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No such thing as good Islam, Baptist theologian argues

20 September 2011 General 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Mark Coppenger

Mark Coppenger

In his column for the Florida Baptist Witness newspaper, religion professor Mark Coppenger discusses the two schools of thought on Islam: one that contends that Islam is a “great religion with awesome accomplishments” and the other that it is a “false and dangerous ideology.”

Of those two schools, Coppenger argues, “I’m urging folks to matriculate in the later. In fact, I’m not convinced the former should be accredited.”

He discounts the fact that majority of Muslims are not aggressive and oppressive: “You don’t define a faith by the behavior of its slackers or its observants who lack the numbers and power to fully advance their agenda, as is currently the case with Muslims in the West.”

And then gives his own reasons why Islam is a bad religion doomed to ruin: “When you start with an adulterous warrior-profit, who is literally anti-Christ (though touting a non-biblical version of Jesus), mix in generous helpings of totalitarianism and the marginalization/persecution of women and non-Muslims, and cultivate tribalism, legalism, and victimism, you have a recipe for disaster.”

Coppenger, who is professor of Christian apologetics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, makes no apologies for his condemnation of Islam: “…let’s not be cowed by charges of ‘Islamophobia’ when we rehearse the unmatched, bloody record of Muslim terrorist attacks…Such talk may not be our calling or your cup of tea, but it has it places if I read my Bible right.”

Original post: No such thing as good Islam, Baptist theologian argues


  1. And then gives his own reasons why Islam is a bad religion doomed to ruin: “When you start with an adulterous warrior-profit, who is literally anti-Christ (though touting a non-biblical version of Jesus), mix in generous helpings of totalitarianism and the marginalization/persecution of women and non-Muslims, and cultivate tribalism, legalism, and victimism, you have a recipe for disaster.”

    Question-Can anyone refute what Coppenger is quoted as saying. I don’t mean to offend, but items that I have read, not just by Spencer, but reading other muslimholy texts such as the Koran, Hadith and some other books, also listening to some so called learned muslin men on you tube, (Only reason I say so called, I have not verified them) seem that he has a bases in truth.

  2. funny…what he rallies about against islam are the very same things i see xtians doing…well it sok because our god is better than your…

  3. The preacher is quite true. The queeran starts with murder and goes down from that. Read the queeran and you find Satan’s blueprint for takeover. Moohammed was a pedophile. He married 6 YEAR OLD and banged her at 9. He murdered a Jewish woman’s husband in front of her because his underworld god told him to do this before raping her. Old moo said to lie to cover the truth of islam. Cheat, steal, rape, murder and do not forget that it is OK to have sex with young boys as long as they have no come into puberty. Islam is sick, sick, sick and deserves it’s place in hell where it will rule forever. Pray for muzlims everywhere for they are blind and their soul is dead.

  4. Yea but Islam doesn’t persecute Women, because they are mothers, sisters, wives, they take care of you and manage to care for themselves. God made US as women strong enough to handle pregnancy and chidbirth, God gave women as a partner to men, a mother of good progeny (Mary=Jesus, eve=she IS kind of like our mother, Aminah=the prophet Muhammad, Hajar=Ishmael) and actually,women are considered stronger then men in some aspects like I said, pregnancy and stuff. There IS an ayah in the Book, Al Nisaa from the Quran. There’s an ayah that says if a woman disobeys her hsband and he can hit her lightly. BUT, most people who think they know this ayah don’t look at the explanations it offers, and the actual pretenses you’d have to be in.

    IF a women accidentally signs a paper that makes the husband lose a lot of money, it’s ok for him to mad and upset, but she didn’t deliberately do that to him, so he can’t even poke her. But if the woman deliberately neglects his children and him for her own gain (and as a wife, your known role is to at least provide a nurturing environment for your family) such as getting her hair done instead of feeding her kids, smoking and setting up a bad example to her kids, always denying her husband, always ignoring him, then to CATCH HER ATTENTION, he can hit her ONCE, and it has to be as light as a smack on the wrist. He can’t cut or bruise her. But if the man went totally nuts and beats her, she has a right to divorce him, and he has to respect that, because a wife is a precious gift.

    Adulterous huh? The fact that Muhammad had many wives isnt wrong. David had many wives, Abraham had two. Plus, he only had 11 at first to care for the women. he said, “If you are to marry more than one, you must finance them equally, love them equally, and provide for each of them a home/room/apartment. he married 11 and most of them were widows and poor women that needed support. When God sent an ayah down saying you could only have four wives, he went down to one, Aisha. Some of the 11 were very old and actually died, so the number trickled even before the law went down.

    Warrior, also wronggggg. He wasn’t Attila the Hun, Alexander the great, etc. Every religion went through a couple of battles. BUT Islam in his time had very little compared to that of the Umayyads and the Abassids. He didn’t go killing everyone who wasn’t Muslim. He was tolerant of all faiths, especially Judaism and Christianity bcuz Islam branched out from them. Moses and Jesus are our prophets. The fact that “islamic” leaders don’t allow bibles into the country, or other religions in, is wrong. During the first Islamic empires, non-muslims could live under the rule of islam, freely and happily, and just like the muslims, they had to pay a charity sum, zakat, or in their case, a tax. That money went to charity, went to building mosques. Things of importance. ANYWAY, The Prophet wasn’t the symbol of war; to scholars, to his friends and family, to university professors even, he was the epitome of peace. When he was run out of Taa’if by children stoning him, he ddin’t curse them or vow revenge. When Gabriel asked if he could kill them, the Prophet said no. He let them LIVE. Instead of going in there and killing them, letting Gabriel kill them, he prayed for them and their progeny…….

    Anti-Christ? Who the hell is Isa then? Isa is the Arabic name for Jesus! Even Southeast Asian, Arab, or Persian Chrstians call him Isa. Like Latinos call him Hay-zus, that’s how they say Jesus. Does that mean they are anti-christ??

  5. Elle-thank you for your insight. I must say though that I repectful disagree with much you wrote. I’m a piss poor christian, most of the time I would tend to be a Diest. The only part that I will comment on is the part about Christ and how Mohammed said he was not cruified. I have an idea he got much of his information from the Gnostic pertaining to Christ.

  6. I saw “Florida Baptist” and just stopped reading.

  7. I know a lot about Gnostics,and they do claim to believe in jesus and the fact that he was not crucified because he was a spirit in the form of a human. but the reason why he wasn’t killed (to the Muslims)is because God let Judas die in his place. When Judas betrayed jesus, God was mad. They chased after Jesus, and God sent him back t heaven so he could come back. ( In Islam, once a prophet dies, he’s gone and you can’t bring him back, that’s why God sent down 25+ prophets to mankind. jesus will only come back to lead a war against The false messiah, who’s army will be full of anyone who

    1. didn’t believe in God
    2. people who didn’t repent for their sins EVER
    3. those who are unorthodox ANYTHING. You don’t take your religion very seriously {and I do mean the Abrahamic religions. Sorry Hindus} and you try to change the rules for your own gain. That’s what the Roman king of the Hebrews did to the Torah.
    4. People say it’s only Muslims who will fight off the false messiah with jesus, but actually it’s anyone who God WANTS to. That’s why its important to take your belief in God seriously. )

    The prophet Muhammad wasn’t anti-Christ. He said once, “If you ever stay with a non-muslim, sleep by the christians. They are peaceful and forgiving and very hospitable” Just because we think something different hapened to jesus doesn’t mean we hate him. i personally love Jesus. All prophets, of course, but I adore jesus and Mary. The story about Mary in the Quran talks about her, Jesus, John, and zachariah. Moving on, I honestly don’t care that you disagree with me. I respect your opinion, but hey my religion is my religion, and I see it as fair. More than fair actually.

    People like to make Islam look unfair. Like once I went to Borders and i was looking for a book about hijab and all the ones I saw had Afghan women in a full face burqa and they were all sad and lonely looking and i’m like…what?! I don’t look like that! Most women don’t look like that, Muslim women.Tru in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia they have bad governments and bad rules and their people are oppressed, but that isn’t the vision of Islam.

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