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Racist slogans found on Muslim graves in French military cemetery

19 September 2011 General 20 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
The battlements of Carcassonne's medieval old town Tony Cross

The battlements of Carcassonne's medieval old town Tony Cross


About 30 Muslim graves have been desecrated in Carcassone, south-west France. A legal inquiry has been launched to find the perpetrators and punish them.

The caretaker of the military cemetery of Saint-Michel de la ville discovered racist and Nazi slogans daubed on the gravestones when he closed up on Saturday.

The graves belonged to Muslims killed fighting for France during World War I and were immediately repainted and restored.

The graffiti were “really racist” and “particularly disgusting”, according to Carcassonne prosecutor Antoine Leroy, who has opened an inquiry into the incident.

Original post: Racist slogans found on Muslim graves in French military cemetery


  1. So, you fight for the defense and liberation of the France, and this is the reward.

  2. No, the reward was having the government appalled and immediately restoring your grave to its proper honor. This insignificant (though telling) act of cruelty need not undo nearly a hundred years of honoring these brave dead.

  3. I have to agree with Tyler. The government restored the graves immediately and vowed to find the guilty party and prosecute them. Despite the fact that France is passing a lot of anti-Muslim laws lately, this was not something the government was responsible for and they did the right thing.

  4. Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the article. these are the next 7 verses of the koran. i’m a weak reader and i’ve endeavoured to read the koran. so i’m doing it 7 verses at a time.

    [3.30] On the day that every soul shall find present what it has done of good and what it has done of evil, it shall wish that between it and that (evil) there were a long duration of time; and Allah makes you to be cautious of (retribution from) Himself; and Allah is Compassionate to the servants.
    [3.31] Say: If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your faults, and Allah is Forgiving, MercifuL
    [3.32] Say: Obey Allah and the Apostle; but if they turn back, then surely Allah does not love the unbelievers.
    [3.33] Surely Allah chose Adam and Nuh and the descendants of Ibrahim and the descendants of Imran above the nations.
    [3.34] Offspring one of the other; and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
    [3.35] When a woman of Imran said: My Lord! surely I vow to Thee what is in my womb, to be devoted (to Thy service); accept therefore from me, surely Thou art the Hearing, the Knowing.
    [3.36] So when she brought forth, she said: My Lord! Surely I have brought it forth a female– and Allah knew best what she brought forth– and the male is not like the female, and I have named it Marium, and I commend her and her offspring into Thy protection from the accursed Shaitan.

  5. A small step in the right direction for a change.

  6. The woman of Imran is Mary. imran’s daughter I believe.

  7. It’s like when a Muslim person serves in the US Army, or in the Cia, bcause I know people do, and on the streets people will yell racial slurs and deragatory terms and it’s like ‘i’m saving your country, my country” People need to think. It’s not illegal. Yet.

  8. This is what happens when you help a westerner……….

  9. chakia,

    you show great islamic wisdom. but we all know what happens when u try to help muslims, right??? compare this to some spray paint. allahu akbar..

    warning graphic pics..

  10. muhammad bennet,

    looks like our conversation scrolled off the site. i replied:

    sure that’s 8:8? anyways, see that’s what started this whole mess. we waged a war against muslims in the first gulf war. bin laden appearently took a little afront to that. our infidel boots on holy saudi soil. then we remaind with the no fly zones and our sanction supposedly lead to innocent iraqi children dying? well that and the irsaeli/palestinian issue. un vote today, looks like we are going to veto palestinian membership. wonder how that will be interpreted by muslims. don’t you think many muslim see america as a modern day equivalent to the meccans? so if iraqis or afghans capture an american soldier they would be right to cut of a hand and foot and crucify him/her?
    so do you think blasphamy is making mischief in the land? what about adultry? you support stoning? how about the opening of the 24th surah? is that good law?
    so do you think the koran is always right? see that’s why i don’t hold my breath.

  11. chakia,

    muslim wielding spray paint, well maybe somethings a little more than paint. news of the day from “the religion of peace”

  12. looks like the danish cartoons where prophetic?

    that’s just today. but yeah the horror of the western world. defaced graves, congressional hearings, geller’s and spencer’s websites. a man not let back in the country, and even an old man beat up. all pales in comparison to the actions of muslims throughout the world. you need to examine your peoples behavior. remove the log from your own eye before you worry about the spec in your brothers eye.

  13. The sad truth is that muzlims did this so they could blame others. Deceit is absolute islam in function.

  14. Chakia, really? Im a westerner, thats a really negative outlook you’ve got on life.

    And Mike I prefer to call them “so-called muslims” real Muslims don’t kill people and hate on other religions and races.

    Mike, a modern day equivalent of old Meccans?? WTF?! So american muslims are in fact the Quraysh? So called muslims may believe that BUT put your self in the mind of a regularr muslim like me. Do i curse every non Muslim I see, do I call them infidels? No. I eat fast food, I take AP classes, I go to concerts, I throw parties, I have a crush on David Beckham, I’m a normal American. How about you stop talking about so called Muslims and immerse yourself with the sane muslims. Like when i think of Christian, I think of my cute elderly neighbors that drink cherry coffee and stop by my house every week. When i think of jew I think of both Fran Drescher (I have a weakness for the nanny) and Moses. You’re kind of a pessimist.

  15. Glad to see you’ve picked up on this article but we’d rather you published a summeary and a link than cut and pasted the whole thing. We would have liked to see the debate on our site, commenting on our article.
    Here are two other articles that might be of interest:

  16. elle,

    don’t you think many muslims see america as a modern day equivalent to the meccans, by that i mean that terrorist and their supporters use the koran to justify their behavior. “modern day equivalent of old Meccans?? WTF?! So american muslims are in fact the Quraysh?” no not american muslims. american foriegn policy can be equated to the Quraysh? again my point is that the koran is easily manipulated to justify violence. again i wish all muslims had your view point. it’s good to hear things are changing.

    “You’re kind of a pessimist.” lol….no not really i just like playing devil’s advocate. perhaps the jinn have a hold on me. i have total confidence in america and my fellow man/woman. in all classical litature good wins out over evil.. i’ll be more positive for the rest of the month. how’s that.

    bend it like beckham.

  17. rfi,

    does your site ever do any self examination on muslim behavior?

  18. Omar

    haha that’s fuuny, but there’s enought intolerance against Muslims thats REAL, we dont need to make up our own. Like when i get flipped off by cops. I certainly didn’t make that up.

  19. Mike, I don’t understand your question. You can find out what’s on RFI’s site by visiting it. It’s the site of Radio France Internationaale – news and analysis.
    Here is our dossier on the French burka law:
    With detailed background:
    Here’s Can French Muslims be funny?

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