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US Muslim receives hate message with burger

14 September 2011 General 30 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

He wanted to grab a meal at one of his favourite Texas burger joints, but what he got was a sick joke about one of the darkest days in U.S. history.

Tarek Ghalayani said he went to Petrol Station, a Houston, Texas, bar on Sunday with a friend to watch the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game. But when they decided to watch the second half at home, he ordered a burger to go, and was shocked by what came out of the kitchen. Scrawled on the to-go box was a message that read “Happy September 11th” with a plane flying into two towers.

Mr Ghalayani, a Muslim, said he was working near the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, and found the image disturbing. He told ABC 13: “It’s a sad day in this country’s history, where we lost 3,000 innocent lives and I don’t ever think there’s ever going to be a time when that’s OK.”

Mr Ghalayani said he demanded a refund, which he got from the manager – but without an apology or explanation. He also said he could hear someone behind the bar repeating “Allahu Akbar”, an Arabic phrase meaning “God is great”, that has also been heard by Islamic extremists in several terror attacks, including the crash of United Flight 93 outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 9/11.

Struck by the eatery’s actions, Mr Ghalayani went home and wrote about his experience on the popular review site He wrote:

“Within earshot, [the bartender] called my friend and I ‘a**holes’ for complaining about what he clearly thought was funny. Go there if you want a good burger – but know that you’re dealing with people who have no regard for you or what it means to be in this country. Some things are still sacred – and making light of the day that 3,000 innocent people lost their lives and being unapologetic about it is, in my view, a bit much.”

The review sparked a firestorm on social networking sites like Twitter, where it reached the bar’s owner, Ben Fullelove, who said he was not at the bar at the time of the incident. On Monday, the restaurant tweeted: “I am really sorry. Please don’t let this idiot be a reflection of Petrol.”

By that afternoon, the bartender responsible was fired. Mr Fullelove told ABC 13: “I just don’t understand how somebody could think that’s a joke. I mean, it’s not a joke. It’s not how I run my business.”

Later, Mr Fullelove met with Mr Ghalayani personally, and formally apologized, prompting Ghalayani to update his Yelp post. He wrote: “I wanted to update this – I was able to speak to the owner and have a good conversation about my experience at Petrol. He sounded sincere and I appreciated his swift response once he was notified of the issues by the local community.”

Mr Fullelove said his employees would be receiving sensitivity training as a result of the incident.

Original post: US Muslim receives hate message with burger


  1. Some people are real dolts. I am glad that the owner of this bar apologized in person, fired the offending bar tender and has followed up with sensitivity training. It is sad to see this kind of adolescent behavior.

  2. But was the one who actually did it fired? Or is he going to get “Sensitivity Training”. He should be gone too.

  3. This story would make sense, except for one thing…..there was no Giants/Cowboys game on Sunday. The Giants played the Redskins, and the Cowboys played the Jets.

  4. @Qasim,

    Yep, the guy who did it got fired. The owner sounds really cool and I think he handled it well.

  5. He didn’t mean it as a joke and it certainly was not a joke. By saying that it was a joke the muslim is letting us know that he refuses any kind of responsibility for the attack. It was supposed to be a “jab” to Islam which happens to be the “offended” muslim’s faith. Hats off to the creator of that picture and shame on the management who ordered the sensitivity training. Why didn’t the offended muslim stay on the spot and demanded an explanation and/or conversation with the creator of that picture? He actually might have learned something. But that would require some guts. I am sure the whole kitchen was in on this since we can’t say loud what’s on our minds for that is bigotry, racism and islamophobia. I still vividly see muslims laughing and jumping in the streets when they learned about 9/11. But in this economy anybody will bow to the political correctness due to the fear of loosing even the fast food job. Oh yeah, let me cry with Elliot.

  6. No matter how you slice it (forgive the pun) someone like that even if it were not for the sick joke, you can bet they have done and would have continued to do things to ruin this man’s business.

  7. @Zuzana:
    Mr Ghalayani is the name of the person who was offended by what happened. His name is not “the muslim”. The fact you are tipping your hat off to “the creator of that picture” leads me to believe you are one of those people who hates an entire religion of people based on the actions of a few extremists. If you were in a place full of people who are hostile towards you, are you going to stick around and wait for an explanation, especially when you’re outnumbered? Shame on you. This has NOTHING to to with being politically correct, it’s just NOT RIGHT PERIOD. What happened that day was a result of the actions of TERRORISTS, not the entire Islamic faith. Just recently I watched a bunch of good “Christians” cheer on a presidential candidate who bragged about how many people he’s had executed in prison, and would allow a young uninsured person to die because they can’t afford health care. The only thing worse than people who attack others because they are different is people who won’t help their own.

  8. Kel, if he is a legal American citizen he has a full Constitutional protection and rights. If he has anything intelligent to say he should have said it. He had freedom of speech he should have exercised it. I would have. Why do YOU assume that he was in a place full of people hostile to him? All he got was a picture on the bottom of a tray. He couldn’t have known whether or not the whole kitchen was in on it – that was my assumption. If your assumption is such as you have stated then YOU are afraid. And you are asserting that he was afraid as well. Why?

    The actions of TERRORISTS are still happening and growing. TERRORISTS get caught, get imprisoned or killed and new ones emerge – ALL OF THEM DO IT FOR ALLAH AND IN HIS NAME. ALLAHU AKBAR! Somehow, you failed to convince me about Islam’s peacefulness. The few good enlightened islamic souls that exists today are too few and too far apart and if they start making sense to us they get killed in Allah’s name, too.

    BTW, I know you love Obama but please, don’t comment on political candidates without links. Just recently I watched a bunch of muslims after a Friday prayer destroying a UN building oh, they killed few UN workers, too, as a response to Terry Jones burning Koran…. were they also TERRORISTS?

    So, tell me, are you Allah’s child? Do you condemn Hezbollah? How do you propose to treat homosexusals? What will you do when your daughter marries an atheist? What is the capitol of Israel?

  9. Kel,

    Don’t bother with Zuzana. It’s clearly an idiot.


  10. Zuzana. Read the instruction

    “Be nice. Keep it clean. Stay on topic”

    Aurevóir Zuzana… ~ Hans Landa

  11. Bravo Kel! Zuzana, you need help.

  12. Zuzana, just because being an American citizen is SUPPOSED to afford you protection under the law, doesn’t mean that it happens that way. Get your head outta your…. uhm….. outta the sand…

  13. What happened was wrong, though he shouldn’t have been buying food from a restaurant that doesn’t serve Halal meat.

  14. What year was this? The Giants and Cowboys did not play their first games of the season against each other.

  15. They act as though we CELEBRATE 9/11. hell no! Did you know how many Muslims were negativley affected by this? Just about all of the American Muslims, which count as 2% of the population. You know a pregnant muslim woman was on thT flight that crashed into the tower? Im not saying Americans didn’t lose family members and friends but we are part of the grieving country, I’m sorry but it’s downright retarded that they think we think of 9/11 as something positive. that’s bull. Innocent lives were lost-that’s not Islamic. At all.

  16. I am willing to bet that this whole story is a lie. The original post on a UK news website? Giants playing the Cowboys? Come on!

    How about sensitivity training for Muslims? Training Muslims to stop being so sensitive.

  17. If non muslim americans could stop judging us for what radicals did, maybe us American muslims will stop feeling so threatened. GOD everytime a non muslim starts a rant or some kind of rally, and theyre full of anger, people say “oh, he’s understandably emotional” but when its a muslim who feels hurt and emotional they are “being overly sensitive” F*ck that.

  18. Elle,
    “feels hurt and emotional they are “being overly sensitive” F*ck that.”

    Nice language, I sense a little hostility. Imagine that, a Muslim with a little hostility. Lighten up and go out and buy yourself a puppy. Oh, sorry you can’t do that. Then go out and have a nice pulled pork sandwich. Oops can’t do that. Have a drink on me. Whoa, can’t do that.

    My point………give up your religion and enjoy life.

  19. The reason we can’t PET dogs is because they are unclean. In Islam cleanliness is a big thing. We can still buy them and make them gaurd dogs. They are creations of God, we don’t just ignore them. Plus Im more of a cat person. Sorry to disappoint.

    Pigs eat their own feces and vomit, another unclean animal we can’t eat because along with ALCOHOL which can ruin your liver, get you addicted, and/or get into an accident and kill yourself and others, you can get sick.

    Why do you think when people are in hospitals they are advised to stay away from Alcohol and pork? These things are a window to disease and organ damage and danger. God tells us to stay away from them so we don’t over do it and get ourselves in serious problems.

    Maybe I am too hostile for Islam. And maybe your too ignorant for Christianity. I didn’t know Jesus liked to alienate people of other religions and mock them? Maybe we should swtich for a day and see how it goes. Look, I know I shouldn’t be so angry, and hurt, but the fact that you think EVERYTHING in Islam is forbidden means you’ve got no idea what your saying. The list of permissible things is soooo much longer than that of the forbidden. There is a reason for every little thing in Islam.

    We pray 5 times a day to keep away from al-fahsha’ and the Munkar, bad habits and deeds, like laziness. Isnt sloth one of the 7 deadly sins?

    We fast form dawn til dusk to remind us of the blessing of food that the poor and hungry don’t have. AKA the Somalians.

    Women wear hijab to hide her beauty from the unworthy eye, meaning someone who she in not related to or married to.

    Women pray behind men so men won’t look at their backsides when the bend over in prayer.

    Men must use their 2/3 of inheritance to care for their families while women use their 1/3 can use it for whatever the hell they want.

    And s on. You honestly don’t know the difference between the “Islam” Al Qaida follows and the Islam the rest of the world follows. Go read the Quran, have a conversation with an Imam from a local mosque and go on youtube and type in “the deen show” and the “ed and moe show” the deen one is serious but the ed and moe show should make you see that Muslims are living their lives the way they want.

    What you think drinking until your face-down-on-the-floor drunk, sleeping with people you don’t even know until you catch their herpes or STD’s, and eating bacon until your arteries become a pig farm is living your life?

    A good life is a healthy, clean life. Being able to have energy, having lucidity instead of eating or drinking too much. Not having to care about the way other guys or girls look at you because you’ve hidden your beauty for those who are worhty of seeing it. I happen to love my life. I’m on ths page because I want to defend my religion. Why are you on here? To mock a religion you know nothing about? That’s a life well-wasted my friend.


    First of all, who noticed the plane not crashing into the towers? there was an explosion BEFORE the plane “hit it”. And if a building were hit with a plane, wouldn’t it fall over to the side? Not collapse within itself? Unless of course it was bombed form the inside? Look, I would never ever support Hezbolla, Taliban, Al Qaeda or hamas cause they are all corrupted and power-hungry fools that will kill their own people to stay on top. Furthermore they make Islam look terrible. They twist the messages of islam and only show Surahs and Ayahs that seem violent, but they don’t offer the explainations behind them.

    The Bible and Torah have their own violent looking verses, but no one DARES question that. They aren’t really violent- but NOOO Islam is SO violent. The regular muslims spend their days plotting against America (wtf ridiculous!) while good Christians spend their days eating ice cream at their picnic in the Park. Again…wtf.

    Why? Their prophets and Gods were Jesus and Moses, they could never be the way Muslims are! Do they not know that Jesus and Moses are our prophets too? And people say Mohammad made up the name “isa” for Jesus. Jesus spoke Aramaic, and Jesus’s name in Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic all come to Isa. Same thing with Moses becoming Musa. Abraham becoming Ibraheem, Jacob to Yacoub, Ishmael to Ismael. Zakariyah to Zacariyah. In fact, the first languages ever spoken were Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic. So if you call a Palestinian fighting for her rights, you call her Anti-semetic, but that’s stupid because Arabs are Semites too. People fail to realize that because they don’t do their history homework.

    And some people fail to realize that Muslims died on both the planes and te WTC. Example, Shakila Yasmin and her husband Nurul. They were newlyweds who worked on the 97th and 93rd floors. They loved their work. They were of Indian or Bangladeshi descent I believe. Their parents go to the memorial site each year and mourn their chldren and then they have to face the jeers and mockery of people around them, little do they realize that they are mourning their dead children and reading prayers for ALL victims.

  21. 9/11 conspiracy nut? That explains a lot.

  22. Well have you seen the footage? At all? I’m not usually into conspiracies like that whole “kennedy wasn’t really killed” where’d that come from but come on man, your calling me a nut? You believe everything the media tells you! Have you ever had a calm, nice lunch with a Muslim couple, held a talk with a nice sheikh? Has the media sat down with a NORMAL, and PEACEFUL Muslim? You know, instead of sitting with the craziest person they can find?

    And name calling only shows the insecurity you feel after I showed you you were WRONG.

  23. Oh, lovethemmoonbats. I pity you.

    It’s like you didn’t know that Muslims actually tried to make a decent living in America, like Shakila Yasmin and her husband.Or my father. No, of course not, instead of following the word of God we are simply here to kill you. Ridiculous, go read a book for a change. Seriously, maybe a Muslim woman’s hair may be veiled but at least her heart isn’t I’m not telling you to go convert to Islam or fast for a day (although fasting is shown to cleanse the body over time and create health benefits, you know instead of eating pork and drinking so much) just open your mind. here I am respecting the Jewish community whereas some of them don’t respect me, either for my religion or the fact that my people back home are being shelled and bombed by Israeli soldiers. i don’t know which makes me sadder. And i happen to like the hebrew culture, believe it or not it’s very similar to the Arab culture. Anyways, It’s called tolerance. Embrace it.

  24. elle,

    “The Bible and Torah have their own violent looking verses, but no one DARES question that.” i question that all the time.

    “like that whole “kennedy wasn’t really killed””…i think you mean that there was a second shooter. the grassy knoll? or maybe you mean elvis is still alive???????

    when you get angry you seem to go off the tracks. but speaking of tolerance “A good life is a healthy, clean life. Being able to have energy, having lucidity instead of eating or drinking too much” so judgemental. let’s not poo pooh pork or acohol. it makes you seem intolerant. oh yeah i forget that is the nature of the (beast) religion. intolerance. thou shall not….

  25. No, mike

    I hear from all sorts of people that they believe he’s still ALIVE. Like he wasn’t actually killed.

    So you question it. Great. But the general public, do they do that? Nope.

    Well in Judaism people aren’t allowed to eat pork, they eat nice kosher food. Which is why the prophet said ‘if your going to eat at a non-muslim gathering, eat with the Jews. their food is much like ours and halal.”

    Putting religion aside, how good is pork really? For your health? It’s an unclean animal. It eats it’s own feces and whatever slop people put in their troughs. It’s a lot more fattening, it highers yuor risk for high blood pressure, even a heart attack if you eat it on a daily basis. plus, i smelled it once. It’s gross. yegh. And with the country’s growing obesity rate, it’s no wonder.

    And alcohol is even worse. You can’t get drunk and accidently kill someone with your car if your eating pork, but you sure as hell can do that with licquor. Even if you don’t get into a car wreck, you lose your sense of stability, your sense of reality. You might become an aggressive drunk, beating on people and yelling rue things and breaking everything in your path. You might become addicted, and that messes you up. Badly. You drink it to get away from your problemms, which doesn’t work, and then that becomes a bigger problem for you. Ironic huh. And let’s not forget the future health risks. Now I’m aware that SOME red-wine is good for your heart, which is cool, God can do just about anything, right? But it has to be medical, issued by a doctor, because you can take other medicines and work on your diet to help lower heart risks. Like you can drink green tea, that’s great for heart health. Anyway, alcohol ruins your liver, messes with your brain and can diminish vital brain cells and tissue, kills the inner lining of your stomach which can cause ulcers and stomach cancer. Your sexual performance is inhibited, your prduction of sperm (male) is slowed, and for women it lowers your chance of pregnancy, and not in the good way, it messes your whole reproductive system. I also heard it hurts your mouth, throat and inner ears. Alcohol will make you a vegetable if you drink it incessantly, and to keep that form happening, God made it haram. Plus, I’m a coffee and tea drinker. The thought of alcohol makes me shudder.

  26. elle,

    “I hear from all sorts of people that they believe he’s still ALIVE. Like he wasn’t actually killed.” ok, i’ve never heard that. i mean there is video of him being shot. the say jakie had a piece of his skull and some brains in her hand when they got to the hospital. if i recall correctly you can see her scramble to pick something up off the trunk. could all be cgi, i guess?

    “So you question it. Great. But the general public, do they do that? Nope.” i think your wrong. i think as a nation (and a world, well just in the “west”) we are moving away from ancient doctrines. i missed it but wasn’t there just a a big debate between an athiest, michael hutchinson (ithink that’s his name) and tony blair? you wouldn’t have seen that in the 50s. so do you ever question the koran?

    yes in the west in modern times we should cut down on our fat intake. we no long work the fields with hand tools, you don’t need the calories from bacon or sausage to make it through the day. i remember on an episode of modern marvels, the ax, they claimed that lumberjacks before the chainsaw would burn 5 to 7 thousand calories a day. even our farmers now sit in air conditioned combines and never break a sweat, but many still eat a “country style” breakfast. culture can be a powerful thing and hard to change. also many pre-cooked pork products are injected with a lot of salt. but i’m not sure you’ve lived till you had really good bar-b-que. but you can get the brisket i guess. but really good north carolina pulled pork or memphis ribs with an ice cold beer. now that is proof that god is great. also the cuban here in tampa make a killer roast pork.

    but for food deprived nations “whatever slop people put in their troughs” thats what makes them an excellent source of energy and protien. the polynesians took them with them to spreadout across the pacific.

    do you eat shellfish? the guy from cair suprised me when he ordered shrimp at red lobster.

    so do you believe the hadith that gabriel wouldn’t enter a house because there was a dog in it? don you think jinn take the for of black dogs?

  27. Lol mike, no it only shows that Satan has mislead us, not that God is great. btw that’s what Allah Akbar means. God is greater.

    Anyway, I said I smelled bacon, So gross. I like chicken, i like beef, and yes we can eat shellfish. Some idiots say we can’t, but we can because they are clean. And shrimp is like, amazing. Lots of things are full of protein, doesn’t necessarily mean theyre good for you.

    Like I said, drinking is bad for your mental, social and physical health. It makes you drunk making you lose control of your mind. people around you get frustated from your drunkeness and physically, it just about murders you.

    And yes, for people who are literally starving, they can eat whatever is there, only for the energy to live and stuff. if your dehydrated and the only thing around is palm wine, drink. God put it there for you. If your starving and you have a fire, a knife, and a pig. You’ve got dinner. Depends on the situation, but in most situations, it’s wise to stay kosher. It’s usually haram otherwise.

    I’ve heard that. People say when a dog barks, he sees a jinn. Animals can see jinn and angels, but we can’t. When a cat randomly meows loudly at the fireplace that isn’t lit, shes meowing at a jinn or an angle standing there. Angels are pure creatures of light, they don’t enter bathrooms for that reason, but Jinn dwell in bathrooms, the bad ones. That’s why there’s prayer you read before entering the bathroom and after leaving. And yea, like black cats black dogs, really angry bulls. If Jinn can take form of human bodies, they can take form of animals.

  28. They also say when an infant is sleeping, if they smile it means they see an angel and when they awake, they are happy and playful. If they wake up crying,like the were scared they say it means the devil or a jinn came to them in a dream. Another thing is that a baby cries when it comes out of the mother because Satan pinches it HARD.

  29. yeah i’ve read that. muhammad bennet was just quoting near that. “[5.2] O you who believe! do not violate the signs appointed by Allah nor the sacred month, nor (interfere with) the offerings, nor the sacrificial animals with garlands, nor those going to the sacred house seeking the grace and pleasure of their Lord; and when you are free from the obligations of the pilgrimage, then hunt, and let not hatred of a people– because they hindered you from the Sacred Masjid– incite you to exceed the limits, and help one another in goodness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and aggression; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is severe in requiting (evil).
    [5.3] Forbidden to you is that which dies of itself, and blood, and flesh of swine, and that on which any other name than that of Allah has been invoked, and the strangled (animal) and that beaten to death, and that killed by a fall and that killed by being smitten with the horn, and that which wild beasts have eaten, except what you slaughter, and what is sacrificed on stones set up (for idols) and that you divide by the arrows; that is a transgression. This day have those who disbelieve despaired of your religion, so fear them not, and fear Me. This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion; but whoever is compelled by hunger, not inclining willfully to sin, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

    prost…see that’s the hun in me coming out. ancient culture is hard to kill?

  30. Any animal which dies by itself, and you see it laying there, and its been dead for even only a few hours, don’t disturb the body. It’s decomposing and you shouldn’t eat it.

    Drinking blood. Vampires are overrated.

    Eating pork, already mentioned it.

    Eating something that wasn’t blessed by God’s name, which is most meats, but you know…

    An animal murdered by someone else brutally. Like a cow gets shot by an angry farmer. Don’t eat it. It’s disrespectful to the animal and its not right. Because it wasnt blessed by Gods name. You think an angry or violent animal killer is gonna pause before praying for God’s forgiveness and thanking him for the animal.

    People hunt all the time. As long as they aren’t evil and mean to the animal and say a prayer to God before they strike down their prey it’s ok. And they have to slit the throat, it’s the fastest and least painful way for an animal to die. Why do you think lions puncture the antelopes’ jugular before letting them die and eating them?

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