied to them but it is. So dont use that example if your thinking of it. And the burqa and abaya are not mandatory. it’s only loose-fitting modest dress. And it applies to guys too. They need to wear loose-fitting and modest stuff too but again pride gets in the way of understanding.

  11. Mike

    Lol I know!! Should freakin’ speak for yourself, I grew up with this religion, and te Arab culture. I know more about it than she ever will. And thank you. That was very nice. Defending us, I mean.


    since you like youtube so much. But of course youtube is used by all sorts of nutjobs, how would you know if it’s a reliable source??? Hmmmmmm

    EXAMPLE: People see Jewish Israelis stoning little palestinian children (christian and muslim) on their way to school. Some lady posted, “Let those kids die! Less terrorists in the future!”

    Uhhh, what? Who’s the terrorist now?

  13. elle,

    thanks, but didn’t you notice i took a few jabs at islam in my “defense”. what do you think about the verse i quoted? why do you need two women to replace one man? and of course there is the verse saying that men should inherit twice as much as women? anyways as for muhammad marrying a 9 year old, i’m pretty sure that is accepted as fact. the consumating of the marriage is certainly open for debate. do you think flogging is an acceptable punishment for anything in modern society?


    this story of aisha being lost is what lead to the verse 24:4.

  14. I know about the story of Aisha getting lost and took a ride with man i his caravan back home. People saw her and were like ‘oh the prophets wife is with another man???” and they spread the rumor like wildfire, until it reached the prophet. The prophet never believed in rumors but he was told by so many even he had to question her. He was actually really hurt.

    Aisha was so upset that no one believed her so she prayed to God asking for a sign r proof she had been faithful….So God sent down an ayah and the prophet and hiswife were then at rest.

    He didn’t marry her at 9, the youngest you could ever marry anyone is 12, in islam marrying a child is a sick sick thing. The girl has to hit the age of 12-13 after puberty and after she’s grown a bit and matured. At 9 your a little girl, wth Mike even you should realize that.

    Its like askking why a man can have 4 wives and a woman only one husband. (btw its because a man can impregnate one of his wives and they know who the father is. A woman gets impregnated by one of her 4 husbands, who knows wo the father is.) And don’t play that ultrasound shit with me, did they have technology like that back then?? No. Ask a sheikh.

    Wow Mike, SAUDI? Your giving me a link about Saudis?? They have the most corrupt government next to Iran and Iraq, it’s nasty and un Islamic. SIGH. If the prophet were here he would cry his heart out. I spit on the Saudi King.

  15. The man inheriting more than a woman is because a man in the future will have to protect and pay for his family later. Cause he’s as they say, a breadwinner so he needs the family to build them or buy them a home and take care of them.

    A woman isnt expected to be the breadwinner if she doesnt have to be, she lets the husband take care of that, but if shes a single mom she gets help from the people around her. Widows and divorced women always recieve help, in Islam you must.

  16. elle,

    yeah i’ve heard that the man is the “maintainer, protector” of the woman. just seems an outdated philosiphy to me. we don’t live in an agrarian society anymore. physical strength isn’t neccesary. look at steven hawkins. we dirty europeans have invented steam engines, internal cumbustion engines, hydraulics, electricity, computers, etc. etc. anyways, back to god’s law on inheritence. so you have a brother? so do your parents will have him inheriting twice as much as you? if your parents died in a plane crash would he arguee in court that he should get 2/3rds of the settlement against the airline? would you agree to having shariah law applied?

    “Wow Mike, SAUDI? Your giving me a link about Saudis??” yeah the guy is a grand mufti. doesn’t that mean he as demonstrated some knowledge of islamic law? “Ask a sheikh.” so what is a sheikh? i thought that was more a “secular” title then a religious on? isn’t a mufti more of a religious scholar than a sheikh? pretty sure his followers called bin laden a sheikh?

    “The girl has to hit the age of 12-13 after puberty and after she’s grown a bit and matured. At 9 your a little girl, wth Mike even you should realize that.” WOW. the ripe old age of 12, seriously. i don’t claim any divine knowledge, i’ve never spoke with an angel, but i would think we as a society should set the age a little closer to 25. speaking of ultrasounds, mris are showing that the brain is not fully developed till 25. undeveloped frontal lobes.
    you do know there are many cultures who trace liniage through the mother, not the father?

    “I spit on the Saudi King.” lol if you ever see king abdullah give him a loogie for me. jk. u shouldnt spit on people. would the prophet? you do know the hadith of the woman who would throw garbage on muhammad?

  17. Mike

    1. i never called the modern Europeans dirty, just the ones in Medieval timesbecause of their unhealthy bathing habits, using the bathroom in the streets, and whenever someone got sick or injured a doctor with unwashed hands and utensils would come and poke them with his gross hands. That’s how the Black Plague spread so quickly. And who knows, maybe the Pre-Islamic Arab were like that, too. But Islam came and the Prophet told, no, ordered, that people should be clean.

    “Cleanliness is half of faith.” And he also said “I would ask my followers to brush their teeth daily with a miswak but i cannot overburden them.” Another time he saw a man coming into a mosque with really old and smelly clothing and he said “Does this man have nothing clean to wear?” Plus, we wash ourselves with water after using the bathroom. Maybe its tmi but hey. And Islam was already spread before the Plague so while Europeans were dying in the millions, we were making an ablution for prayer 5 times a day. I’m not trying to bad mouth Europeans, I am not prejudice, but this is history.

    2. islam was decreed IN A TIME where a man was seen as the protector and the holder of his home. It’s to pay for his house, his children and wife’s food, his kids’ educations, and maybe to us now it seems old but living the way they did a long time ago this was the way to go. And plus, why should we change God’s word? The Old testament and the torah were changed but God sent it down as a final message that will never be changed, no matter how a person may try. And I’m not saying that God is telling us to live primitively, on the contrary, God wants us to move forward as a strong but peaceful civilization. But considering the normal circumstances, my brother would get 2/3 of the inheritance and hopefully as God commanded he would use it on his future family, me, my family (because a man should also support his sbilings, forgot to mention before sorry). I, would get 1/3, but I wouldn’t be the head of the house, my husband would be. While he spends his inherited money on me his kids and his other relatives, I get to keep my 1/3 and maybe save it for something special.

    3. Bin Laden was no sheikh. And neither is this loony “mufti”. ugh. Wallah these Middle Eastern Leaders need to step down and let a real Muslim take over. Really. It’s so disgusting. Imam Mustafa from the link I sent you, or Imam Said, they are so wise and really chill. But kinda like a father or uncle you wish you didn’t have. Like the one who tries to act cool in front of the young people. SIGH. i guess you’d have to know them.

    4. i know why you need 2 women to replace a man, because a women has less deen than the man. that sounds sexist but hold on. To pray 5 times a day, you need to be pure and clean, a woman menstruates one week every month, which makes her miss 35 prayers a week. And to fast during Ramadan, also mandatory, you must in fact be clean as well. A woman menstruates a week during Ramadan maybe, she misses 7 days of fasting AND prayer. And after she gives birth, she menstruates 40 days. Another month and 10 days o not praying. Also, women aren’t recquired to pray jama’ah at the mosque on Fridays, only men have too. A man never gets a period and never gives birth, therefore he has the burden/ responsibility of doing that which a women cannot or wilnot do. And its not the woman’s fault of course, because God created her that way, actually, no matter how much we whine about menstruation or childbirth or religious and household duties, they are blessings in diguise. God will give you that monthly gift to give you a break from fasting, especially if you have children and a home to look after it could be hard. God gave special meaning to EVERYTHING.

    4. True, the prophet would frown upon that. Shame on me. Bad Elle.

  18. I meant 5. sorry

  19. elle,

    like i said before you’re awsome. only you can spin “the curse” as a “monthly gift”. anyways i have to hit the bar to watch the rays game. if i’m not too drunk i hit u up later. btw ur boy iman said never replied to my email on slavery?

  20. lol T but hes kind of a chubby guy who’s like head of the mosque foundation, not only is he very very busy, he also has a hard time going up the stairs to his office.

    That’s so mean. Shame on me. lol

  21. I can see the wisdom behind the quote, but it’s a contradiction to Islamic teachings. We have to be clean, but we can never set ourselves up next to God, because He’s greater than all things, which is where “allah akbar” comes from.

    We can’t be godly, no matter what. But we MUST STAY CLEAN. And plus, who likes being dirty? blegh

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