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Anti-Muslim Coloring Book Gets Microwaved and Turned into Art

21 September 2011 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Kenny Irwin Junior

Kenny Irwin Junior

Anti-Muslim Coloring Book Gets Microwaved and Turned into Art

Muslim artist Kenny Irwin has been featured on our site in the past when he unveiled he “Ultra Christmas Decorations” on Conan O’Brien’s show. This time he microwaves an anti-Muslim 9/11 coloring book and turns it into the “anti-bigotry slug.” (hat tip:pigeonyolk)

Artist microwaves “The We Shall Never Forget 9:11 The Kids’ Book of Freedom” coloring book by Publisher Wayne Bell.

In response to Wayne Bell’s islamophobic coloring book geared at impressionable young children called “The We Shall Never Forget 9:11 The Kids’ Book of Freedom” , nationally & internationally acclaimed artist Kenny Irwin & founder of the famous dOvetastic Microwave Theater series has produced Episode #602 in which the coloring book gets microwaved inside a powerful hand built giant microwaving robot called the MALIK 11000 Five Ton Microwaving Robot standing twenty feet tall. The resulting art is transformed into the “AntiBigotSLUG” available on Ebay.

Purchase the anti-bigotry slug on E-Bay.


  1. This is interesting. While the artist’s statement about the anti-islamic feeling was prevalent, i feel that the book provided an accurate (if somewhat dumbed down) version of what happened. I can understand your frustration about the anti-islam feeling generated by the book, but this is not exactly “ROAR, MUSLIMS ARE EVIL” or anything like that. I think that the authors should instead check their grammar, use of apostrophes in plural nouns, and add a disclaimer that Islam is in fact a peaceful religion geared around brotherhood and community, only that the turbulent socio-political environment of the middle east has created extremists in the group.

    Overall, interesting video, though i don’t think that the book deserves burning. that’s just spreading more hate.

  2. And here I thought there was no such thing as a muslim artist. Isn’t it forbidden? Isn’t it an oxymoron?

  3. lol WOW that’s a common misconception. Muslims can do just about anything, they’re artists teachers, photographers, writers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, surgeons, professors, principals, dancers (folk dance usually) make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, supreme court judges, police officers, real estate agents, accountants, psychiatrists, etc. The only thing you can’t do is being a stripper, exotic dancer or engaged in anything degrading(hookers) or dishonest and violent(the mafia, con artists).

  4. Like I want to be a journalist. And I’m also Muslim. There’s nothing wrong with that. My mom wants me to be in the medical field but it’s my choice.

  5. Are there any links to this auction? A search for “anti bigotry slug” came up empty, and a search for “Kenny Irwin” had a bunch of memorabilia regarding the NASCAR driver of the same name.

  6. elle,

    your mother may be right. the medical field is expanding, due to the aging population. the print news is all but dead. jk, you know what they say, if you enjoy going to work everyday you are a true success. and this internet thing is about limitless……you should see if you can’t become a contributor on some blogs? their was a chic named the Q featured in an article on this site awhile back. but don’t ask her about stoning adulterers. her site didn’t google but this popped up. anyways you know how to google, but have you ever heard of the poynter institute for media studies?

    good thing you weren’t raised in the maldives.

  7. actually mike i do want to do blogs, i know like no one touches print stuff anymore. even books are read on kindle

  8. Typical Muslim =/= terrorist. Extremist (enter “cause” here) = terrorist.

    Much like: Christian =/= Westboro Baptist Church. Extremist nutcase = Westboro Baptist Church.

    Christian BTW. Just throwing it out there.

  9. elle,

    bint alshamsa (on the woman at the hospital article) has a website. maybe she would let you contribute?

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