Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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Hate Crime: Burnt Qur’an sent to Bronx mosque

Burnt Qur’an sent to Bronx mosque

A Bronx Imam received a partially burnt Koran, delivered in an envelope to his mosque the day before Sept. 11th.

The Imam found the Koran in a brown envelope, which showed up at his mosque on East 198th Street at around noon Saturday. There were also papers inside the envelope covered with cartoon like drawing depicting hatred towards Muslims.

The Imam also found white powder inside the envelope. Tests determined the powder was actually pieces of the burnt Koran.

The incident is being investigated by the hate NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force.

WABC, 13 September 2011


  1. Lord save us from these intolerant and mostly uneducated people.

  2. . . . So in order to hurt Muslims, he paid money to Muslims buying the Qur’an? Lol, he’s a smart one. Allah sees him and his actions and maybe one day he will realize what he’s done.

    The Qur’an is printed in the heart of every person; that’s gonna take a LOT of butane.

  3. Repel Evil with that which is Better.

    Please view Sheik Yusuf Estes’ video explaining the burning of the Quran.

  4. Sorry, that link didn’t work..

    inshallah this one will work

  5. Well that seems a bit hateful. Not cool.well………it happenes…..what can ya do….its just ignorance…. 🙂 god bless everyone no matter what….

  6. Allah is watching everything…..

  7. The Quran is the property of Allah and He will protect it, 79% of people of the world is awere that 911 is an inside job

  8. jamiu,

    really? good to know. so when there are suicide bombers in pakistan, that’s the cia? in conjunction with the isi of course. are you running around in circles with a sword raised screaming

    “may allah use me as the hand
    to protect the holy qur’an

    may the vengence of my lord
    be at the tip of my sword”

    hey that’s not to bad, right off the top of my head. feel free to use that next time you hijack a plane. you can throw in the requisite allahu akbar at the end but you’ll throw of my iambic pentamator.

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